10 Best Exercises For Brain To Make Yourself Smarter

There are many reasons to be active and smarter. Some of the primary reasons for being smarter is it helps and keeps you away from heart disease, stroke, blood pressure and also to reduce stress and depression. It is equally important to do some best exercises for the brain to make yourself smarter.

This is because when you get older, the brain cell doesn’t grow rather and the growth of the new blood cell in the brain gets stopped. It is necessary to do some mind exercise and sometimes put into a test To keep your brain active and smart. Below listed are top 10 best exercises for the brain to make you smarter.

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.

Best Exercises For Brain To Make Yourself Smarter

1. Solve brain puzzles

Best Exercises to boost your Brain

Most of us have played many brain puzzle games, but we might not know exactly how it impacts on our minds.  Yes, of course, it improves your decision-making skills and problems solving skills. Solving puzzles like Sudoku, crossword puzzles, number puzzles and other puzzles.

Sitting and solving brain puzzles is much better than watching the latest comedy and getting relaxed. It helps the brain to be active all time. Most probably it helps the brain to be active when it gets aged and become old.

2. Have a Healthy Food

Having healthy food is one of the best ways to exercise your brain. Be selective in having the foods that you prefer. There are some foods and eatables which are purposely meant to sharpen up your brain and become smart.

If you eat the healthy foods, it gives the body some energy to keep your brain in brighter shape. Selecting certain kinds of food that you intake like food that is rich in nutrients will enhance your brain neurons ability to work even smarter.

3. Get Good Sleep

You will be looking dull and even become tired if, you don’t have enough sleep at nights. Studies state having a good sleep at night times recharges the brain for next day functioning.

Getting a good sleep will increase the brain’s ability to function and perform better and makes you even smarter.

4. Learn Other Languages

Learning a language is a little challenging and complicated process. Hence if you have started learning a new language, you are supposed to remember the words and remember. By the time you will try some tricks to remember all the new words of the new language.

Thereby you are giving your brain the mental training so as to improve your new language tone. While you are learning new words, the old words in the brain are replaced by the new words and it helps your brain to perform smarter.

5. Meditate

Boost your brain

Meditation is one of the best ways to mental and physical health. Those people who are meditating regularly will have great patience and have the ability to handle stress and pressure related situations.

There are proven studies, people who continuously engage in meditation related activities their brains become larger and as wells as contains more grey matter brain than the other people who do not do meditation. Hence meditation is the best method to exercise your brain in a smarter way.

6. Start Tolerating Discomfort

If we start tolerating the things that are happening around ourselves, then eventually mental ability of ourselves increases rather than increasing stress and pressure which puts you in trouble that indirectly makes you smarter.

Enduring the discomfort is about accepting our feelings rather than controlling them. Step out of your comfort zone to try tolerating discomfort. Of course, it is challenge able it takes much time and become easy when your confidence rises.

7. Engage in Social Networking

tips to boost your brain

When you are continuously engaging in social networking, your network of connections gets increased. By the time you can remember your contacts name along with their face. Participating in social networking makes your brain train on remembering the new things and keeps it active.



Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

 8. Avoid Stress

We most probably face certain situations about stress like a traffic jam that is causing delay to our work, the deadline to accomplish the work, etc. these situations has a high impact on our mind, and it is our smartness to be away from these stressing scenarios.

Practice some of the stress causing situations so that you face them with an attitude without taking it to your mind and heart that cause pressure and stress. As long as you avoid stress, your mind will be free and leads a better way to smartness.

9. Add Aerobics to your regular schedule

Aerobic exercise stimulates the growth of neurons. However, regular aerobics exercise is associated with learning and memorizing new things. Aerobic exercises are highly recommended for all age groups. If you can start your day with 30 minutes of aerobics exercise, then it has a heavy impact on your brain and its functions.

However, it is most recommended to the adults to help in having good memory power along with ageing. It is the best exercise to function the idol neurons and promote the growth of neurons.

10. Learn Something New Daily

A habit of learning something new every day boost your brain, make it live and active. It is your duty to put your brain into continuous assignments and tasks, and it works accordingly.

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