10 Minute Exercises And Diet For Software Engineers

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. – John F. Kennedy

If it weren’t for the fact that the TV set and the refrigerator are so far apart, some of us wouldn’t get any exercise at all.Joey Adams


There was a time when we used to do mistakes based out of ignorance now we are doing the same due to lack of time. Ask any person who has a 9 to 6 job with a worthy profile and he/she will tell you the same. Many office goers in the metropolitan cities lead a stressful life where the hours are spent between balancing the family and work commitments. They seldom have time to care about, as their tight scheduled jobs do not allow them to do any physical activity. Meetings and deadlines make them skip meals as well as exercise and the result – illness or body pain. In this article on fitness and diet for software engineers, information will be given on the simple exercises and the necessity for a healthy diet.

A combination of exercise and good diet might help you to remain healthy. To remain good shape you do not have to enroll in a class, but do the basic exercises.

As your job profile of a software engineer needs application of mind, body and also a good memory, following are some of the basic exercises and proper diet details.

1. Eyes

The eyes are located in the head and is considered one of the major sensory organs. It is vital that they have to be exercised thrice especially if you have a job profile that is connected with computers.

Types of exercises:

Exercise 1

1. Extend your left hand and bend the elbow with the thumb raised.


exercises to strengthen vision


2. Concentrate your vision on the tip of the finger and extend the elbow. The forward and backward motion of the thumb assists in helping the vision stay clear of problems (since you would be staring at the monitor with a specified distance).


Exercise 2

  1. It is not essential that you have to sit on a chair and do this eye exercise. You can also do it on a mat.
  2. Let the elbow stay extended and do not shift your eyes from the raised thumb. In this exercise, you can make the right hand also extended and the right-hand thumb can also be raised.


exercises for eyes to prevent headache


  1. Shift the hand towards left side as far as possible and do not shift the gaze. You can do the same type on the opposite side.
  2. Give a break of one minute and commence the next exercise.
  3. You can lift both the hands at a 60-degree angle to the shoulder. Then bring it to the front of your eyes. Do the same process on both sides.


Exercise 3

simple eye exercises


  1. The thumb, being the center point of attraction can be rotated. This makes the eye elastic and which can be moved from place to place. The exercises enhance the flexibility of the eyes.


2. Neck Exercises

The neck is the part that connects the head to the rest of the body, but seldom are exercises done to strengthen it.

Important: Breathing


simple exercises to prevent stiff neck


Types of neck exercises:

  1. The neck can be lifted up and down for increasing the blood circulation and for preventing a stiff neck. When lifting the head, withdraw the breath and during the lowering of the head, breathe out. Repeat this exercise five times.
  2. The neck can also be titled so as to touch the shoulder on both the sides. You should hold breath when you are tilting on the left side and leave it when your head moves to the right side.
  3. The head can be moved from the right side and to the left side. Hold your breath as your head is moved to the right side and leave it when you go towards the left.


3. Finger Exercises

Exercise 1

The fingers and hands can be considered as the most important parts of a body as they assist us in our day-to-day activities. Proper exercises have to be given so as not to suffer from any damage.


finger exercises for prevention of wrist pain


Make a fist by folding your fingers tightly. Most important, hold the breath for five seconds and release while extending the fingers. You have to do these exercises on both hands.


Exercise 2

As you are involved in software much work has to be done on the personal computer or laptop and when you type the ‘code.’

However, kindly note, the fingers, and wrist are constantly kept at the same position. This can lead to carpel tunnel syndrome.

exercises for preventing carpel tunnel syndrome


  1. You can keep the hand on a pillow with the elbow bent. Ensure that you stretch the fingers. Let the fingers be bent downwards and while doing so, withdraw the breath. Release the breath as the fingers are brought to the normal position. You can perform the same process when you lift the fingers upward.
  2. Since you rarely move the fingers, they have to be stretched and moved to the right and left side. Hold your breath as you move the fingers to the left side and release as it is moved to the right side.
  3. The wrist is one of the important points in the body. Rotate the wrists in the clockwise direction (hold the breath) once and then do the reverse action (release the breath).


4. Back Exercises

Exercise 1

You can take the help of a mat while doing this exercise. Lie down with the tummy touching the ground.

simple exercises to escape from back pain


The arms should be near your chest.

Lift the upper portion of the body as shown in the figure.


Exercise 2

In the same position, you can move back your shoulder as shown in the figure. Ensure that you leave the breath as you move inside.


exercises for preventing back pain


This exercise is beneficial for back and shoulder pain.


Now let us go to the diet part.

Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments. – Bethenny Frankel
A healthy diet is a solution to many of our health-care problems. It’s the most important solution. – John Mackey

A wrong diet not only brings deficiencies of important nutrients in the body, but can also contribute to other health factors such as skin problems, diabetes, obesity and digestive problems. If you are unable to eat food at the scheduled time for breakfast, lunch or dinner, then this article can help you with valuable information.

The best breakfast food when you rush to office can be peanut butter and banana smoothies, or two eggs and a banana. You can also have oatmeal squares with an egg.


1. Choose A Healthy Diet

When you are hungry, you can take packaged food once in a while, but prolonged usage can make you obese. It is essential to eat fresh natural foods such as raw fruits, vegetables and nuts at least three days a week to stay healthy.

nutritious food for software engineers

You can also choose lean meats and grains. The breakfast has to be light, but should be stuffed with every nutrient in the book to make the brain and the body be healthy, the lunch can be heavy but the dinner has to be light (if it is of raw food, the better).


2. Drink Plenty Of Water

You need to have six to eight glasses of water to stay hydrated.

important factor for good health


For better performance in work, the blood should flow equally in the body as well as the brain.


3. Keep A Food Diary

Having one will make you conscious about the color, freshness, texture and flavor etc.

diary for maintaining good health for software engineers

Writing a diary will make you more accountable for your actions regarding your habits as well as problem areas.

Do Not Feel Guilty About Having Junk Food

It is okay to binge in a while regarding junk food such as chips, ice cream or chocolates. The major part – do not feel guilty and spoil your moods. You are not the “SUPREME POWER’ to get successful in cultivating good habits in the very first time. So take time, be happy and stay healthy.

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