10 Must Read Books to Launch Your Small Business Idea!

Being an entrepreneur is not a job for everyone. While everyone has an idea that they would like to pursue, only a few actually manage to make them a reality. Having an entrepreneurial mindset and the courage to tackle deep waters. In the beginning, every business starts with a small venture. It is the trials and tribulations along the way that either helps them survive or simply perish to the test of times. In this post, we will look at the 10 must read books that one must read before launching their small business idea!

1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The book teaches you about the entrepreneurial mindset and how one can achieve in a step by step by step manner. Covey talks how about paradigm shift and how can one make themselves see the clearer picture by filtering the noise around themselves. It also gives an important lesson on learning the concept of the beginning with an end in mind.

2. Speak And Get Results

Entrepreneurship is all about taking a stand, implementing things and getting results from it. There is no such thing as a born natural in entrepreneurship. Everyone paves their own path to this. The book teaches some effective tips and techniques that you can incorporate in your daily life to get the desired results. The book even provides with a winning recipe that one can use in their next client proposal or sales meet with great results.

3. The Little Red Book Of Selling

Every entrepreneur ought to know the art of selling and sales pitch. Whether you are selling your next best idea to investors, selling your products to customers or selling your services for a better purpose, the art of selling efficiently can take you places. The books tells you about an industry-generic process for sales cycle which everyone with a business should know.

4. 3-D Negotiation

As important as pitching your sales is the art of negotiating. An entrepreneur who learns this skill can pave their way through almost anything. The book teaches some effective tactics that one can make use during negotiation to convince the other party. The book is prominently used at the Harvard Business School where the students use it for some executive level negotiation courses.

5. Tools of Titans

Tools of Titans is a remarkable book that made its debut in 2017 combining many years of notes and interview huddled together in one book. Tim Ferris gives some sound financial advice as well as decision making strategies, marketing as well taking care of oneself. This book is a sheer delight for people looking to get themselves familiar with entrepreneurship and making a life out of it.

6. Will it Fly?

Don’t worry, this book is not about the Wright Brothers or the aviation industry. In fact, the book is all about perceiving new business ideas and evaluating them thoroughly before they see the light of the day. The book is an excellent guide that teaches about understanding the nuances of personal attitude and dealing with your decision making strategy as well as an exit strategy if needs be.

7. Small Time Operator

As an up and coming small venture, one really needs to take give special attention to details. This means having the right sales pitch, right marketing strategy and paying the right fees to the suppliers and the other people helping with the business. Small time Operator as a step by step guide for people starting their small business and learning important details like bookkeeping, paying taxes, getting permits etc.

8. Idea Craft

While you may have a plethora of ideas for your next business, the important thing to learn is to convert that one idea into a profitable venture. How do you accomplish that? How do you weigh that against other options? That is exactly what the book will teach young budding entrepreneurs looking to start their own business. A must read for every small business owner out there. Looking for free shipping on business developmental books? Then be sure to use the Booktopia free shipping code.

9. Small Giants

Small giants explores the concept of big MNC’s and companies relying on the need for growth at par and only chasing more money, customer and attention from suppliers. Is this the most viable option though? Bob Burlingham thinks not. The book explores the journey of small businesses who have stuck to their goals of being excellence at par and only delivering quality.

10. Lead the Ship

Lead the Ship is a husband and wife account who have tackled the challenge of retaining talent and promoting teamwork within an organization. One is only as good as the team of people they are working with and that’s what small entrepreneurs need to focus on.  The authors have shone a light on different leaders like Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey and organizations such as the military.

So there we have the 10 must read books for entrepreneurs looking to launch their own business ideas.


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