10 Unexpected Signs Which Indicate That You Need A Detox Diet

Going on a detox diet can be very much stressful and discouraging considering the fact that you need to submit yourself on a “strict” regimen for a few days to cleanse your body. However, as daunting as it may be, having a detox cleanse is very beneficial for you to achieve your highest optimum level of functioning.

Once the body is detoxified from all of its impurities, it will allow you to function better and more efficiently. The importance of detox is not just about cleansing your body, but it’s also about “resetting your food choices.” When you undergo an effective detox diet, it will help you cut out toxic foods and even help control your cravings for them, which is beneficial for a long term goal of healthy eating habits.

Another importance of having a detox cleanse is that it provides you with the micronutrients that your body needs as this diet will require you to eat food and drink beverages that are considered as superfoods with the much needed vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients that the body needs. Moreover, it also helps your body manage stress as evidenced by the study published in Clinical Endocrinology that found a link between fatty liver disease and high cortisol (main stress hormone of the body) levels.

Knowing how to detox your body is essential, and you should do it the right way too for it to become effective. However, you must also know the different signs which tell you that you need to detoxify your body with a detox diet. Here is a list of the indications that you really need a detox cleanse.

10 Unexpected Signs which Indicate That You Need A Detox Diet

1. Low Energy Levels.

Need A Detox Diet

When you no longer have that energy to do the things you usually do, it is one indication that toxins have taken over your body and are ruining your system. At the start of 2015, a lot of companies invested on energy drinks and there was a surge in number of coffee drinkers. Caffeine found in such beverages will definitely keep you awake for a time, but once it wears off, you will realize how freakingly tired you really are and thus, you need to detoxify.

2.Headache Has Been Your New Best Friend.

As you feel all the stresses in life added by the harmful toxins in your body, it is no wonder that you will feel headaches from time to time. If these headaches increased in number and you couldn’t pinpoint where it is coming from, it is already your body’s way of telling you that it needs to be cleansed and you should do it fast to help relieve yourself with headache issues.

3. Lack Of Focus.

Need A Detox Diet

You may think that your lack of focus in work is simply because you are bored or you are looking for something more fun to do. However, the decrease in your level of concentration may mean that your body is already full of toxins and these have built-up to dangerous levels on your brain, which makes you lost your focus on more important things. Not being able to focus on what you have to do may lead to great problems such as losing your job or slowing down productivity and activities on your daily life.

4. Skin Looks Bad.

Toxins inside the body are reflective on your outside appearance too. Hence, if you observe that your skin is no longer glowing than it used to be or if there is an acne breakout, then it is one of your indications that the body needs to detoxify. The skin, being the largest organ of the body, also acts as your first line of defense from different kinds of toxins. With this said, the skin is also one of the very first to be affected when your body has already been overcome by toxins.

5. Smoking And Alcohol Becomes Necessary.

Well, whether you’re sick or not, smoking and alcohol should not be done at all as they are bad habits that will ultimately destroy your general well-being. If you notice that you start drinking more than the usual dose or if you observe heavy smoking habits, you must clearly detoxify your body ASAP. Alcohol accumulation can break your immune system making you more open to sickness and other diseases, while smoking may also lead to development of cancer. You need to flush out all of these toxins and carcinogens away from your body through detoxification.

6. Improper Weight Gain.

Need A Detox Diet

Adding a few pounds is good as long as it’s within your normal BMI range. However, if you have improper weight gain and already starting to get overweight with trouble losing those unwanted pounds, then you might be in for a big trouble. You could not just simply start eating healthy food as it won’t do any work at all due to the toxin build-up in your body that prevents absorption of nutrients from your healthy new diet. That is why before starting your diet, it is best to detoxify your body first to get rid of those toxins and for proper absorption of nutrients from your healthy food. One way to help lose weight is also to use detox water which is very much helpful in cleansing your body too.

7. Sexual Dysfunction Is Present.

People would always wonder what the effect of detox to sexual function and many would disregard that there is a link between the two. Yet again, many of the medications being sold intended to solve sexual dysfunction have actually the same effects as detoxification. Due to the presence of toxins in your body, your reproductive system may not work as much as you want it to, hence, undergoing a detox program will help enhance your sex drive.

8. Sleep Evades You.

Need A Detox Diet

Trouble sleeping may mean that toxins are filling you up. The excessive amount of toxins will prevent you from sleeping as it’ll make you toss and turn every night. Since toxins are present in your body, it reduces the amount of melatonin (substance which signals the body to sleep). Before starting some sleeping medications, it is best to try to get your normal sleep pattern back by doing a detox cleanse first as it will help restore your body to its natural state.

9. Constantly Being Constipated.

Constipation may be a sign of many other medical conditions, but it is also one sign that indicates your body needs detoxification. Without detoxification, years of accumulated wastes rest in your colon and hamper its function, thereby, leading to constipation. Increasing your fiber intake or simply changing your diet will not get rid of constipation because the main problem isn’t addressed: unclean colon. An effective colon cleanse is the best way to combat constipation as it will clear any fecal matter that has been stored on your colon as well as clean the digestive tract too.

10. Soreness And Stiffness That You Can’t Pinpoint The Reason.

If you have unexplained soreness and stiffness without even knowing as to how or why you are feeling it, you likely have a lot of toxins in your body that you need to get rid of. A lot of bad foods and beverages that contain toxins lead to inflammation which may cause you being sore or stiff. Knowing how to detox your body will decrease the inflammation brought about by toxins, and this will in turn ease the aches and pains you are feeling on your body.

Need A Detox Diet

When was your last detox?

Now the important question is: When was your last detox? Was it a few days ago or a few weeks? Maybe it’s already been a month or years? Or perhaps you haven’t had a detox at all? Whatever your answer to such question, it is important for you to have another detox as it will keep you on the right track of fitness. It is also essential to know the benefits of detox and how to cleanse your body whenever you feel that toxins are building up already. You can also do the cleansing even if you are feeling healthy as it will help prevent sickness and other unnecessary issues that might come up with the lack of detoxification process of toxins.

There are many detoxification programs that you can choose from. These different detoxification processes will suit your needs and time schedules, hence, there is no reason why you cannot do it. Detoxifying may be hard at first, but always remember that its benefits are long-term. There are no hassles in detoxifying as long as you choose the right programs you need to cleanse yourself and the programs that will also suit your schedule.

It is best to plan your detox program ahead of time so that you will be able to adjust yourself and condition your mind that you are starting a detoxification process, which will enable you to better function as a person. Detox now, and don’t regret being healthy later.

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