3 Reasons Why Healthy Skin is Impossible Without Humidity!

Living in Ohio means never hearing the end of people complaining about humidity.

“Oh, the heat is so much worse when it’s humid, I simply can’t stand it.”

And while I’m a born-and-raised Ohio gal, I do know how bad it can get in the summer. However, if you think that humidity is strictly your enemy, you might learn quite a lot from this article because I, as a mother of two, have done quite a lot of research on the benefits and problems of the local climate and can say with certainty that a little bit of moisture in the air can, in fact, be just what you need to stay healthy, beautiful, and happy! Below, I’ll present the 3 main factors that have led me to embrace the humidity and utilize it to my benefit.

1. It’s a Godsend for People With Eczema

Healthy Skin

Now I want to be clear, it’s good for people with a variety of health conditions but my older daughter has eczema and I’ve long struggled to help her feel comfortable as it tends to get worse in winters and during the night. In fact, that is exactly how I started my research on humidity!

You see, one of the main symptoms of eczema is dry, itchy skin with spots of it appearing all over the body. While there are creams and ointments that help curb the unpleasant sensations, finding every spot and putting medicine on it is a chore. That is where a home humidifier comes in. I noticed that she felt better when we went out as humidity outside was higher than at home.

The National Eczema Association says that low humidity can be a factor in eczema flaring up in patients and proper moisturizing helps. So I installed a humidifier and keep our home moderately humid, which has done wonders for my little girl.

If you experience any issues with skin dryness, itching, or sore spots, you should consult your local dermatologist. The solution or, at least, a remedy might be as simple as a little added humidity.

2. Moisturized Skin Ages Slower

Healthy Skin

Not everybody has skin conditions but not a single person on the planet is free from the flow of time. Sure, I’m still young and energetic but wrinkles and cracks that tend to plague women as they age are not something I look forward to. Thankfully, regular use of moisturizes and a good humidity level increase the elasticity of your skin and keep signs of aging at bay as well as nourish your body with the necessary moisture.

In fact, I noticed substantial improvements about a month after I started using a home humidifier. The skin around my mouth became a bit lighter and the pores on my face cleaned out a bit. Sure, if you have been living in a low humidity environment for a while, you might need more than a single cream and some little machine to keep the air in your house fresh. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure and if you want to look good in ten or twenty years – start moisturizing now and set that humidifier to a moderate level so your skin can glow with softness. Oh, did I forget to mention that humidity softens your skin? Because it does, you will not ever feel like your face is dry if you just embrace the benefits of reasonable humidity levels. Softer skin isn’t just more pleasant to the touch, it looks healthier and has a natural glow, a sure sign of someone taking proper care of their body.

3. Humid Air Improves Skin Cell Shifts

Healthy Skin

Okay, I can practically hear you say “English, please?”. But I promise, this isn’t going to turn too complicated, the process is simple. When you have flaky skin areas on your body, that is dead skin cells peeling off, which might take a while and be a bit of a bother. Not only do you have to take care of those places with an extra helping of moisturizer, you might experience itches or particular sensitivity while dead skin is being replaced with new cells. However, people that live in climates of high humidity are known to have fewer problems with this as their skin turnover process is sped up thanks to extra moisture.

This isn’t just a cosmetic benefit as faster skin regeneration is a sign of overall better health with no vitamin deficiency. If you exfoliate regularly, you already know how beneficial the process is to your overall look and with the added boost from higher humidity; your face will look younger, softer, and healthier than ever before. As the process of exfoliating usually involves adding moisture to your skin anyway, the extra humidity is just a way to skip that step and keep your cells nourished constantly.

Ways to Keep Your Home Humidity in Check

Now, not everybody lives in a state with the kind of weather we have over here but there is no need to worry, as I have already mentioned, you can create a manually-maintained climate in your household by using a humidifier just like I do.

In addition, before you go outside, apply some By the way, if you have any valuables like wine, liquors, musical instruments or cigars, you will need a separate way of climate control for them, so check out alternative ways of keeping the humidity at bay in their containers. For example, my hubby loves a good cigar and watches over them like a hawk. If you want to preserve your elite batch of Cubans, try to find a good digital hygrometer for humidor. However, if you are anything like me, smoke might not be your thing. I, for one, prefer wine and if I ever get my dream home, it will have a wine cellar complete with a reliable temperature control and humidifier to keep my little red and white friends in pristine condition. For now, I am settling for a mini fridge, which is not optimal but good enough when you are on a budget.

Recommended Humidity Levels

Healthy Skin

I have already said that humidity is good in moderation and if you use a humidifier, you should know exactly which settings to choose. While people can feel relatively comfortable anywhere in the range between 30% and 60%, the recommended average level would be around 50-55%. This is humid enough to moisturize your skin and clear out excess heat from the home.

A level of 70% may be dangerous to your household items, especially ones made of paper or wood. Try to not dip below 30%, though, especially in winter as during that season the humidity outside is particularly damaging for skin and you have to take extra care of your face to stay healthy.

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