5 Forgotten Vitamins That Can Actually Trim Down Breast Cancer

4. Vitamin D

When it comes to nutrients that fight against breast cancer, vitamin D is the most controversial. Vitamin D, generated by the human body with exposure to sunrays, and which is also present in fish, fish oils, fortified milk has been often publicized as an organic preventive nutrient against bone problems, menopause and aging. But does it have healthier sides on breast health too?

While some say it is not true while others say it is, the question leads us to a big confusion if vitamin D should be focused more for a woman diagnosed with breast cancer. According to the latest research performed at University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center at Houston — “Most natural products that include vitamin D mediate their overall effects through modulation of multiple cell signaling targets”.

Vitamin D Foods That Help Fight Breast Cancer

A. Green Tea

green tea for breast cancer

If you are someone, who has the habit of drinking 2 cups of green tea in a day, then you are at a very low risk of developing breast cancer. Natural green tea constitutes a lot of phytochemicals that are known to prevent cancer cells from forming.

B. Pomegranate

pomegranate for breast cancer

Just like green tea, “pomegranate” is proven to prevent breast cancer. It is demonstrated to have some essential anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties. According to Dr. Kumi-Diaka, pomegranate inhibits the growth of non-cancerous breast cells. Hence, make sure to either consume 1 to 2 glass of fresh pomegranate juice or 1 medium-sized fruit.

C. Curry Leaves

curry leaves for breast cancer

Credit: gokovai

A small dose of curry powder can actually do a lot god than you would have thought. Curcumin is a curry powder that is commonly used in Eastern cuisines to flavor dishes. It has curcumin extracts and turmeric, both of which are shown to have a vital role in preventing breast cancer.

D. Soy

soy for breast cancer

Scientists have always pondered why Asian women had lower risks of breast cancer than American women. Is it due to their diet comprising of green tea and soy? Many epidemiological studies say that consumption of soy has protective effects on breast cancer. The isoflavone present in soy actually prevents cancer by amending the genes engaged in cellular reproduction.

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