5 Important Recumbent Bike Exercises To Stay Healthy!

A recumbent bike recently quite popular among the people in a few years for performing daily exercises especially if we talk about burning calories and stay in shape, the best option is the recumbent bike. It is little similar to a regular exercise bike but designed in such a manner that it gives more benefits than other exercise bikes.

It has a bucket seat over the small seat and cranks are out in front of your upper body. While doing this exercise, lower body muscles are engaged maximum which means more calories burned in that part, it will be beneficial when you choose a good workout plan. It not only makes you slim but also strengthens your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.

Recumbent bikes gained the attention over the few decades in the market. Experts consider this machine as one of the most useful machines for losing weight and tone up the lower body. While performing this particular exercise, the body weight is proportionally distributed that helps in providing more ergonomic as well as pain-free workout experience.

recumbent bike exercise

Recumbent bikes sometimes give the impression that you are burning less calories than other similar machines because this machine involves all your major muscles thighs, hips, calves, glutes and abdominal muscles into the workout. Athletes prefer this machines for the simple exercise when they are preparing for some competition. This machine can be used for heavy-duty domestic or commercial purposes.

The composition of the machine is in this way that it can accommodate even a person who weighs more than 300 pounds by its extended weight capacity feature. The feature of this machine is non-skid wide and comfortable pedals that can accommodate various shoe sizes.

Recumbent Bike Exercise Benefits:

1. Safety Factor

Comfort is the key factor that this recumbent bike possesses. While doing exercise, the user does not will any discomfort, aches, and pain anywhere in his body, this machine provide reclining back when you workout. No back aches because of ergonomically-shaped seats which usually occur after an intense cycling session. Less tension on your joints because feet level is with rest of the body. Steppers or elliptical trainer sometimes cause slipped discs, but this prevents you from such injuries.

2. Economic Factor

Recumbent bikes are probably affordable than the other machines. People sometimes pay huge amount on fitness equipment and end up with unsound investment. As per ibc7 fitness, The recumbent bike is a wise economic option that’s why it’s gaining popularity among the people. You’ll save so much money that you can invest in other things. However look fitnessgeko for best fitness products.

3. Valuable for Everyone

Seat and pedals are designed in such a manner that even for the people with neurological conditions can use this bike for a workout. Every Individual can take the benefit of its safety which provides a low impact total body workout.

4. Long Exercise Sessions

By recumbent bike, athletes can perform the exercises for a more extended period, and training sessions can be extended, if they want to burn more calories and speed up their weight loss mechanism. People who don’t do training for more than one hour, they can also do one and a half or even two hours sessions with minimal effort, the reason behind pain-free experience and safety standards. Several people consider the recumbent bike as a lazy option, but in reality, it targets more muscles than the other upright ones. An hour of training in this machine can burn more than 900 calories.

5. A Step in Healthy Life

Recumbent bikes are the most comfortable option for achieving some primary goals of fitness like weight loss and tone up of muscles. By performing this particular exercise, you develop a healthy habit lifestyle without many efforts. If you are a beginner, this machine is best for you because of all the reasons that are listed above.


  • Do some stretching to loosen up your tight muscles with a consistent and steady range of motion like leg swings, lunges, knee highs and spinal rotation.
  • Warm up with light pedaling first and then increase the pace after 5 minutes gradually.
  • After that increase your speed and adjust the resistance to increase workload. Continue at this pace for some duration and then finish with a light five-minute cool-down.
  • Focus on your posture and execute good form while cycling.
  • Exercise long enough to get the desired effect. Studies recommend 30 minutes of cardio for health benefits and 60 to 90 minutes for weight loss.

The recumbent bike is considered as wonderful exercise bikes since they came in motion. This exercise not only helps you to lose weight but also helps you to stay healthy by preventing from several medical issues such as diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis, high blood pressure, etc. This also helps in improving cardiovascular and lung capacity.