5 Rules For Whitening Your Teeth At Home

As we get older, our teeth are more prone to stains and discolorations. From the food we eat to certain medications and even dental trauma, there are all sorts of factors that can play a role in discoloring your once pearly-white teeth. While there are professional-grade whitening products that can be used, they require a trip to the dentist and are often quite expensive. But in-office whitening isn’t the only option to restore your smile.

Today you’ll find there are all sorts of at-home whitening kits. Here are five rules you’ll want to follow when whitening your teeth at home.

5 Rules For Whitening Your Teeth At Home

1. Go Natural always

Most of today’s common at-home products use highly potent chemicals. The products that guarantee a whiter smile in just minutes often contain chlorine dioxide. While the ingredient is effective in removing surface stains, it also removes the enamel. The less enamel on your teeth, the less protected they are. So while your teeth may be whiter, they will be more susceptible to stains, discoloration, and even long-term damage.

5 Rules For Whitening Your Teeth At Home

Another commonly used ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. Kits with more than 0.1% peroxide are dangerous as the chemical concentration is extremely high. This can cause gum damage, burns to the soft tissue, and even receding gums. Hydrogen peroxide can also cause severe tooth sensitivity.

Instead of using these harmful ingredients, it’s best to go the all-natural route. An all natural teeth whitening kit uses ingredients that are safe yet effective in whitening the teeth. Quality kits offer a whitening paste or powder along with an LED blue light that not only whitens the teeth but also kills harmful bacteria!

2. Use Trays Instead of Strips

Whitening strips are touted as a convenient option that’s mostly undetectable and can be used anywhere. Yet strips very rarely provide the coverage needed to whiten the entire tooth. People who use whitening strips often have darker colored teeth near the gum line because strips don’t properly fit everyone’s teeth.

By using whitening trays, your teeth are entirely covered — all the way to the gum line — so that you can get the full whitening effect. As an added perk, find a whitening tray that includes LED blue lights. This way you’re all but guaranteed whiter and brighter teeth.

3. Don’t Overdo It

The more often you use your whitening kit, the quicker your teeth will be fixed, right? Wrong! While you may have waited years to tackle your teeth discoloration problem, you’ll want to avoid overusing whitening products, even if they’re entirely natural. In fact, it’s suggested that new users undergo at-home whitening up to 4 times a week. This helps to prevent tooth sensitivity and irritated gums.

Once you’ve reached a color that you’re comfortable with, you’ll want to decrease whitening to just 1 to 2 days a week. This allows you to maintain the improved look of your teeth, ensuring your smile stays beautiful for years to come.

4. Be Realistic

Just as you don’t expect to lose 10 lbs after dieting for a week, you can’t expect your teeth to be a bright white after one treatment. Teeth whitening works best when it’s a gradual process.

By being realistic about the quickness of the results, you’re more likely to stick with your at-home regimen versus getting frustrated and stopping altogether.

5. Follow Good Dental Practices

After improving your smile and feeling confident again, the last thing you want to do is to reverse your new smile. In order to maintain your pearly whites, you’ll want to follow good dental practices. As always, be sure to brush and floss on a daily basis. Consider purchasing a remineralizing tooth powder that not only cleans and polishes, but also keeps your teeth strong and protected.

5 Rules For Whitening Your Teeth At Home

You’ll also want to avoid foods that can lead to discoloration such as wine, coffee, tea, and other dark beverages. If you must drink a dark beverage, be sure to drink and swish with water shortly after to minimize the risk of staining.

If you’re a smoker, you’ll want to quit the habit immediately. Smoking stains your teeth, not to mention the other health issues it causes.

Knowing the best and safest ways to improve the look of your teeth is a must if you want a whiter smile that’s healthy and long-lasting. When restoring your smile, be sure to keep these five rules in mind to ensure that you’re whitening effectively and safety. Here’s to a whiter and brighter smile!


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