5 Things You Need To Know About Tape Hair Extensions and How effective is it?

Hair extensions.  Once you try them, it is rare that you will live without them.  The chemical-free color options with added volume gives users an undeniable self-confidence.  It’s like a mascara extension that will enhance natural beauty and make you feel and look better.  Of course, there are various types of hair extension options making the adding of extra hair very straightforward.  The only problem is choosing which hair extension method is the most suitable for your needs?

Currently, there are clip-in hair extensions, individual hair extensions, sew-in hair extensions, and the tape-in hair extension version which is the most advanced extension option.  Which is the best method, I hear you ask.  Hands down, the best extension method is the tape-in hair extension option and this makes it the most highly requested choice in hair salons across the globe.  The advantages of the tape-in hair extension technique are better than other hair extension alternatives.  This article will provide information on why we think the tape-in hair extensions are the best extension method for any person.

What Are The Top Five Reasons For Choosing The Tape-In Hair Extension Method?

1. The Price

The tape-in type of extension may be the most popular option, but they are the cheapest temporary hair extension alternative available when looking at both the cost of the hair and its application.  Tape-in extensions take less than one hour to apply; therefore, the application cost is much lower than other methods.  Furthermore, based on the structure of the tape wefts and how the wefts are applied, the maintenance costs associated with the hair extensions are lower than other semi-permanent hair extension alternatives.

Tape Hair Extensions

When compared, the cost of high-quality clip-in hair extensions is almost exactly the same as tape-in hair extensions; however, the tape-in hair extensions are less costly than individual hair extensions such as fusion, i-link extensions or micro bead extensions.  The tape hair extension construction involves one inch of hair making it easier to manage than individual extensions.  Overall, the price of the tape-in option with its application is lower than any other extension technique.

2. Low Maintenance

Tape-in hair extensions are considered the simplest type of hair extension method to manage because of their thin construction and one inch width.  This makes them easy to maintain and many people forget they are wearing tape-in hair extensions because they are so straightforward to handle.  All you do is tape it and forget it until approximately ten or twelve weeks when it is time to move the extensions up.  Remember that if you purchase the cheaper non-Remy tape-in extensions you will not have the easy maintenance.

Non-Remy hair extensions do not last as long as Remy extensions as they are of a lower quality, and seeing as the hair extensions are worn constantly they will wear more quickly.  By purchasing high-quality tape-in hair extensions, you will save money in the long-term.  The high-quality product will not shed, tangle or mat, and can be reused after ten to twelve weeks.  As long as you have good quality hair extension brand, the maintenance of the product will be hassle-free and simple.

3. Reduced Damage

When purchasing hair extensions it is important to consider the damage an extension can sustain, and tape-in extensions are the least likely to experience damage when compared to other extension types.  This is because tape-in extensions are lightweight and do not pull on the natural hair like other hair extensions; they will grow out naturally and will not pull or tug.  Clip-in hair extensions can be heavy and are known to cause bald spots if worn on a daily basis.  If you have fine hair, it is not recommended that you use traditional clip-in hair extension options.

Individual hair extensions, such as fusion, micro bead, and i-tip extensions can be damaging and will tangle resulting in natural hair loss.  The tape-in extensions, however, are non-damaging and simple to remove when required.  When it comes to hair loss you do not want to lose hair from hair extensions.  The tape-in extensions will not cause loss of natural hair and will not cause the user any discomfort.    The goal of the hair extensions is to be comfortable and damage-free.

4. Reusable Hair Extensions

One of the most beneficial aspects of tape-in hair extensions, such as these from Airyhair.com, is that they are reusable for approximately one year making them available for three or four applications.  Being able to reuse the hair extension is helpful, particularly if you have had the hair extension personalized using a specific color or cut.  Reusing tape-in hair extensions requires you to clean the extension when they are removed, add new tape and the re-apply it.  This is why it is vital that you purchase high-quality tape-in extensions as good hair extensions can last a full year, whereas poor-quality hair extensions will need to be replaced within one month.

Tape Hair Extensions34

Individual hair extensions are not reusable and the clip-in extension option will often become worn within six months dependent on the level of usage.  Reusing hair extensions is beneficial, especially when you pay to have the extension customized.  The removal of tape-in extensions takes only fifteen minutes, whereas individual extensions require hours to be removed and can result in hair pulling or loss.

5. Invisibility And Flexibility

There are numerous things you can do using tape-in hair extensions that cannot be done with clip-in options, such as wearing the hair in certain hairstyles including braids.  Furthermore, tape-in hair extensions are thin and almost invisible to any person’s eyes.  They also present with a degree of flexibility, so you cannot feel the tape when brushing them or washing them.

When compared to individual hair extensions, the most advantageous thing regarding tape hair extensions is that washing and blow drying the hair is easier and more flexible.  Individual extension options tend to tangle, become stringy, and the bonds are inflexible; however, tape extensions are softer and can be more pliable imitating natural hair.

Final Words

As can be seen, tape-in hair extensions are the best option and this is why many fashion icons or celebrities choose to use them.  They are simple to maintain, simple to apply, and you do not feel them on your head.  If you are new to hair extensions or are hoping to switch from individual or clip-in extensions, then tape-in extensions may be the best alternative.  However, it is advised that you purchase high-quality tape-in hair extensions and have the product applied by a trained professional as this will make the experience with the extensions far more beneficial.