5 Tips to Avoid Hair loss and Fundamental Aspects while Considering the Hair Transplant Procedure!

As we all know hair loss is the most common problem among men and women and both the genders are affected by the problem of pattern baldness in the same ratio. The hair loss problem arises mostly due to the genetic factor termed as the Androgenic Alopecia, but the conditional factors, such as pollution, smoking behavior, lack of nutritious diet, as well as effect of chronic disease and illness, also plays a crucial role in presenting the hair loss problem.

However, it is important to evaluate the condition of your scalp followed by the initial consultation with your Doctor/Surgeon in order to identify the exact status of loss and their reason, subsequently, help in finalizing the particular technique or treatment to sort out the problem effectively.

The hair transplant in Jaipur shares the space between top-notch states that providing the best hair transplant treatment in India and every year a lot of foreign and national clients visit Jaipur to get the hair restoration treatment.

1. Androgenic Alopecia / Pattern Baldness or Genetic Hair loss:

The pattern baldness is an inherited trait that genes are transferred from either parent. The issue of Androgenic alopecia affects around one-third of the population and becoming a dreadful condition as it affects one’s looks and personality. The pattern baldness is rated on the Norwood scale that is categorized into 7 states of baldness ranges from NW-I to VII depend on the extent of hair loss.

hair loss problem

The pattern baldness has only one ultimate solution to get over the problem of baldness permanently and that is hair transplantation that involves the root shifting from the donor part into the receiving bald area of the scalp aesthetically and effectively. The procedure of hair restoration facilitates the regeneration of hair roots in the area where baldness is affected and provides the strength to the hair roots by adopting the natural color, caliber, and texture.

2. The Conditional Hair loss:

There is lots of reason that presents the conditional, hair loss that is categorized from the behavior of life pattern to the food habit as well as the autoimmune factor that accelerate the common hair loss and at the same time induces the genetic baldness. It is important to combat hair loss with an effective measure that must apart from the medication or therapy as all the treatment options have a temporary effect, except the hair transplant procedure.

Here We are Describing the Top 5 Tips to Avoid Hair Loss:

1. Essential Vitamin for Hair loss

Vitamins are not just essential for a healthy well-being, but it has also a major role in the growth of hair. It is recommended to consume vitamin-rich food in your daily diet in order to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Some essential vitamins that are advised by the health practitioner for hair growth, includes, Vitamin-B, C, E, and K. Vitamin helps in better blood circulation and supports the growth of hair follicles as it accelerates the better metabolism activity. We must incorporate enrich Vitamin food in our daily diet like green vegetables, lemon, spinach, and almond that enhance the growth of hair follicles.

2. Enrich diet

hair loss problem

A healthy and balanced diet is mandatory for overall well-being, including a healthy growth of hair. It is recommended by the Doctor that we must incorporate 8 ounces proteins daily to keep the healthy body that supports the metabolism process as well as the activity of the immune system that fights against infection and diseases. We must incorporate almond, eggs, green peas, broccoli, Soymilk, and fish like salmon in our diet to fulfill the essential protein requirement of our body.

3. Avoid smoking & Reduce Alcoholic Beverages

It is better to stay away from smoking and control alcoholic drinks if you wish to get a healthy hair growth. Smoking causes brittleness of hair and severe fall as it disturbs the metabolic activity of our body by affecting the immune system and a patient becomes prone to the environmental changes and fails to accommodate according to the situation.

Smoking causes reducing the amount of blood and hence a decreased blood flow to the scalp area that causes a reduction in hair growth. However, it is better to skip smoking and alcoholic beverages for healthy hair growth.

4. Exercise & Walk

Physical activity is inevitable for a healthy metabolism process that accelerates the blood flow in the body and activates the supportive process, such as increased blood circulation to the scalp area that accelerates the growth of hair follicles and saves them from losing. So, do spend sometimes for exercising and physical activity as it increases the blood circulation of our body helps in overall healthy growth of body and mind.

5. De-stress

There is a link between stress and hair loss as the medical research based on the growth of hair revealed the fact that stress disturbs the metabolic function, subsequently reduces the rate of blood circulation and hair loss occurs with a rapid rate. So, it is advisable to de-stress yourself by practicing meditation.

Fundamental Aspects while Considering the Hair Transplant Procedure:

The hair transplant procedure is a final and ultimate solution to hair loss, particularly when a patient is affected by the Androgenic alopecia/pattern hair loss. The procedure of hair restoration allows the regeneration of hair roots and core combined sets of the artistic and surgical process that requires expert hand and mind in order to get the best positive outcomes of the surgery. However, the procedure of hair transplant is both art and science that needs an in-depth research work when choosing it as a final solution for the treatment of hair loss.

Some Note Worthy Points while Considering the Hair Transplant Procedure are as follows:

• To whom you are going to receive the procedure means the performing Surgeon must have M.S and M Ch degree along with the active membership in the reputed restoration societies and body, i.e., ISHRS, ISAPS, IAHRS

Which is your hair transplant Clinic as the recognized hair transplant clinics rated on the quality scale? The Clinic must adhere to the standard facilities and care and a standard hygienic parameter should be maintained for offering the quality result of the procedure

Where is the clinic location? The Asian sub-continent, especially India, is a hotspot destination for the plastic & cosmetic surgery and it has been found out that around 80% hair transplant surgery is being done in India stated by a medical data.

What is the cost of Hair Transplant in Jaipur? It is a pre-procedure preparation to know about the cost of hair transplantation because it helps in further planning in terms of available budget capacity. The cost of the procedure in India is generally less rather than the cost applicable in the USA, UK, and Europe.

On the whole, we can say that the hair loss is a major devastating problem when it related to the genetic baldness and a dreadful condition when occurs due to the conditional factor. Both the causes of hair loss affect a person by affecting their looks and appearance that needs a ready solution to regain the original hair via the technique of hair restoration.


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