6 Best Ways To Eat Healthy on the Go!

We live in a world where junk food and ‘convenience’ options are all around us, and when you’re running on a tight schedule, it can be extremely difficult to avoid temptation. If you really want to take hold of your health, however, you need to make it as easy for yourself to make better decisions as possible. And with a little bit of planning, you won’t have to depend on your willpower to do so! Here’s how your take away lunch can be healthy and nutritious!

6 Best Ways To Eat Healthy on the Go!

1. Plan tomorrow’s lunch today

Rushed mornings are never a good time to make healthy decisions for the upcoming workday, so get in the habit of doing your planning the night before. If you’re already taking the time to put together a healthy home cooked meal for your family, then it’s very little extra effort to make a double portion. This way you have leftovers you can pack for yourself and the kids for lunch.

6 Best Ways To Eat healthy on the Go!

While you’re making dinner, enlist the family to help with making a salad and some veggies so there are some extra low calorie, highly nutritious leftovers as well. Not only does it mean there’s healthy food right at hand tomorrow, but it’s a nice chance to catch up on the day’s events and have a chat too!

2. Make your own snack packs

A lot of ready-to-grab snack options (think trail mixes and seed bars) claim to be healthy, but a quick look at the list of ingredients will reveal them to be full of salt and added oils. If you’re looking to manage your weight or blood pressure better, then these ‘healthy’ snacks can often be anything but! Put together your own snack packs by buying unsalted natural ingredients in bulk, and combining them however takes your fancy. You’ll end up with a healthier option that’s cheaper to boot.

Dried fruit likewise might seem like a healthy option, but because all the weight of the water has been removed, they pack a lot of sugar into a small quantity of food. They might let you eat the equivalent of five or six whole fruit in just a few minutes, something you’d never manage if the fruit was fresh. Stick with Mother Nature’s original packaging when it comes to including fruit in your diet!

3. Have a plan B for when life gets in the way

Life happens, and sometimes lunches get left at home by mistake, or there just wasn’t enough time to come up with a healthy option beforehand. Luckily there are providers out there who offer a quick fix that’s wholesome and nutritious, so make sure you have their contact details when you’re in a pickle. Choose a takeaway lunch that includes whole grains and fresh veggies whenever you can, so you’re getting lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for your money!

4. Make sure your food is easy to eat!

If you’ve already cut up your fruit and packed it with a fork and napkin, you’re less likely to end up going home with it still uneaten. If fruit requires slicing or peeling (or you just prefer it that way) make sure you do this at home in the comfort of your own kitchen. If all you have to do to tuck in is grab a fork or take off the lid, you’re a lot less likely to give in when someone at the office comes around with donuts! If food requires reheating, then pack it in a microwaveable container so there’s as little prep necessary as possible. Pack your salad in a container that you can nibble from right at your desk. The less work a healthy option requires, the more likely you are to stick to your guns!

5. Get crafty in the kitchen

A lot of people who would actually make decent cooks never learn about this hidden talent simply because they never give it a try! Start off simple with some homemade baked goods that double up as quick on-the-go options. It’s actually very easy to bake your own granola bars, bran or carrot muffins, oat bars and the like – and best of all, you get to control exactly what goes into them. They also keep extremely well, so you can easily make a big batch over the weekend when you have time.

6. Cultivate healthy habits

6 Best Ways To Eat healthy on the Go!


Remember that getting into a new healthy habit takes time, but once you’ve done it, you’ve developed a skill that can last for a lifetime. Planning ahead might seem like hard work now, but it soon becomes something that’s natural and effortless. Stick with it in the beginning, and you’ll reap the rewards big time!