6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Going into Psychotherapy!

A healthy body is of vital importance for a happy life. No matter how much wealth and power you possess, if you are not healthy enough to survive independently, you will not be a happy soul. Unfortunately, most people attribute being healthy with physical health care only. They do not consider mental health as a necessary investment. Many people are not even aware of the importance of mental health. Some believe that mental health only refers to a functional disorder of mind such as Dementia. Many people are simply scared of talking about it and seeing a professional.

It is a common myth that one should only seek professional help one has a visible dysfunctional that barred him from functioning like a normal human being.  What most people do not know that a professional psychologist or a therapist can help them come over areas that they do not even consider a mental health issue? Issues such as an inability to handle a hyperactive toddler, coping up with depression during pregnancy and childbirth, dealing

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Going into Psychotherapy


with an otherwise normal child who is consistently giving the poor academic performance and even rocky marriages are some of the problem areas that can be dealt with professional intervention.

Health care services such as Clarity Clinic offer dedicated psychotherapist that can help you deal with a lot of problem areas in your life that you do not normally associate with a mental health issue. Here are 6 reasons why you might be needing professional intervention.

Why You Should Consider Going into Psychotherapy?

1. Unexplained Mood Swings and Anxiety Attacks

If you are consistently going through mood swings and emotional meltdowns while your body and things around you are seemingly ‘normal’ you might need to see a professional. In many cases people go through uncalled for anger attacks, unexplained panic and anxiety and episodes of crying and they are unable to associate their feelings to a reason. There could be an underlying reason that your mind is denying on the surface. Talking to a therapist might help you come to terms with your problem and find a solution to it.

2. Coming Up With a Transition

There are times when your life goes through a transition and you find it difficult to digest the novelty of your life and adjust yourself accordingly. It could be a simple change such as a career switch or an entire paradigm shift such as becoming a parent or immigrating to a new country. Some people find a way to deal with such transitions by talking to people with similar issues in dedicated support groups. However, many people are either too introvert to speak to a stranger or are unable to find such support network. It is best to reach out to a dedicated therapist who can listen to you and can help you cope up with the changes in your life.

3. Harmful Thoughts

If your system is triggering you to either causing harm to yourself or harming someone else then you should consult a professional immediately. Professional psychotherapy sessions can address the underlying issues that are bugging you and triggering your thoughts. Although the problem itself is extremely harmful to yourself and others around you, it can be treated with therapy and can help to bring you back to a normal and healthy mental state.

4. Substance Abuse

Addictive substances or drugs such as Heroin, Cannabis, Cocaine, LSD etc. are extremely harmful to you both mentally and physically. Excessive use of the harmful substance cannot only take a toll on your physical and mental health but can also result in death at some point in life. Substance abuse is very common in teenagers and young adults.

Some of the common causes behind substance abuse include unstable home environment, history of abuse, impulsive behavior, peer pressure, inability to handle a certain pressure and at times it simply starts as a leisure activity and ends up in an addiction. A trained psychotherapist can figure out the exact issues that triggered the addiction and can help the addict come out of the habit and lead a normal functional life.

5. Rocky Relationships

You might not be suffering from a mental disease but you might be going through a rocky marriage. It might be because of an abusive partner or simply because you and your partner are not being able to connect with each other mentally. You might be a spouse going through a failing marriage or a divorce. You might be the teenager who is finding it difficult to cope up with his parents separating. You might be a person who is facing domestic abuse from someone close to the family. All these causes can hinder your ability to function normally. You might suffer from lack or excess of sleep, eating disorders and emotional trauma.

When you are in unstable circumstances, it is not humanly possible for you to be able to process your mental stress and cope up with all the pressures building up around you. Under such circumstances, it is best to seek help from a therapist. Therapies such as couple and marital counseling and family counseling are extremely beneficial as the therapist will not only speak to the primary subject but will speak to the partner and other family members as well.

6. Pregnancy and Childbirth

You are a healthy woman with a smooth pregnancy and a supportive partner yet you go through unexplained meltdowns during your pregnancy. You might be feeling depressed and detached from your newborn after childbirth and in some cases, you might even get thoughts of self-harm and severe depression. These are signs of postpartum depression and is fairly common among women who are expecting or have given birth.

Pregnancy and childbirth are extremely taxing for even the healthiest women and it results in a lot of hormonal chaos triggering depression and anxiety. Despite being a common phenomenon, the situation gets worse for many women suffering from PPD because they are not aware of its existence and their partners fail to understand the new changes in their personality. Therapy is extremely important in such a situation so that you can cope up with your depression and are able to enjoy your new journey.