6 Super foods That Will Help Boost Your Brain!

We all want to be efficient and active in our everyday life. Each of us has this specific set of skills and potential abilities that we can implement for the achieving of our goals and reaching success. There is the whole industry built around self-help mentality: books, coaches, classes, and self-mentoring programs. All of them are aimed at boosting your productivity, concentration, motivation, and energy.

Translating this into the biological statements, in order to achieve that you have to improve brain function and optimize its work. It sounds quite simple, but in the reality, it is a very complex task, as even at our age of the advanced technologies and research, scientists cannot fully grasp the way our brain works. The thing that we know for sure, is that it needs a lot of energy and nutrients to govern the body and sustain capability of high mental activity. In the following article, we are going to list the information available for today as to how to nurture your brain and lead it into the prolific, healthy stage of work.

We are what we eat

This simple truth has been around for decades, yet it is still hasn’t quite sunk in into the minds of the wider audience. The type and quality of food we consume determine not only or physical health, but also our mood and mental state. There are products that calm you down or increase your energy levels, make you more enduring or they can warn you down.

Even though it is long known information, a lot of people in the first world countries suffer from the serious vitamins and minerals deficiency. How? Well, fast food and processed meals lack the essential elements of a healthy diet. In order to balance it out and give our body much-needed brain food, we have to really watch what we eat.

Best Super foods That Will Help Boost Your Brain

So what exactly should we choose to intake? If you were to write a paper about, you should seek online assignment help. Or you can simply continue reading this article and find out for yourself.

1. Avocado

This is basically the king of the healthy food. It contains vitamin K and folate that are the best ingredient for preventing strokes and improving memorizing abilities as well as concentration. It also has plenty of healthy fats that will improve skin condition and sugar levels.

2. Blueberries

Healthy and delicious? Easy! These berries are doing magic with our brain by supplying a great deal of gallic acid, which acts out against the stressful situation and mental deterioration. They also have rich amounts of anti-oxidants, which prevent aging.

3. Broccoli

Best Super foods That Will Help Boost Your Brain


Yes, we need broccoli. It is one of the brain healthy foods that are particularly beneficial to the memory thanks to choline and beloved by the dietitian vitamin K. High level of vitamin C means that this vegetable will make you feel full quite fast. Just try different recipes and find a way you will enjoy this tricky veggie!

4. Beets

Another controversial point in our list. If you are not sure what this vegetable is about, well, it is bright red and used a lot in Slavic cuisine. Despite its questionable tastiness, it is one of the most nutritionally valuable foods. It can boost your performance and improve blood circulation in the brain, this mental activity will increase. Try adding it to your favorite salad, raw and shredded.

5. Chocolate

This is probably the best item on the list. But do not rush to conclusions, we are talking only about dark chocolate with not less than 70% of cocoa. This can energize you, decrease blood pressure and fight inflammations. If you feel tired and sleepy, try supplementing a regular cup of coffee with a chunk of dark chocolate.

6. Salmon

Are you a fan of salmon pasta? Cheer up, because it will literally make you smarter! Omega-3 acids can better your memory and focus. It is even advised for kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Additional benefits are anti-cancerous characteristics and smooth skin.

Make good choices

Now that we know the best food for brain activity let’s mention things that are better avoided. Sugar-free and diet sodas are a known enemy of your memory, It consists brominated vegetable oil which is proven to be quite harmful to the body. Do not consume processed sweets. It is just awful, let’s admit it. If you want some sweet baked goods, go for natural home-made ones. Do not intake too much salt, particularly with such products as soy sauce. It can harm your organization skills and focus. The best thing to do is to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, fish, and get enough sleep. Your brain will be extremely thankful!