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6 Unexpected Ways Writing Daily Can Transform Your Health!

When you think of benefits of writing, what are the first things that you immediately associate it with? Super organizational skills? Creativity boost?

A chance to acquire a persuasive tone?

If so, then you are in for a big surprise, as writing can do much more than that.

The five-minute journal is a therapeutic intervention, for me at least, because I am that person. That allows me to not only get more done during the day but to also feel better throughout the entire day, to be a happier person, to be a more content person – which is not something that comes naturally to me.    – Tim Ferris

In fact, writing can transform and improve your health in case you write regularly and thoroughly. Wondering how that is even possible? Check out these six ways.

Writing Can Transform Your Health

Why Writing Daily Can Boost Your Health?

1. Daily Writers Sleep Better

Writing Can Transform Your Health

Even though we never wanted to go to bed when we were small kids, today sleep is something we all want so badly but only few can afford to have enough of it. Some do not get enough sleep because of their lack of organizational skills, while many people of all ages across the globe suffer from various types of sleeping disorders.

You might wonder how this is connected to the writing habit. The truth is that keeping a journal and writing your thoughts down before going to bed can help you have a better sleep and conquer numerous disorders.

2. Writing Daily Can keep Your Mind Sharp

How often do you find yourself in a situation where you went to the store and forgot what you wanted to get there?

The problem of poor memory capacity is now very common among young people, as we digest so much information daily that it is hard to keep track of it. The digital world has changed the way we think and memorize things.

However, it is official that taking notes and writing your random ideas down helps you memorize things better because two types of memory are involved in this process.

So, think of this the next time you work on a strong thesis statement research to get the encouragement you need.

3. You Will Feel GOOD!

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, writing can help improve your overall well-being.

According to the Huffington Post,

“expressive writing has been linked with improved mood, well-being, stress levels and depressive symptoms, as well as more physical benefits of lower blood pressure, improved lung and liver functioning and decreased time spent in the hospital.”

How wonderful is this? So, why don’t you start practicing the art of expressive writing? It can help in so many wonderful ways!

4. Kick Out the Stress/Anxiety

Writing Can Transform Your Health

Having a diary is not a sentimental habit of young girls, as some might believe. It is a scientific approach to dealing with stress and anxiety. If you ask an expert in this area how to tackle your fears and relieve stress you face daily, you will hear them say that you need to start journaling.

Keeping track of your thoughts, fears, and desires is a way to understand yourself better and find solutions on the go.

It is almost like facing your fears but knowing that they cannot harm you. Besides, you free your mind and let it wander. You no longer have to carry the burden of heavy thoughts and bitter memories. Write them down – and leave them behind.

5. Heal Your Heartaches and Give More Clarity

Another research showed that writing can help your wounds heal faster. Sounds too good to be true?

Here is what the Collective Evolution says about it: “writing about distressing events helped the participants come to terms with the events, therefore reducing distress.” Their conclusion was based on the research of a group of patients who were asked to take notes of things that worried them after biopsies. Those who took notes had their wounds heal much faster. Unbelievable yet true!

6. It can help go through cancer better

Writing Can Transform Your Health

The word “cancer” has broken so many lives. People feel miserable both physically and emotionally. Therefore, scholars have decided to check how writing can help.

And it turned out that those who have diaries where they keep all of their thoughts and worries deal with cancer better.

In fact, it is even known that they have fewer medical procedures done. The Oncologist states that patients with diaries are not as much inclined to depression as those without such a habit, as they are more optimistic and have less stress over their disease.

Writing can be more than just a college assignment to tackle. It can turn out to be that amazing habit that can make your life quality much better.

So, do not miss a chance to relieve stress, get better sleep, and improve your memory by writing a personal diary. It can be a tremendous experience.

Do you know any other positive effects of writing on your body? If so, please share! And also, what is it that holds you back from writing? Why don’t you try it today to see how it can transform your life completely.


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