7 Useful Tips to Be Healthy and Slender This Summer

Those who assert that the war is not a women’s affair are wrong. Women throughout their lives are waging war for their beauty. In many cases, the battlefield is a slim figure. For this, we are ready to starve ourselves and take questionable drugs. But in order to be slim, it’s best to follow the simple rules constantly. Then, emergency methods of weight loss are absolutely unnecessary.

The summer is not far off and winter holidays made you thicker. Probably every one of you thought of how to remove the stomach and the sides for a short time and without harm to health?

What can help you cope with the “problem”?

Let’s touch the stomach and sides and learn how to lose weight, remove the stomach and sides in the home, using proper nutrition and effective, not exhausting physical activity. Especially this topic is relevant today before the beach season begins.

Of course, such a question is asked by any woman, considering the actual reflection in a mirror, whose figure, unfortunately, is far from ideal. The secrets of lightning-fast weight loss and miraculous exercises are passed from mouth to mouth, but it is almost always lying. If you suffer from this then some advice in this article helps you.

7 Useful Tips to Be Healthy and Slender This Summer

7. Cleaning

All programs of weight loss recommend a cleansing of the intestine, in order to prevent self-poisoning of the body in the process of weight loss. The use of plant fibre helps to clean the intestines. This method is the most physiological and has a few contraindications, but in order to completely clean the intestine in this way, it will take at least a month.

6. Food

When it comes to weight loss, start with nutrition. It is rationalization and normalization that will be the key to success in the difficult process of getting rid of hated belly and sides. An absolute leader among all the existing recommendations is the simple advice to eat well and eat healthy food. This undoubtedly effective method will necessarily bring results, but not immediately.

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To quickly achieve the desired at home, you will have to work harder and harden the will. On an empty stomach, we drink a glass of water. For breakfast, every day we eat oatmeal, steamed with boiling water. You can add any fruit to oatmeal.

You can afford a small number of vegetables, including baked potatoes, and a small amount of vegetable oil. This meal will be the dinner. You can use for supper the boiled meat, eggs, fish, that is, protein food. As an addition to protein foods, you can eat a salad of cabbage with cucumber, filigree with lemon juice.

5. Exercises

In addition to complying with the above-described diet, it is necessary from the early morning on an empty stomach to perform 30 repetitions of exercises aimed at strengthening the upper and lower press. The number of it every next week should be increased from 10 times to 50.

Sufficiently effective in the fight for thin waist and perfect shape shows a hoop for weight loss. This effect leads to the burning of precious fatty deposits on the abdomen and sides, even cellulite disappears, located under the upper layers of the skin disappears. Get rid of the stomach and sides at home also help half an hour evening jogging in an adjoining park or at a school stadium, which can be replaced by jumping with a rope.

3. Little tricks

To speed up the process and achieve the desired results as quickly as possible, you can resort to little tricks. For example, every day drink 1 litre of ginger tea, which helps to accelerate the burning of fats.

It is also worth every day to use scrubs for the body, the effect of which on the skin contributes to reducing fat deposits, increases the elasticity of the skin, preventing the appearance of stretch marks on it, and increases the speed of getting rid of the abdomen and hanging sides.

2. Drink more water

Surprisingly, many people stretch for food while their body needs water. Water helps to toxins out of the body and promotes the fact that it is saturated with moisture, and therefore energy. As research shows, you can feel tired even if you just want to drink a bit. And when you’re tired you cannot be active.

Specialists recommend drinking about 3.7 litres of water per day (15 glasses) for men and about 2.7 litres (11 glasses) for women. This does not mean that you only need to drink water in such quantities. We get water from the foods we eat during the day. These are fruits, vegetables and other liquids (milk or juices and carry a water bottle with you always for example). About 19% of all the water that our body receives is consumed with food. If you want to lose weight, it is best to drink more simple pure water, since it contains zero calories.

1. Take fruits when you go somewhere

Before you leave the house, take an apple or a banana with you. When you are outdoors, you may not be able to have a healthy meal if you are hungry. And if you have fruit with you, then you can “grieve a worm” to reach for a home meal.

And of course, do not forget to watch every day what you eat, because it is useful not only for the waist but for the whole body as a whole. Appreciate yourself and be healthy and beautiful!