7 Ways Smartphone Addiction Can Wreck Your Health

One can not deny the fact that smartphones are increasing their competency with every passing day.

With power-packed features, smartphones are proving to be highly agile in solving human issues in daily affairs.

From Google to Gmail…from games to Entertainment…Smartphones provide them all.

Smartphones have slowly turned out to be an inalienable object of an individual. Smartphones are a virtual world in themselves.

Amidst the wave of positivity associated with smartphones, the thing that concerns us more is addiction.

People, generally the youngsters, are getting addicted to using Smartphones. Now this addiction has negative repercussions on both body and mind. VSM offers kratom detox in Austin that helps fight any kind of addiction, including the one related to Smartphones.

The harmful effects of Smartphone Addiction on health will be discussed throughout the entire Article.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is the condition when an individual fails to stop  using some kind of a substance or engaging in some kind of a behavior.

affirmative addiction

Even if it is realized that this is harmful, the road to return becomes the road to no return. The ultimate fate that the person meets is death.

Apparently, it might look that Addiction is not treatable but there is a silver lining. As opined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, Addiction is a treatable chronic disease that involves brain Circuits, Genetics, environment as well as individual life experiences.

The behavior slowly turns out to be compulsive that is it recurs knowing the harm it brings with it.

Facts And Stats On Smartphone Use

There are certain important facts and data that will work to establish the fact that excessive use of Smartphones is attributed to creating havoc in the life of the young generation.

phone addiction

  • Around 47% of the parents admit that their children are addicted to smartphones.
  • When surveyed among teachers it is found that 67% of them noticed the negative effect of Cellphones on their students.
  • Adults spend at least 45minutes daily on social media.
  • Rather Than in-person around 33% of the teens spend more than socializing with close friends online.
  • A massive 60% of the College Students believe that they are addicted to using Smartphones.
  • Nearly 40% of the people never disconnect from Cell Phones, even when they are on vacation.

These factors well project the level or condition that persists among the population when it comes to using smartphone devices. Addiction to Smartphones in such high quantities is extremely appalling and concerning.

Symptoms Of Smartphone Addiction 

There are certain symptoms that will prove you’re addicted to Smartphones:

  • You will have difficulty securing high grades in school and your present grade will decline.
  • You will be continuously inconsistent in your work.
  • You find it difficult to manage responsibility and relations within your circle.
  • There will be a noticeable lack of energy in your daily activities.
  •  Weight loss.

7 Ways Smartphone Addiction Can Wreck Your Health

There are certain ways in which a Smartphone is deemed extremely bad for health. These factors not only make things worse for an individual but more so the road to returning back turns out to be difficult for them.

Weight Gain 

It could now be realized that Smartphones rob away the physical activity of people in many ways. From bill payments to other activities, Smart does it all for you.

What you just need to do is a command with your fingers. Now, you could put your leg up and sit duck!

According to a study conducted by the University of Granada, Spain, smartphones could well be attributed to creating Sleep disruption.

Lack of sleep prevents the body from producing Ghrelin and Leptin.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

According to research published by Cogent Psychology, Smartphones users face a typical variant of Anxiety called Fear of Missing out. Anxiousness and uncertainty increase in the person.

best ways to overcome fomo

For example, if a friend doesn’t get in contact with another friend, he fears that he might be out of the friend Circle and left alone.

Shortened Attention Span 

Smartphones, on one hand, are helpful in multi-tasking. On the other hand, it drastically affects the focus level of an individual.

According to scientific inferences by Microsoft, the average attention span of an individual was only 8 seconds.

An earlier study said that the attention power of an individual was around 12 seconds. Now the change could be easily perceived.

Lack of attention levels of an individual makes things problematic in different other aspects of life.

Irregular Sleep Patterns 

Smartphones have affected the way we sleep. There is a natural pose for sleep. A study conducted by the Frontiers in Psychiatry revealed sleep Quality has been drastically affected by persistent use of Smartphones.

How to Create the Right Sleep Environment for You

It was also found from the study that 16% of students complain of Sleep related issues.

Tech Necks 

The weight of your head that continues to look tilted down at the phone puts a lot of pressure on your neck as well as your spine.

This leads to a condition called Tech neck. The areas surrounding the shoulder as well as the spinal cord will become painful. There will be excessive pain in that region.

Cause Car Accident 

It is inferred from an American Study that 27% of car crashes are attributed to the involvement of  Cell phones.


The fact is provided by the National Safety Council. Now a car crash could cause massive damage to an individual.

An individual could be gravely injured. Accidents could also take the life of the individual. Even if you are a pedestrian, busy with your Cell Phone, you could meet with an accident.

Eye Strain 

You are watching a movie for a couple of hours on your cell phone or you are busy with high-resolution Video-Games.

how to treat eye strain and neck pain

This will act to put a lot of pressure on your eyes. It could damage your eyes. Straining of eyes will be on a regular basis.

Wrap It Up 

Smartphone Addiction is extremely harmful to professionals as well as the student community

This heavily disrupts the individual performance and drags it towards anxiety.

Smartphones are deemed harmful to the generation as they work to cause severe damage to the individual. So, if you are addicted to it, seek professional help right away.

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