13 Shocking Diet Myths Almost Everyone Believes

With many contradictory diets, it is often pretty hard to explain about a fact right from its fiction. Do those mini meals actually boost metabolism? Should those carbs be banned? There are few diet myths, which many people believe but aren’t true at all. Let us know what they are.

13 Diet Myths Debunked

Shocking Diet Myths

1. Eating After 8-PM Puts On Weight

When we talk about eating at nighttime, it isn’t about a particular time. It is all about the exact time you go to bed to sleep. You need to eat your dinner 3 to 4-hours before going to sleep. For instance, if your sleeping time is around 11-PM, then it is better to eat at 8 or 9 maybe. And the most important thing — you need to keep it healthy, light with easily digestible foods so that you don’t put on those extra pounds. And make sure that you eat slowly and chew properly.

2. Smaller & Frequent Meals Boosts Metabolism

When it comes to easy and faster weight loss, often smaller & frequent meals is the suggested tip. This might temporarily boost your metabolism but not permanently. Since you are always digesting, naturally your digestive system is overworked. As new foods keep coming along your pipeline, you will not be able to digest fully.

3.The More Calories One Breaks Down, More Weight She/he Loses

Yes, consuming fewer calories is surely going to help you lose weight but making it as your top priority isn’t going to work out. Moreover, if you break down your calories, you will not obsess and suffer but also your body gets used to function on few calories & might still hold on to additional weight. Focus for 1200 calories per day meal rather than trying to break down calories by starving.

4. Diet Foods Helps In Losing Weight

Yet another commonly believed myth is that diet foods greatly help you to lose weight while the truth is they really don’t! Foods that are often marketed as diet-friendly – “lite” desserts, frozen dinners – might have fewer calories but they lack in those significant nutrients, which your body actually needs. These diet foods are filled with excess sodium & other artificial ingredients. The more you eat, the more your body becomes acidic and soon it begins to hold further weight.

5. Carbohydrates Are Your Biggest Enemy

Carbs can be classified into 3 types – fiber, simple and complex. Carbs aren’t your enemies. In fact, they are vital if it’s taken in its best form. Never consider them as “bad”. Take limited natural carbs and avoid sugars, refined and gluten carbs. Stick to natural foods such as sweet potatoes & quinoa.

6. Drinking Plenty Of Water Helps In Losing Weight

It is vital to remain hydrated but making water as your source of food won’t help you lose weight. If you are feeling hungry often then you aren’t carving for food actually. It is your dehydration! Just stock up and never drink too much water during meals as it easily dilutes your digestive enzymes. This in turn makes the digestion harder. Even if you wish to drink water, have before your meals.

7. Skipping Meals Can Be A Very Effective Strategy

Skipping your meals isn’t going to help you in any way rather than making you look double. How? For instance, if you are trying to skip your breakfast (which is actually the most important meal of the day), you will start feeling hungry soon before your lunch. You eat more than you usually used to. You even end up with a bigger lunch. So, obviously when you are dumping in more food, more will be weight gain. So it isn’t advised to skip your meals. Keep it balanced & healthy.

8.Consuming Fat Makes You More Fat

Fat doesn’t mean that it’s completely bad for your health. No! Fats are classified into 2 types. One, good fat (monounsaturated) and two, bad fat (saturated). There are ingredients that are rich in fat and greatly help you in burning fat. “Fat actually breaks fat” and this is true. Just like one mustn’t be ruling over carbs, similarly one shouldn’t be restricting entire fats. “Consuming right fat kinds are absolutely okay since they have countless health benefits but otherwise, everything has to be limited down”. Without doubt, fat takes plenty of time to digest & excess can be very congestive

9. If You Begin Exercising, You’re Free To Eat As You Wish

Certainly not! Staying healthy and leading, an active lifestyle requires exercising. But taking this as an advantage with an intention to eat more isn’t good though. So, if you are doing it then drop it right away.

10. Eating Brown Bread is Healthy

Fact: it’s been a common misconception that the brown breads are better than white bread. Well, it is not. Both have almost same ingredients in to their making and juts the color is extra. There’s a chance of adding caramel to bring out the nice dark brown color. Healthy option is to go for whole wheat bread or Whole grain bread or even Multi-Grain Bread.

11. Eating Multi-Grain Biscuits are Healthy

Fact: Multi-grain biscuits are equally bad like other biscuits so, don’t fall for the multi-million advertisements. Biscuits will always have processed sugars, additives, raising agents, emulsifiers, preservatives etc. to make them stay long which is very unhealthy. Home-made with limited shelf life, no-harsh ingredients is better than wrapped long-life biscuits.

12.Cold Milk causes Congestion

Fact: The Dairy products don’t seem to make your cold worse. When you have a common cold, a glass of warm milk with pepper powder (depending upon how much you can take its heat), pinch of turmeric will give you good relief from cough, congestion and running nose.

13.Energy Bars are Healthy

Fact: If you take time to read the ingredient list you’ll know whether they are naturally healthy or not.  Believing that energy bars are good for health is not right! Except your home-made granola bars with no processed items, all energy bars will have processed sugars, saturated fats and unhealthy calories in them in one way or another.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Have some suggestions? Drop them in the comments box.

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