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    Why 80% of Us Face Magnesium Deficiency?

    magnesium deficiency

    Before starting this article, let us first dwell why should we have nutritious food? The answer is — because our bodies do not have the ability to produce some nutrients that are required for its proper functioning, we have to take them as food. To understand what these ‘minerals’ are – the definition is as […]

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    15 Home Remedies For Vitamin B3 Deficiency (Pellagra)

    home remedies for pellagra

    Did you know that deficiency of vitamins could give rise to countless health disorders? Though there are numerous of them, today we will focus on telling about pellagra or vitamin B3 deficiency. This ailment is usually found in poor countries who suffer from lack of nutritious diet. The name comes from the Italian words – […]

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    Easy Home Remedies For Lactose Intolerance

    easy available home remedy for lactose intolerance

    The healthiest person in the world can be termed as one who can eat any food and who do not suffer from any illness. In this article on home remedies for lactose intolerance information will be given on the causes, symptoms and usage of simple foods from the kitchen/medicine cachet to get relief. There are foods […]

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    Top 16 Super Foods That Energize Your Body In Minutes

    If you were to ask 10 health experts to rate the best super foods to include in your everyday diet, they will give you 10 different lists. Also, their food choices might overlap. Why? The reason is that each food offers something different: Few are protein rich while others are full of fibers but might […]

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    When Is The Best Time To Take Vitamins?

    “Organic Farming” is very rare to see these days. Though you see vendors selling fruits and vegetables, labeled as “farm fresh” in the market, the question is — are they truly free from pesticides? I don’t think so. This is exactly the time when people start lacking in some vital vitamins, which their body needs. […]

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    Get Rid Off Dry Scalp Problems With Home Remedies

    Home remedies for dry scalp

    For starters, the dry scalp is a condition that stands apart from dandruff. It is a misnomer that many still continue to believe. Here is how you distinguish dandruff from the dry scalp. Dandruff isn’t triggered by dry skin. Dandruff is caused by excess oil (sebum) in the head. The yeast in the scalp feeds […]

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    Herbs To Treat The Anxiety & Stress

    herbs for anxiety

    Sometimes, experiencing anxiety can be a part of normal life. Most people feel anxious before a very important event in their life. This important event can be a big exam, or going out for the first date or even before a job interview as well. But, things get worse when you are feeling an anxiety […]

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