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    Why 80% of Us Face Magnesium Deficiency?

    magnesium deficiency

    Before starting this article, let us first dwell why should we have nutritious food? The answer is — because our bodies do not have the ability to produce some nutrients that are required for its proper functioning, we have to take them as food. To understand what these ‘minerals’ are – the definition is as […]

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    15 Home Remedies For Vitamin B3 Deficiency (Pellagra)

    home remedies for pellagra

    Did you know that deficiency of vitamins could give rise to countless health disorders? Though there are numerous of them, today we will focus on telling about pellagra or vitamin B3 deficiency. This ailment is usually found in poor countries who suffer from lack of nutritious diet. The name comes from the Italian words – […]

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    Herbs To Treat The Anxiety & Stress

    herbs for anxiety

    Sometimes, experiencing anxiety can be a part of normal life. Most people feel anxious before a very important event in their life. This important event can be a big exam, or going out for the first date or even before a job interview as well. But, things get worse when you are feeling an anxiety […]

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    What Vegans Can Eat & Can’t Eat ?

    what vegans can not eat

    We have heard of vegetarian but what is veganism and who are vegans? Vegetarian and Veganism are the same or it’s a different one? If you have these questions in mind, you are welcome on board.  Vegetarian and veganism are not the same. They are a different one. So what vegans can eat and they […]

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    14 Best Known Foods To Gain Muscle

    best foods to gain muscle

    Healthy eating is all about tricking yourself into eating healthier. Cutting out all junk food might be the solution to your weight problems, and it would impact your overall good looks. Do not eat bread crumbs; do not treat your body like a dustbin. If the food is going to waste and you eat it, […]

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    Benefits of Eating Healthy and Nutrition Packed Oysters

    benefits of oysters

    Nature works in mysterious ways, and it bestows us with wondrous gifts in the form of flora and fauna. One such offering is Oysters. These naturally occurring mollusks are packed with nutrition, and they are delicious as well. Oysters are eaten worldwide and for good reasons. There are many health benefits of oysters including boosting […]

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    9 Great Home Remedies For Dengue Fever Treatment

    Home Remedies For Dengue Fever

    Popularly known as the “breakbone fever,” dengue occurs due to a virus called DENV-1 and yes, they are from “mosquitoes.” Apart from DENV-1, It is caused by the four closely related dengue viruses. These take the responsibility for “West Nile infection and yellow fever“. Dengue is not a life-threatening disease at the initial stages, but […]

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    10 Foods That Help You Get Rid of Chronic Pain

    Chronic Pain remedies

    Chronic pain isn’t something to shove under the rug. Ache in any part of your body makes itself known by its searing intensity that hinders daily activities. It drains your energy and concentration too, leaving you wondering how to focus better? The National Center for Health Statistics reveals that chronic ache victimizes 1 in 4 […]

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