Top 13 Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

I drink coconut water before my workouts. It has just the right amount of calories and electrolytes to get me going. My body has actually started craving it. – Jennifer Morrison

While most individuals use the flesh of the coconut in their cooking, coconut water and oil are also known to have numerous health benefits. – Marcus Samuelsson

Coconut water can be best described as an elixir in the tropics and serves as an alternative to normal water packed with nutrients. The water is immensely popular and it retains the same range as sports drinks, aerated beverages and everybody knows it is super-delicious. However, although many people know the beneficial uses of this liquid, in this article we have compiled some of the valuable uses. This article gives information on top 13 benefits of coconut water. This liquid should not be confused with coconut oil or milk. In other words, it is water taken from young, tender green coconuts.

13 Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

It has more nutrition when compared with cow’s milk. It can easily eliminate fatigue in the human body. It has more potassium and less sodium when compared with energy drinks. In cases of emergency, this water is used to hydrate the human body due to its electrolyte content.

benefits of coconut water

1. Weight Loss

Thirsty or hungry, if you eat or drink food or liquid with high fat content you can pile up on fats. Coconut water, on the other hand, is low in fat content but can suppress the appetite.

It also contains high fiber. It cannot be digested in the body but makes you feel full. Your consumption of food will be low.

2.  Healthy Skin

Application of coconut water on the face can moisturize the skin and get rid of dryness. Now you know as to why shampoos, facial creams, and lotions have in them at least contents of coconut extract.

Environmental pollution, the sun, and any harsh soap can make the human skin devoid of moisture and leave it dry.

A mixture of lemon juice and coconut water has been found to give not only moisture but also prevent problems such as acne.

If you mix yogurt with coconut water and apply on your face, the signs of old age such as wrinkles, fine lines will get diminished. The cytokines in coconut water enhances new cell growth whereas the lactic acid in yogurt removes the dead cells and gives a moisturizing effect.

3. Pigmentation

If you have brown spots on the skin, a mixture prepared of Fuller’s earth and coconut water benefits can help in reducing the skin color. The presence of Vitamin C in coconut water assists in removal of pigmentation.

4. Hangovers

You have been to a bachelor’s or friend’s party and consumed more than your regular quantity of alcohol. The next morning, the head suffers from severe pain because of the hang-over.

Consumption of coconut water will give relief as it can soothe the stomach and also rejuvenate by supplying the essential nutrients that has been eliminated from the body.

5. Digestion

Because of your large circle of friends, you have been invited to a party, the menu was excellent and you binged. Now, after coming to yourself, and because of pain in stomach (u know the reason), you feel that you could have consumed only the required quantity. Fret not – consumption of coconut water has been known to stimulate metabolism due to its fiber content. It may also provide relief for acid reflux symptoms.

When you have acidity, it can lead to other conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, improper functioning of liver and low immunity.

You need manganese for the proper metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and conversion of these two components to energy. The liquid from coconut is a valuable resource for manganese. Coconut water contains the required fiber amount (9 percent) for the human body in a single day.

Some of the enzymes present in coconut water which help in digestion are catalase, diastase, dehydrogenase, acid phosphatase and RNA-polymerases.

6. Prevents Kidney Stones

Coconut water is a diuretic, and it can prevent the formation of kidney stones.

This liquid contains 95 percent water. Since water is eliminated from the kidneys, the oxalate crystals are also flushed out.

7. Boosts Hydration

The water from coconut is very useful for sportsmen/women who participate and indulge in rigorous physical activity. Since the body has lost minerals, water from the coconut plant can serve as an alternative. It has 294 grams or potassium as well as 5 mg of sugar (natural) per glass. The five minerals present are potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Potassium is required for the human brain, nervous system to function properly. Low magnesium content can lead to diabetes and osteoporosis.

John Isner, the professional tennis player has credited coconut water to the grueling 11 hour Wimbledon win.

8. Muscle Cramps

A lack of potassium in  the body can lead to muscle spasms. Potassium ensures that the body muscles stay in stable condition. The other minerals essential are magnesium, calcium and they can help combat muscle tension and stress. Magnesium, often called the relaxation mineral is important for the formation of the positive feeling hormone, serotonin.

The vitamins present in coconut water are niacin, riboflavin, folate, pyridoxine etc.

9. Strengthens Bones

The required amount of calcium needed for the body every day is present in coconut water. In addition, it also has magnesium . The combination enhances strength of bones.

10. Counter-acts Against Bloating

If there is imbalance of minerals in the body such as presence of high sodium, bloating can happen. Since coconut water contains high content of potassium, it can balance the effects of sodium.

11. Assists Persons Diagnosed With Diabetes

Medical research still has to go a long way, but it has been found that persons with diabetes can suffer from blood clots. Coconut water prevents the formation of these clots. However, seek the services of a doctor before consumption of this liquid.

12. Hair Benefits

Massaging of coconut water on the scalp may prevent rapid loss of hair.

Potassium, necessary for hair growth enhances the circulation of blood, strengthens the hair follicles and prevents hair loss.

13. Relief From Headache

Many headaches, which include migraine are because of the cause of dehydration. In these cases, this water assists in providing the required electrolytes.

When you select coconuts, select the ones which are green as well look young. These coconuts will contain a large amount of coconut water content.

There are many more uses of coconut water. We plan to add them in the following week.

Not Good, If:

You have a history of low blood pressure and taking medications. Interactions might happen.

You are scheduled for a surgery. Refrain from taking coconut water at least two weeks prior to surgery

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