10 Best Anti Aging Foods For Women

best anti aging foods for skin

They say, “Never ask a woman her age.” This is because she never lives for herself. So in this journey to make her loved one’s life worthwhile, she leaves something behind – her youthful beauty and energy. Women need to actively compete in this race against time and look after themselves too. It is never too late to realize the situation and act upon it.

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There are many anti aging foods and products that help in retaining back the beauty and energy. While anti-aging products bring back the glow of youth, anti-aging foods contribute to fighting aging as well as extending the lifespan.

Following a proper diet chart and using the appropriate anti-aging products help in avoiding the symptoms and diseases caused by aging.Best Anti Aging Foods For Women

Let’s have a look at the best anti aging foods, which every woman must include in their diet to have a beautiful skin.

1. Berries

Adding colorful ingredients to your diet automatically turns you in the pink of your health. Apart from being bright and colorful, berries are very tasty to consume. They are rich in antioxidants and effectively fight free radicals, thus making you look younger.

2. Fiber-rich Grains

Grains have always proved to be a healthier option for young and old people alike. Women aiming to fight aging can trust fiber-rich grains as they enhance weight loss, improves heart health and lowers the blood sugar.

3. Leafy Vegetables

Broccoli, spinach, cabbage and turnip greens are always good in improving health as they are rich in high fiber and nutrients. These nutrients provide the necessary nourishment to the body and hence increase the energy.

4. Red Wine

Amongst all the varieties of wine, red wine is preferred to fight aging as it contains anti-ageing properties, reduces the cholesterol and extends the lifespan. So, ladies, this is a good reason to drink wine without being called an alcoholic!

5. Legumes

Beans are easy to cook and tasty, so they can be frequently included in your diet chart. They contain high fiber and grow beneficial bacteria to fight diseases caused by aging. They also reduce the cholesterol level.

best anti ageing foods

6. Ginger

Gingers have been on top of the list of any remedy in Asian countries, especially India. Indians include ginger in their everyday diet and add it to their daily cup of coffee. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties and fights nausea. The arthritic symptoms and abdominal cramps resulting due to aging are also healed by ginger.

7. Green Tea

Green tea is used all over Japan as a remedy to fight aging and many more diseases associated with it. It is one of the best anti aging foods for women. It is also great for those trying to lose weight and carries many antioxidants, which brighten the skin.

8. Salmon

Salmon is excellent for the heart as it helps to regulate the blood pressure and sugar level in blood, reducing the risk of heart attacks at a grand scale. Trying out the recipe lemon baked salmon with brown rice adds to the joy of eating as well as staying fit.

best anti aging foods

9. Orange vegetables

Vegetables like squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots can be eaten either raw or cooked according to the consumer’s choice. These vegetables contain beta-carotene, which is very beneficial for the eyes. Plus, the antioxidants and anti-ageing properties add up to the efficiency of these vegetables to fight aging.

10. Tomatoes

No matter if you eat it as a salad or cooked as a recipe, the properties of tomatoes remain the same. It resists the effects of aging caused by the sun and consists of lycopene which fights aging like a boss. The antioxidants are no lesser than the other properties.

These foods are essential to fight against aging as they keep the inner strength intact. Be it heart, eyes or any other body part, these food items ensure that you win your war against the effects and symptoms of aging. But there is still one fight remaining to be won- the war against effects of aging on the skin. No woman in this world would like to lose her grace to aging.

The wrinkles, sagging of the skin, uneven skin tone and puffed eyes take over the beauty of women during aging. No need to worry, ladies! We have another list of foods for skin care and anti-ageing products that will bring back the long lost beauty or preserve your beauty that is prone to the attack of aging.

Going by the natural way, avocados are good for your skin. You can apply mashed avocados on your face as a face-tightening mask. It will prevent your skin from sagging and never let wrinkles take over your face.

Papaya also acts as an excellent exfoliant, which brightens as well as tightens your skin, thanks to the Vitamin C serum that it contains. Either it can be eaten or the seeds can be scrubbed over the face to remove the dead cells residing on your skin.

Another food item catering to the need of your skin is beetroot. It brightens your skin by increasing the oxygen-carrying ability of blood by 400%. It also efficiently removes all the waste from your skin cells.

Apart from the natural remedies, we have the cosmetic industry that has also gifted us many anti-ageing products that leave no scope for aging effects on the skin like wrinkles or uneven skin tone and spots.

Some of these products are a moisturizer with SPF 15+, which keeps the skin hydrated and nourished, eye creams to avoid puffed eyes, anti-ageing serums, wrinkle smoother and facial peels with salicylic acids and much more.


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    • Hey Safi, what we would suggest is it is better to try natural remedies rather than going for the artificial anti ageing creams As, it might have some side effects.

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