10 Great Diet Tips For A Hardworking IT Worker

People working in IT companies have a very hectic life. Impossible deadlines, demanding bosses and excessive workload can leave them feeling tired and stressed. The result is skipping of either of meals and grabbing of high-calorie snacks to uplift their mood and get that much-needed energy. However, there are some best diet tips that you can follow to stay healthy.

People in IT, work in shifts, which totally disrupt the natural biological clock of our bodies. People working in shifts should follow a night shift workers’ diet plan. Such people are often found clueless about when and what to eat. Also, most of the time, they are unable to find the best workout routines.

Denis Waitley, a renowned motivational speaker and writer from America once said:

Time And health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.”

The evolutionary history of mankind showed human beings to be active, who were always on the lookout for food and fuel. But our nature of work has mostly become sedentary. Studies have shown that the desk-bound jobs are the worst hindrances in helping you lose weight, no matter how strictly you watch your calorie intake.

IT employees need to keep a watch on their diet if they want to have a higher metabolism rate. They should have a nourishing diet that involves eating more of good fats and much less starchy carbohydrates than they might have imagined.

Again, coming back from work, most of us feel reluctant to spend a good amount of time in the kitchen to prepare a healthy meal. Hence, we resort to the easy option of takeaway food or convenience food. Many of us also prefer to relax to a few glasses of chilled beer or wine. Similarly, a lot of us prefer to slouch on the sofa and watch TV rather than indulging into some exercises.

Some of the common problems faced by the IT employees are:

Thus, from the above discussion, we see that it is of utmost importance for IT employees to have a healthy diet to lead a healthy life. The best way to achieve this is by keeping active and eating well.

Here are top 10 best diet tips to be followed by an IT employee.

1. Eat Less Starch Foods

Carbohydrates are an important part of the daily diet. But we should monitor the intake of starchy carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, rice, etc. This is because the starchy carbohydrates can easily upset the glucose levels in our blood, hastening the process of weight gain. The case is worse for those who are involved in long hours of desk jobs. The best way to get most of your carbohydrate requirements is from the vegetables. Limit the intake of starches to only 1 or 2 meals or snacks a day.

2. Opt For Healthy Snacks

best ways to eat healthy at work

According to the famous nutritionist Fiona Kirk, IT employees should opt for protein-rich snacks such as a fruit, few rye crackers with some nut butter, a few almonds or a small serving of natural yogurt. It will help in keeping your sugar monster away. Further, one may also opt for those supplements that help in reducing cravings.

3. Make Sure To Have A Proper Dinner

Several studies have shown that lack of sleep for a prolonged period can be a hindrance to the weight loss process. Thus, a night shift workers diet plan is necessary for people working in shifts. Before going to sleep, one should always eat protein-rich foods such as cottage cheese, fish, chicken, turkey, etc. These foods are rich in an amino acid named tryptophan. This acid enhances the production of a hormone called serotonin that encourages calmness and sleepiness.

4. Discard The Fizzy Drinks

One of the cardinal principles of weight loss for IT employees is saying a strict “No” to all colas and fizzy drinks. No matter how much low or zero calorie content the manufacturer may claim, the fact is, all such drinks contain only sugar which is no good for your body. Instead, opt for a fruit or a vegetable smoothie without sugar and forget about the increase of your waistline.

5. Eat Slowly

According to the website ‘Dieticians of Canada’, we should start practicing slow eating rather than rushing through it. Slow eating aids digestion, helps in weight management and also satisfies us with our meals. So next time you have your meal at the office, just remember to slow down and chew the food properly.

6. Always Plan Ahead

This is mostly dependent on how motivated you feel to follow a healthy diet to reap its benefits in the long run. A lunchbox packed with nourishing and healthy goodies is the best option to beat your craving for sugary snacks and keep you full.

7. Avoid Junk Cravings

how to eat healthy at work

While working for long hours, we tend to reach out for a small bite of that tempting snack, especially to stay focused and be energized. However, little do we realize that this upsurge of sugar in our bloodstream encourages for a higher craving much sooner than we can imagine.

8. Drink Lot Of Natural Fluids

Staying hydrated is very important for maintaining a healthy body weight. Drink plenty of water and other natural juices (without sugar content).  Always keep a filled water bottle at your desk so that you can keep sipping water from it at regular intervals. Nutritional drinks such as herbal tea, low-fat milk, green tea, fresh fruit or vegetable juices, etc. are also a great way to keep dehydration at bay.

9. Drink A Bowl Of Freshly-Made Soup

tips on diet

Start having homemade soups daily. Several studies have shown that the combination of solids and liquids in soup fills us up much faster than the same amount of liquids and solids eaten separately. Also, soups are very easy to prepare, it can be stored easily and can be carried into office without any hassle.

10. Limit Your Caffeine

Drinking caffeinated beverages may help you in keeping alert, but limit the intake to about 400 mg (i.e. four small cups) per day. Too much caffeine will not only mess with your appetite but will also affect your sleep adversely.

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Apart from the healthy eating habits, try to get some physical exercises to maintain a healthy body. Start practicing yoga for back pain; regular practice of yoga will help in alleviating your back pain.


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  1. Nice article! Btw why is it like hardworking IT worker. In that case is it only for those who are working hard and not for those who are working smart ? :P :D

    • Eating twice or thrice a week will not be good. May be twice a month is fine. If you eat twice or thrice a week it will definitely alter your diet.

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