15 Untried Home Remedies For Pimples For Best Results

1. Basil leaves + Camphor

home remedies for pimplesScientifically known as, Ocimum tenuiflorum, the leaves of basil have potent antibacterial, anticancer, antiviral, and antioxidant properties. You will be quite fascinated to read that holy basil has been traditionally used as a natural antidote to treat wounds that were a result of poison. However, many Indian women apart from worshipping, use these leaves for maintaining healthy skin. Whether it is acne, pimples, or blackheads, basil can do wonders. Wondering how? Well, it is their natural nutrients and antioxidants. It purifies the blood, lightens the skin, shrinks the pores, and prevents breakouts.

home remedies for pimplesCamphor, on the other hand, helps by eliminating the skin irritation and inflammation (that comes when a pimple appears). Very few know that camphor is one of the best home remedies for pimples. It’s lingering and distinctive aroma help in soothing frayed nerves. Camphor has an interesting history as well. Its traditional use is claimed to be as early as 500 – 600 AD. It was widely used in Persia for controlling plague. Since then, it has been employed for alleviating many skin problems like itching, pain, irritation, etc. To try the blend of these two ingredients and to apply on your pimples, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Take some fresh basil leaves and some camphor.
  • Step 2: Grind the two in a mixer.
  • Step 3: Apply the mixture on your pimples.
  • Step 4: Leave for 20 minutes.
  • Step 5: Wash off with cold water. Repeat the procedure thrice a week for best results.

Note: Before you try this remedy, do a patch test for safety.

How Does This Work?

The reason basil leaves work effectively on pimples is due to their essential chemicals and compounds namely volatile oils (methyl chavicol & linalool), cineole, methyl cinnamate, geraniol, citronellol, pinene, myrcene, terpineol, ocimene, and E-beta-caryophyllene.

Camphor contains some volatile chemical variants known as chemotypes. Further, the active compounds that help in the treatment of pimples are linalool, camphor, nerolidol, 1 & 8-cineole, safrole, and borneol.

The Remedy Is Not Good, If:

  • You have hives.
  • You are suffering from severe skin rashes.
  • You have a migraine. The smell of camphor can worsen it.
  • You have pimples on your lips. Do not apply this remedy.

How To Prevent Pimples?

1. Wash The Face: You can do the process twice a day, but not more. The soap should have mild cleansing properties and not contain harsh chemicals. Gently apply on the skin. You can also make use of the lotion containing benzoyl peroxide. It is mandatory to clean the face once you have returned from college or office to clear the dirt.

2. Do Not Poke Or Burst A Pimple: Do not let the infection spread to other areas by breaking the pimple. If the pus spreads to other areas, the condition might worsen. More pimple problems can lead to scars.

3. Do Not Rush: If you need to clean the face for attending an important event, take the services of a specialist.

4. Refrain From Touching The Face: This process requires will power and concentration, ensure that you do not let the hand touch a pimple. You will suffer from irritation. Keep the nails trimmed and clean.

5. Clean The Specs: If you are one who wears spectacles, the tiny nooks and corners can contain dead skin cells and sebum. So kindly clean them once a week.

6. Loose Clothes: If the pimples are all over the body, such as back, chest or shoulders, use loose clothes. Allow the skin to breathe and wash them regularly.

7. Hair: If you have a particular hairstyle where the hair touches a pimple, be alert. It might lead to more pimples. Always remember, for patience and consistency are necessary to get relief from pimples and scars.

When To See A Doctor?

It is natural that many go to the pharmacist to get relief from pimples that can be termed as the first level of defense. However, it is wise to remember, the nature of a pimple depends on the individual’s body and physical condition. Only a dermatologist can provide the right type of advice and options for treatment. In teenage, you are more prone to pimples. It is also true; many of the cases can be easily handled without prescription.

Symptoms of Teenage Pimples

The infection is severe. In these cases, only a dermatologist can control the symptoms. If over-the-counter medicines are not able to provide you assistance (lactic acid, salicylic acid), it is the right time to seek the appointment of an expert.

Change of environment or changes in moods can also result in pimples (notable – stress, depression and anxiety). The dermatologist can give the best solution. If pimples are causing inferiority complex or loss of self-esteem, it is wise to speak to your parents.

For Parents Who Have Teenagers Suffering From Pimples

If you feel that your children’s self-esteem has nose-dived because of pimples, have a one-to-one conversation with them. Make them understand the basics of human anatomy. There are plenty of rumors in high school and college – bad hygiene, chocolate, and more cause pimples. Ensure confidence in them that the best treatments are available.

The symptoms that you have to look for, in your teen suffering from pimples, are – frequent mood changes, social isolation, fatigue and lack of interest in studies and hobbies. Give them confidence and ask for an appointment with the dermatologist or therapist.

Natural Remedy vs. Pharmacy

Some of the common medications for pimples are benzoyl peroxide (Triaz or Brevoxyl). If the ingredient is salicylic acid, then the name stands as Stridex or Propa pH. In the case of creams, you have Azelex (Azelaic acid), a topical cream. There are also oral medicines such as Isotretinoin (oral retinoid).

Points to Note:

  • Always remember, that if you are topically applying the cream, it is to be applied to the entire affected area and not just on one or two pimples.
  • It is better to remember the wise statement – Applying more does not heal the wound faster – so apply a thin layer over the area.
  • The most important factor to be followed – implement the instructions as directed on the cover or as directed by your physician.
  • If you are using a product consisting of benzoyl peroxide, the skin will be more sensitive. So, do not go out far often in the Sun.
  • If you have to apply make-up, first apply the medication. Let it dry and then you can cover with makeup.
  • The last point, continue the treatment for preventing the formation of new pimples.

You can feel the impulse to pop, squeeze, prick the pimples but remember that the results can lead to permanent scars or skin damage.

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