6 Best Yoga Poses That Will Strengthen Your Mind!

When was the last time you truly relaxed? You know, the time when you feel safe and peaceful, allowing your mind and body to take a break from worrying about anything that could possibly go wrong. Life can be overwhelming at times, and it can be really hard to find your inner peace. A lot of people just don’t know where to begin and how to deal with all this chaos around us.

When you are practicing yoga, it makes you stronger from the inside out. It makes your muscles grow, relieves pain in your body, strengthens your mind and helps you to better deal with stressful situations. What else in life can help you with such things? Read on to learn more about yoga and its benefits.

What is restorative yoga?

You say you want to relax – just seat down and create a quiet environment. Restorative yoga is yoga for mind relaxation. It provides the physical and mental balance that prevents stress and anxiety. Restorative yoga poses can help you reset and calm your entire body and mind. It is also very easy to do at home.

yoga poses for brain power1

When it comes to relaxing your mind, some poses are extremely effective.

  1. Child’s Pose is a restful pose that brings peace to your yoga practice. Just take a break, relax and place your head down on the mat. This simple exercise has an instant calming effect on the brain. This pose is amazing if you are finding yourself in a place where you have too many thoughts going through your brain.
  2. Forward Bend Pose brings some awesome health benefits to the table. It gives your body a good stretch and relieves depression and stress.
  3. Legs Up the Wall Pose is the best pose when you are just simply too tired. It is a deeply relaxing pose that can help you cultivate a quite mind. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  4. Bridge Pose brings you back down to earth. This pose feels really cooling and grounding.
  5. Heart Opener Pose is all about revitalizing your mind-body connection. It is good for releasing sadness, anger, grief, and frustration.
  6. Corpse Pose is considered to be the most difficult pose. It is all about emptying your mind and giving it strength to deal with stress and anxiety.

As you learn more about restorative yoga, it might seem like you are not going to do much at this practice. But, that’s the point. You don’t have a lot of opportunities to settle your mind down from a stressful life, but this yoga practice allows you to do that.

Yoga for brain power

yoga poses for brain power1

Yoga is an effective way to improve your brain function. It regulates the nerve that deals with mood and stress levels of your body. Yoga poses can increase brain blood flow and improve your memory.

According to the research, if you do yoga regularly, it can improve your brain wave production and increase cognition ability. Also, yoga can help students improve their memory and concentration, thus it can boost academic performance. Between, if you are a student, there is also a useful link to see.

  1. Standing Pose can help you concentrate your mind on breathing. Hence, it will relax you and help you relieve headaches and insomnia. This will help you sleep better. And as you know, when you don’t get enough sleep, you brain refuses to think.
  2. Shoulder Stand Pose can increase the blood and oxygen supplies to the brain and hypothalamus. Thus, it will boost brain and cognitive functions.
  3. Seated Forward Bend Pose can be really good for your brain. It helps revive your nervous system, boost blood flow and calm you down.
  4. Plow Pose boosts blood circulation and vitality. Also, it soothes the nerves.
  5. Humming Bee Breathing Pose can improve your memory and concentration. It relieves any negative emotions and calms you down.

So, what yoga does for your brain? A lot. It helps strengthen and clear the mind. And a strong and clear mind can decrease stresses and anxiety while increase focus, emotional stability, and memory. Basically, you just need to do a few poses, then take a rest on your back and repeat it a couple of times. And the result is a boost in memory and a clear mind.