Break Your Smartphone Addiction

Shocking Facts About Smartphone Addiction

How many times a day do you reach for your phone? How long do you think you can go without your phone? Here are some amazing facts on smartphone addiction that you just got to read!

Fact 1:

Fact 2:

Fact 3:


Fact 4:

Fact 5:

Fact 6:


Fact 7:


How To Break Smartphone Addiction :

Convinced that you are addicted to your phone? Not to worry, here are some ways in which you can break free from your addiction. Break away!

Smartphone tip1

Smartphone tip2


Smartphone tip6

Smartphone tip7

Smartphone tip8

Smartphone tip10 Smartphone tip11 Smartphone tip12



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  1. I Switched from smartphone to a basic phone. I felt like i have lost my soul when i switched to basic mobile. That is when i realised how addicted to smartphone i was :(

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