10 Common Myths About Sex You Have Been Believing All Your Lives

Sex is a wonderful thing if done in all the right circumstances. However, there are many common myths about sex that have been there for ages. Some of these myths have been perceived as true, while some still remain as myths. Here, we will tackle about the ten most unbelievable sexual myths and the corresponding facts to know if they have a basis to be true or not.

10 Common Myths About Sex You Should Stop Believing

So, which among these myths do you still trust? Or is there something that is worse? Share with us in the comments section after reading.

1. Penis Size Really Matters

This is one of the most common myths about sex and is crazy. According to Dr. Debby Herbenick, a research scientist at the Indiana University and a sexual health educator at The Kinsey Institute, claims that:

Research consistently finds that sexual satisfaction is more influenced by psychological connection, intimacy, and relationship satisfaction – not just the size or shape of a person’s genital.

As long as the penis is clean and healthy, it is capable to please a woman. Having a long or thick penis does not mean you are automatically amazing at sex. Pay attention to what a woman will favorably respond to. No matter what your penis size is, applying pressure at the right regions is certainly going to make your partner feel great.

2. Elders Do Not Enjoy Sex As Young Adults Do

This is bogus. The real fact is that elders enjoy sex as much as the younger generations do. However, they are not into the athletic kind of thing which aims for faster orgasms. Elders tend to have a more satisfying sex which focuses more on creativity, sensuality and emotional connection.

common sexual myths3. Men & Women Reach Sexual Peak Simultaneously

Dr. Herbenick believes that there is no real way to tell that for sure.

However, she said that this myth is baseless and doesn’t make sense at all considering that sex is both physical and emotional. She says:

If you think you have reached your peak, forget it. The best may still be yet to come.

So, the orgasm timing for both the partners vary. While one might come sooner, the other might still need time.

4. Most Women Achieve Orgasm From Vaginal Sex Alone

There is no actual truth to this myth. Dr. Amy Marsh, clinical sexologist and sex counsellor, says:

The persistent emphasis on vaginal orgasm at the expense of clitoral stimulation is incredibly damaging. It is more accurate to say that the “majority of women” will need some kind of consistent clitoral stimulation in order to experience orgasm.

According to the statistics and reports from various studies, about 1 in 3 women experiences trouble in reaching her orgasm while having sex. An estimated 80% of the women have difficulties with orgasms from just vaginal sex alone. Hence, clitoral stimulation while having sex can help.

5. Double Condoms Will Prevent Pregnancy 100%

This is total B.S. Why? Researchers said that double bagging the condom further increases the pregnancy chances due to the friction created by the rubbing. When the walls of the two condoms collide and rub each other, it will ultimately result in breaking. And you know where exactly broken condoms lead to.

myths about sex6. The Vagina Defines The Sex Life Of A Woman

No matter how tight or what the size and shape of a woman’s vagina is, the truth is that it can never define its sex life and never will it be.

There is no absolute way for a woman to determine how joyful her sex life can be until she tried it out.

7. Having Sex When A Woman Is On Her Period Will Not Make Her Pregnant

Scientifically, a sperm can live up to 6 days and it is enough until your menstrual cycle ends. Even if you had sex while you are still on your cycle, the sperm can stay in your uterus to fertilize the egg in 6 days. So the next time you have sex while you have your period, we strongly suggest you to get some protection on.

8. Women Do Not Watch Porn

Whom are we kidding here? Women obviously watch porn as men do. Several women are even known to enjoy pornography, and this myth may have only been leaked since most of the pornography industry is targeted to male audience – both straight and gay.

9. Oral Sex Keeps You Safe From STDs

Though most of the sexually transmitted diseases can be transferred through vaginal or anal sex, unprotected oral sex can also lead to developing STDs since some viruses such as syphilis, heap B, and herpes among other can be spread through oral sex.

10. Men Don’t Enjoy Multiple Orgasm

If this is true, it will be unfair for them. Though some men tend to go to sleep post-ejaculation, there are quite a number of men who can’t. Dr. Marsh says:

It is interesting to note that sex researchers William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian said that 12% of men they had studied were reporting multiple orgasms.

While it is unsure how many orgasms can a male have but during a study, one man was found to have as many as three orgasms in just 10 minutes. It is all about the heat, pleasure and intense.

All these days was worried that size does matter in bed. But after reading this article am feeling a little better that what i thought :) Cheers!

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