21 Best Detox Water Recipes For Weight Loss & Cleansing In 5 Minutes

8. Apple-Cinnamon Weight Loss Detox Water

best detox water recipe for weight loss


  • Take a medium-sized jar and fill it with water.
  • Slice a small apple and add to the water along with 1 small cinnamon stick (don’t use powder).
  • Leave it for a few hours and drink.

9. Watermelon, Lemon, & Strawberry Instant Detox Water Recipe

easy detox water recipes


  • Take ½ a lemon peeled, 5 freshly cut strawberries and 3 cups of freshly cut watermelon.
  • Grind them in a mixer. Strain it and add it in a jar containing 2 cups of water.
  • Serve immediately.

10. Orange and Blueberry Detox Water

detox fruit water recipes


  • Take 5 cups of water and add freshly cut oranges (two) to it.
  • Add a handful of fresh blueberries to it.
  • Allow it to infuse for 5 to 6 hours.
  • Shake well and drink throughout the day.

11. Kiwi and Lime Detox Water Recipe

refreshing detox water recipe


  • Fill a Mason jar or jug with water.
  • Cut 1 fresh kiwi and ½ fresh lime.
  • Add the sliced pieces into the water. Leave it overnight.
  • Drink the next morning and throughout the day.

12. Strawberries, Lemons, & Kiwi Detox Water Recipe

water detox diet recipes


  • Fill a jug with water
  • Cut these fresh: 1-cup strawberries (halved), 2 kiwis, and 2 lemons.
  • Add the ingredients in the water and leave it overnight.
  • Drink a glass of it next morning and keep sipping throughout the day.

13. Pineapple, Ginger, & Orange Detox Water

detox water recipes to lose weight naturally


  • Peel a pineapple and cut a few pieces of it.
  • Slice a few pieces of ginger and 1 orange.
  • Add them to a jug containing water. Leave it overnight.
  • Enjoy a glass of it the next morning and keep drinking throughout the day.

14. Green Tea, Lime, & Mint Detox Water Recipe For Weight Loss

detox water recipes to lose weight


  • Fill a big jar or jug with water.
  • Chop some mint leaves and slice 2 limes.
  • Add these ingredients into the water along with 1 cup of cold green tea. (Prepare green tea and allow it to cool). Drink 3 times a day to shed your weight faster.

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