6 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Running Shoe For Your Morning Run

Choosing the right running shoes has always been a dilemma for runners, especially if you are someone who has just started making the stride to running. Now, the importance of owning a good pair of running shoes is equally important and cannot be overlooked since a wrong pair can lead to possible running injuries which can impact your body as a whole in the long run. Getting a pair of running shoes is not about going to the nearest sports store and picking the most expensive pair for yourself. In this post, we will tell you about some of the essential tips that you should keep in mind while choosing the perfect running shoes for yourself.

6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Running Shoe

Perfect Running Shoe

1. Look For The Right Fit 

As obvious as this may sound right now, you really can’t afford to goof up the size of your feet when it comes to choosing a running shoe. You don’t want to be treading around in a pair that feels too tight and leaves you with seething toes or a pair that just is too loose around your feet and makes you wobbly every time you put them on. There are runners who even buy different shoe size for each foot. Now you may or may not need different size of shoes but ensure that you size up right from a specialist retailer who can assess your feet and get you the right kind of shoes? Ensure that the shoe you are getting for yourself has a tight snug fit which does not feel too tight from the heels when you lace them up.

2. Know Your Pronation

Pronation is the foot rolling inwards and absorbing shock over the course of a stride. Now, every foot pronates to some extent and over pronating and under pronating can cause you problems. There are different kinds of running shoes available in the market today. There are motion control sensors available for people whose feet tend to over pronate or whose feet tend to roll excessively. For under pronators, well cushioned shoes is recommended. For people whose feet roll in neither too much nor very little are the neutral types. Again, knowing this takes skill and a specialist shoe retailer or your running coach can help you do a gait analysis to understand this.

3. Keep Your Goals In Mind

Perfect Running Shoe

Before you step out to buy your first pair of shoe, ensure that you ask this very basic question, “What is it that I want with this shoe?” This is an important question to consider rather than the type of shoe you want to buy. That comes later. If you are running a 5km, then go for running shoes keeping speed in mind. Planning for your very first marathon? Then go for support and stability in your shoes with plenty of cushioning as well. If your aim is to hit the gym back again then you have more choices than one. You are better off going with a shoe with adaptability in this case.

4. The Phrase, No Pain, No Gain Doesn’t Apply To Running Shoes

You may have heard this above phrase like a thousand times but keep in mind that it has no relevance to running. Now the biggest indicator that you are in the wrong shoes is that you are in a lot of discomfort. Now, a little discomfort is quite okay when it comes to breaking in your new shoes but if this becomes persistent and gets you sidelined for days after a run, then there is something definitely wrong with the pair you own. Look out for signs of foot cramping, wearing down of the upper sole of your shoes. Even of you have bought a pair for yourself, make sure to give it three trials before you get used to the shoe.

5. Go For A Test Run

Perfect Running Shoe

This is in continuation to the previous point. Before you settle for a shoe for running purpose, consider trying them out and we don’t mean, just wearing them and admirinig yourself in front of the mirror. Most of the specialty stores today offer their customers to try their shoes and take them for a run around the block. Doing so will help you understand if the shoe feels comfortable to wear which also leaves you with no room for disappointment in the future. For the latest in shoe fashion and different range of running shoes, you can avail styletread free delivery options,

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6. Always Wear Your Shoes With Socks

While you may think that going sockless on warm days will help you make feel cool or even look cool, then you are utterly wrong. A recent fad some time back was going sockless and needless to say, many people who tried this came at the receiving end of the dumbfounded fad. Now many people have a tendency of wearing their shoes without the support of socks. That is a bad thing to do. Not only you risk making your shoes stink at the end of the day, you also risk diseases like callus, athlete’s foot and other fungus. There are also more than probable chances that you get chafed and cracked skin. The last thing you need is your feet to be a living breed for diseases.

6. Wear It Right

You also ought to wear your shoes in the right manner. Always put on a pair of socks, stand up in them and then have someone measure the gap between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe. You should always have a thumbs width gap in between. Also, look for shoes with a width toe box, i.e. a wide area in front of your toes and forefoot. This will help you wiggle your toes easily. Having a narrow toe box prevents your foot from being able to distribute the force evenly.

So there we have some essential tips that will help you choose the perfect running shoe for yourself.

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