10 Everyday Habits That Can Ruin Perfect Hair

Everyone wants lustrous and amazing hair. No matter what, we try our best to make our hair look marvelous. However, in the desire to turn our locks flawless, we torture them every single day with hair straighteners, blow dryers, curlers, and flat irons that eventually, the delicate strands break and fall. Well, these facts are already known. Shockingly, there are ten other small things you are doing to your hair that can damage them completely. So, what ruins your hair? Let’s find out.

what causes hair damage

Though remedies are the best options to treat damaged hair, proper hair care is vital too. Happily, your tresses can be fixed back if you avoid making these mistakes again.

1. Combing or Detangling Wet Hair

Hair strands are a lot more delicate or weak when they are wet. So, combing them forcefully or even lightly, especially after a head shower is one of the major mistakes you are doing. It leads to severe hair fall.

Tip: Instead, brush your hair and detangle the knots before your shower. Do not blow dry. Allow the hair to dry in natural air and comb only after the hair dries. Always use a quality wide-tooth comb and be very gentle.

2. Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are cute and super attractive but believe it or not, they are terrible for your mane. Though they grip and control the hair, they easily cut the hair shaft. Just use them continuously for a few days on the same spot, and you will notice breakage for sure.

Tip: Either limit the use of bobby pins or avoid using them in the same spot repeatedly.

3. Sleeping With Hair Tied

After a tiring day, most women tend to tie their hair in a nice, messy bun but can it be kept during sleep as well? While some believe that tying the hair at night causes hair fall, a few say that isn’t true. The fact is that leaving the hair braided or untied while sleeping varies from one person to the other; most health experts claim that going loose is the best option.

Tip: If you are concerned that your hair might be tangled, go for a very loose bun or plait.

4. Chlorinated Water

The experience of enjoying in a swimming pool sounds heavenly but certainly not for your hair. Admit it or not, the water in the swimming pools is cleaned with harsh chemicals like chlorine. Now, when you bathe or even wet your hair with it, it sucks all the natural moisture from the hair strands. A day or two might sound fine but doing this regularly will make your hair extremely dry.

The worse thing happens when you have dyed your hair. The chemicals react with the hair color and turn it into some other shade. Say, for example, blonde hair might turn green once the copper’s rust in chlorine oxidizes. The dark shades can even become brassy.

Tip: To enjoy the swimming sessions without having to care about your tresses, make sure to apply a mixture of quality conditioner with suntan oil (waterproof). Make sure to comb it so that the mixture is evenly coated to all strands.

Once your swimming session is done, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Or a better alternative would be to wear a tight, shower cap to ensure that the chlorinated water doesn’t encounter your hair.

5. Elastic Bands

So, what ruins your hair? Well, elastic bands do. They keep the hair tightly gripped and ensure that they stay in place. However, this tight gripping can easily cut your hair shaft. Eventually, it causes fraying. Don’t believe this? Then, just try wearing a tight ponytail for a few days. You should see breakage exactly where the elastic band is used.

Tip: Use fabric-based bands for your hair. Never use the rubber elastics.

6. Applying Hair Masks Only When Things Worsen

Maintaining your hair regularly is vital. The right rule of thumb is to treat the hair at least once a week but how many of you actually follow that? We think of homemade hair treatments only after the hair has been damaged extremely. Considering the present environmental conditions, your exhausted hair requires proper nourishment now and then. So, don’t take your hair for granted.

Tip: Do a hot oil treatment for your hair twice a week. Wash it with a mild shampoo. This is adequate if you are a busy person. However, apply homemade fruit hair masks once a while. Above all this, a healthy diet is vital. A right diet ensures that the hair is acquiring all the essential nutrients.

7. Tight Ponies, Braids or Twists

Tight ponies, braids, and twists cause “tensile stress.” Of course, the hair follicles will be damaged, but the worse happens when you do it regularly. It causes permanent hair loss, which is otherwise called traction hair loss.

Tip: Don’t stress your hair so much. Pulling and tying destroys the follicles to the core. Once the damage is permanent, the chances to recover them back are near to impossible unless you go for a hair transplant. So, the best way is to stop braiding your hair tight. Let them go loose.

8. Ignoring To Comb Your Hair

While some are obsessed with brushing their hair multiple times a day, some never comb at all. There are healthy reasons to comb your hair at least once or twice a day. Combing with a good brush not only enhances the blood flow around the scalp but also spreads the oil evenly on the strands that the scalp generates. Also, combing will detangle the hair and lessens the risk of breakage.

Tip: Use a wide tooth comb or a good hairbrush (one that has soft bristles) to comb your hair.

9. Doing the Same Old Hairstyle Again and Again

So, you have found a new hairstyle suiting your face shape and hair type? You adore it so much that you never think of anything else than the one that you have discovered? Well, this story isn’t just yours. It is the habit of most people. They happen to like a hairstyle so much that they continue to wear it every single day. However, this isn’t the right approach.

Hair experts recommend trying on different hairstyles instead of sticking to only one. Say, for example, trying ponytails every day can be exhausting for the hair. It causes brittleness and breakage. On the other hand, styling the hair with heat tools aren’t good either.

Tip: Don’t stick to one hairstyle. Try different things.

10. Avoiding Haircuts

Though some are punctual about their haircuts, not all are the same. Most tend to avoid it and let the split ends go up and up until they have damaged half of the hair length. Understand that regular trimming is necessary for proper hair maintenance.

Tip: We are not asking you to chop your hair short. If you like long tresses, then let them be but just have regular trimming done. Don’t allow the damage to go an extent that it reaches the shaft.


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    • There is a chance that coloring your hair may affect your hair, As it might contain some artificial ingredients which may be harmful for you.

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