Everything You Want to Know About Carnations : Flowers of the God

Carnations  (Dianthus caryophyllus ) are one of the most popular flowers in the world. If you want to send flowers to your loved ones, you can never go wrong with carnations. These are available in numerous colours. Of the many kinds of carnations available in the world, the perpetual-flowering, border and annual carnations are the most common. The scientific name of carnations is “Dianthus” which is a Greek word. “Dios” refers to Zeus and “Anthos” means flower in Greek. Therefore, carnations are therefore known as the flowers of the God.

 History of Carnations

flowers of the God.

These enchanting flowers are one of the oldest in the world. Greek and Romans made these flowers an integral part of their décor and art. As per a legend, carnations appeared on Earth when tears fell from Mother Mary’s eyes on her son’s plight. These flowers were earlier found predominantly in peach and pink colours. These days these can be found in different shades and colours. The popularity of these flowers has not diminished even after centuries.

Popularity of carnations

Carnations are loved for three primary reasons: an extended period of blooming, clove-like scent and ruffled outlook. These flowers are symbols of love, fascination, and distinction. Different colours of carnations symbolize different things. For instance, red carnations are a symbol of admiration whereas white carnations are symbols of purity. Pink carnations are considered to be symbols of gratitude. These are widely purchased during mother’s day.

Interesting facts about carnations

  • These are native to Eurasia
  • Carnations were used by Romans and Greeks
  • These are grown as a flower crop in the continent of Australia despite being exotic
  • The blooms of carnations last for a long time, even after being cut
  • Carnations are symbolic of unconditional love of mothers

Here are some fun facts about carnations for you.

Carnations are edible flowers

Carnations are not just aesthetic and beautiful. These flowers are delicious as well. Research studies done by the Kentucky College of Agriculture confirm that these flowers are edible too. They taste a bit bitter or dull.

Colours of these flowers can be changed

You already know that carnations are available in different colours and each colour is symbolic of something. But, did you know that the colour of carnations can be changed? A little bit of food colouring can change the colour of carnations. You can easily change the colour of white carnations into yellow, purple and orange with the use of food colourings.

Carnations are state flowers too

Did you know that an American state has chosen carnation as a state flower? Ohio, which is an American state, has chosen carnations as the flower of the state. Of the many colours, the scarlet colour carnation was chosen by President William McKinley as the state flower.

Carnations offer health and beauty benefits

There are numerous medical benefits of using carnations. These help in relieving inflammation, rashes, stress, skin irritation, fever, pain and aches. You can drink freshly-brewed tea from carnations if you are suffering from motion sickness. Carnation tea can treat chronic stress as well as depression. If you want to uplift your mood, then you need to consume a cup of carnation tea once in a while. It is an ideal solution if you are suffering from mild depression and do not want to swallow pills. The smell of carnation essential oil is found to be effective against depression. Do you feel annoyed by the physical symptoms and mood swings that occur right before your period? If yes, then you need to stock carnation essential oil and sip some carnation tea. You can rely on carnations if you are suffering from eczema because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The oil also hydrates the skin and prevents damage to the skin caused by free radicals.

Carnations are beautiful flowers which serve a plethora of purpose. The prime purpose is bringing joy to others. You can send flowers to your near and dear ones if you truly want to delight them with the warmth carnations exude.