Fitness or Illness – You Decide Your Path

Every day, you turn your head and see new products and services which make your life easy without any physical activity. There are online deliveries of foods, products which make the lifestyle sedentary. In the future, there will be more appliances and services which can cater to your every need. As food is easily available nowadays with the downloading of an app and ordering in it brings the favorite dish to your doorstep. In this article on fitness or illness – you decide your path information will be given on the kinds of situation you will face when devoid of exercise, healthy eating and a good lifestyle.

When convenience of any customer becomes the key to any successful business, you are definitely spending every day without any physical activity. The result – you gain in pounds and within a few years, you will have to spend more hours and money at the physician’s clinic or hospital.

how to remain fit

You will encounter two types of situation in your future.

The first one is illness – this is because you enjoyed every luxury of life without indulging in any physical activity. The initial stages will be fun but sooner you will have plenty more on your plate, such as visits, procedures, check-ups and bills from the doctor. The important aspect that has to be taken care of is whether you eat because you are hungry or you binge.

Devoid of physical activity, your brain will be mostly in inactive mode except for the work part. So you eat according to your ever-changing emotions.

The second situation is that of smartness – you know that the body is going through a phase when very soon your life will become a mess. You train consistently in any form of exercise, such as yoga, pilates, aerobics, weight lifting or indulging in an martial art such as Aiki Jujitsu. You also maintain a diary of the sleep patterns, diet and analyze the progress of your health. According to experts, the second option is a tough task, and unless you do not have a goal or supportive family members you will find it a tough task.

There is a proverb – If you do not change yourself according to the recent trends, circumstances will force you to change.  

If you make efforts to change yourself, the progress will be long, but you have to make the effort – the results will be rewarding; in the second option, there will be less time, you will have to face insults etc etc.

Now let us see why you have to change your lifestyle. You can do exercises according to your age and eat food according to the environmental and body conditions. A perfect tummy along with a straight posture can enhance the personality of an individual. Changes in life are really a blessing, and when you perform it more efficiently with a positive mind, you reap the benefits. It is better to keep a positive frame of mind and learn new exercises every three month so that you can have more fun.

Now let us see the advantages of doing any exercise.


You might have heard the proverb ‘A grass can easily survive the storm, but a large tree will be broken easily.’ Compare the words with a human body and you can feel the difference. If the physical activity what you do, has more motion then you can become more flexible.


Any kind of physical activity or workout enhances the stamina of an individual. More blood gets pumped into the heart, every tissue and muscle is activated, the toxins are eliminated and you feel more confident.

Personal Satisfaction

If you perform any physical activity in groups, it will be fun doing even the most strenuous exercises. You can meet more people, your confidence gets a boost and you also build up on social skills.

Always remember in every physical activity, there is the concept of mind and muscle control. If the mind does not concentrate on the exercise, chances are that you might not get the entire benefit of the workout and in some cases, you might also become injured.

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