10 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Oranges

benefits of oranges

Oranges (Scientific name: Citrus sinensis) are one of the widely consumed citrus fruits, whose tangy flavors are not only appetizing but also are extremely healthy. If you weren’t aware of what this colorful fruit can do to your body, then these health benefits of oranges are something you need to read.

Oranges belong to the family Rutaceae. According to researchers, oranges originated from Southeast Asia and are claimed to be over 4500 years old. As of 1987 reports, oranges were stated to be the world’s most cultivated fruits. Though there are many varieties of oranges, the most commonly consumed and popular variety is “sweet orange.” In fact, the 2012 reports stated that sweet oranges accounted for about 70% of the citrus production while in 2013, approximately 71.4 million metric tons of oranges were cultivated globally, where the production was highest in Florida, California, and Brazil.

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10 Best Health Benefits Of Oranges

Health Benefits Of Oranges

1. Resistance Towards Diseases

Whether one is eating a whole orange or drinking its juice, both supply adequate amounts of vitamin C required by the body. A diet that is loaded with good amounts of vitamin C protects the immune system and assists the body in combating against bacteria and viruses. Besides being a rich source of vitamin C, oranges also have beta-carotene, which then changes into vitamin A (a nutrient that increases immunity).

2. Amazing Detoxifier

Both vitamin A and vitamin C in oranges act as natural antioxidants and help eliminate harmful toxins from the body. They detoxify the body by enhancing the kidneys’ functionality. Another added benefit of vitamin A is associated with eye health. Hence, supplementing the body with this nutrient also enhances the ability to see at nighttime.

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3. Maintains A Normal Cholesterol Balance

One of the most common and dangerous health problems people face today is high cholesterol. As known, increased levels of cholesterol further block the blood arteries and gives rise to heart attacks. However, one of the best health benefits of oranges is the capability to reduce the bad cholesterol from the body while increasing the good. Though this is a recent research done on citrus fruits, the accurate mechanism behind this beneficial property is not known, a lot amount of analysis is still being done.

4. Orange Peel Prevents Cancer

Citrus fruits have been long known for its rich amounts of nutrients present in them. However, research continues to unveil the presence of flavonoids and their added benefits. Though oranges are an abundance source of flavonoids, the highest concentrations lie in their peels. So, to get the complete antioxidant punch, make sure to consume a little of the tart. The white part is extremely healthy.

Among the many flavonoids found in oranges, a promising of them is reported to be naringenin, which also occurs in tomato peel and other citrus fruits. Studies have demonstrated that naringenin and other flavonoids assist in repairing the DNA and prevent the formation of cancer cells. Also, naringenin restores healthy levels of cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar.

5. Improves The Sperm Quality Naturally

Death is unavoidable; however, our legacy might reside through our offspring. Due to the presence of essential vitamins, antioxidants and other vital nutrients in oranges, the motility and quality of sperm can be greatly improved. They ensure you to keep fertile. Another vital vitamin folic acid in oranges maintains healthy sperms. It guards the sperm from hereditary damage and prevents birth defects. So, if you are someone, who is preparing for pregnancy, make sure to add oranges to your daily diet.

6. Helps Your Skin Glow

One of the best health benefits of oranges is the ability to make a person look young. It boosts the skin’s beauty naturally. All you have to do is either eat an orange or consume a glass of its juice on a daily basis. Either way, it will enhance the skin complexion. Moreover, it is vital for collagen production and delays the aging effects naturally. Forget those expensive anti-aging creams and solutions, when you have a cheaper and organic to way to treat your face. Oranges help in hydrating the skin from within.

7. Prevents Neural Tube Defects

Deficiency in folate is one of the major reasons for neural tube defects and decreased birth weight. Neural defects are congenital problems that occur within the spinal cord and brain at the time of birth. So, there are good reasons why doctors and nutritionists recommend drinking fresh orange juice during pregnancy. They supply about 40 mcg of folate along with other essential micronutrients to avoid various types of birth defects.

8. Aids Weight Loss

A healthy lifestyle reflects on your body weight. You might have seen dieters drinking different juices often while fresh orange juice being common. Ever wondered why? Although many people think that oranges feature the ability to shed some pounds, there is a fact behind it. While oranges are healthy, they also have considerable quantities of natural sugar, which helps in hindering weight reduction. They are free from calories and fat. Instead, they are rich in fibers.

9. Reduces Inflammations

Eating meals with high amounts of glucose and fat leads to inflammatory reactions, which further resist insulin. This is a common reason for health disorders like atherosclerosis and type II diabetes. Atherosclerosis is a serious condition where the walls of blood vessel solidify due to fatty deposits. However, you can prevent this problem if you add oranges in your diet. Also, stop consuming a high fat and high carbohydrate meal.

10. Prevents The Teeth From Decaying

Oranges are one of the best ways to get calcium, which also protects against oral cavities and other bone related problems. The vitamin C in them is a natural way of treating scurvy.

Nutritional Value Of Orange

nutritional value of orange

Side Effects Of Oranges

Every vegetable and fruit have its advantages and disadvantages. So, oranges are no exception. Make a note of these:

  • Too much of oranges can be a red sign. Since oranges are acidic in nature, they can cause the stomach to upset.
  • Due to their high glycemic index, consuming excess oranges can also cause major fluctuations in the blood sugar levels. So, avoid if you are diabetic.


Hope, the article on the various health benefits of oranges was informative. There are still a lot more orange benefits, which are not mentioned in the article, as it is limited to ten points and we picked the best. You can share the other benefits in the comments section.

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