10 Remarkable Health Benefits Of Pineapple

pineapple health benefits

The pokey, prickly brownish yellow fruit — pineapple — reminds us of ‘Buck’ from ‘Ice Age.’ However, the health benefits of pineapple may surprise you. It has a serious and effective impact on your health.

The origin of pineapple is found to be Paraguay and Brazil, but the most significant ones were grown in Hawaii. But, as times passed, this juicy fruit spread across the world. Its health benefits became popular, and today, it is grown and exported all over the world.

The leading cultivators of pineapples are known to be Brazil, Philippines, and Costa Rica. It was first brought to Europe when Columbus returned from the Caribbean nations in 1493. The fruiting season of pineapple is from March to June. The pineapple was named so because it resembled the prickly texture of pinecones, but the only difference is the size.

Everyone loves the delicious yummy juice of pineapples. It is often mixed with cocktails and alcoholic beverages to add a distinct flavor. But one needs to be careful of the thorny spikes and hard waxy leaves. If you do not peel the fruits properly, it can cause a strange itchy feeling in your throat. The most popular drink prepared from pineapple juice is the pina colada.

Now talking about the health benefits of pineapple, one many be surprised because it improves the respiratory system, enhances digestion,  good for oral health,  fights against infections & parasites,  boosts the immune system, helps maintain weight, great for eye health, makes your bones strong, treats coughs & cold, prevents cancer-causing cells, sustains a healthy heart, reduces inflammation, and increases circulation.

The fruit can be eaten fresh, juiced or even cooked and preserved. Diet conscious people will also be happy to know that pineapples have extremely low-fat content.

10 Best Health Benefits Of Pineapple

Nutritionally, Pineapple is a rich fruit. It consists of vitamins, minerals that include potassium, manganese, magnesium, copper and calcium. It also consists of Vitamin C, carotene, B6, folate, bromelain and thiamin. There is also soluble and insoluble fiber in pineapples. These nutrients are the reason for pineapple health benefits of pineapple juice

Here is the list of some of the health benefits of pineapple:

1. Relief from Arthritis

A rare element called Bromelain (a proteolytic enzyme) is an effective protein breaking compounds. It reduces inflammation in the bones, muscles and joints. Arthritis is a disease that affects the bones majorly, especially in the old age. It affects millions of people around the world crossing race and region boundaries. Regular consumption of pineapple reduces the signs and symptoms of arthritis.

2. Increases Immunity

Vitamin C is an important component to maintain the body’s immunity. It may surprise you to know that pineapple has more than 130 percent of Vitamin C than what the body needs daily, which makes it the richest source of vitamin C. Unlike other citric fruits pineapple are not sour. Vitamin C fights illness and stimulates the activity of white blood cells, which are the disease-fighting cells in our body. It also acts as an antioxidant and defends against the free radicals and their harmful effects.

3. Treats Cold and Cough

Along with a good boost for the immune system, pineapple also helps the body from within to treat diseases like cold and cough. The vitamin C present in pineapples along with bromelain, which is already, mentioned above stops the mucus from building up in the respiratory tract and sinus cavities. It also reduces phlegm.

Phlegm and mucus cause cold and cough. So when you treat them, you automatically are working on your cold and cough. The bromelain in pineapple loosens those materials and helps its elimination from the body if the body has also contracted illness or infection from a cold.

4. Strong Bones

Many people think that calcium is the only source of strength for the bones. However, this is not the truth. Along with calcium, you also need minerals in small quantities. Pineapple has a good quantity of manganese, which is required for the strength of the bones.

It repairs and helps in the smooth growth of bones. A single serving of pineapple serves 70 percent of more than what is required by the body on a daily basis. Manganese in pineapples is necessary for maintaining healthy bones.

5. Prevention of Cancer

Along with the rich source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, which are essential to fight cancer, pineapple also consists of vitamin a, beta-carotene, manganese, bromelain and compounds of flavonoids. All the compounds together fight against the free radicals, which cause cancers in the throat, mouth, and breast. So munch on a few pineapple slices to stay away from Cancer now and in future too.

6. Health of Tissue and Cellular

As mentioned earlier too, pineapples are a storehouse of vitamin C, and it is essential for the creation of creating collagen. Vitamin C is rightly called as a healing vitamin because by creating and healing collagen in the body, this vitamin provides a protein base for skin, all organs, bones and blood vessels walls. A good content of Vitamin C helps the body deal with the wound, infections, and injuries.

nutrients in pineapple

7. Eye Health

Many research and experiments have directly associated pineapples with strong eye vision.They also work well for age-related Beta-carotene helps delay vision problems including macular degeneration effects, especially in older adults. Pineapples contain beta carotene. So include as much pineapple as possible in your diet regularly.

8. Good for Oral Health

Pineapples also fight against oral cancer because of the strong antioxidants in this fruit. Along with this the powerful astringent properties which strengthen the gums and keep the teeth fixed to those gums firmly.

Not just your teeth, but the astringent properties also make sure that the tissues are held tight, and things don’t fall loose like hair fall, teeth fall skin loosening or even muscle weakness. Due to the astringent properties, pineapples are often recommended as a natural remedy to fix loosening teeth and during retraction of gums.

9. Healthy Bowel Movements

Disgusting things ought to be dealt with. Pineapple goes a long way in solving digestion problems. Like most fruits, pineapples are a rich source of fibers. They contain both soluble and insoluble fibers. Eating a healthy amount of pineapple increases the fiber content which is extremely necessary for good and easy bowel movements.

Eating the right amount of pineapples can protect you from constipation, diarrhea blood clotting, and irritable bowel syndrome. The soluble and insoluble fiber in the pineapple gives volume to the stool and helps in its easy passage.

It also stimulates the release of gastric and digestive juices that help the food to dissolve. Fiber also cleans the blood vessels of excess cholesterol and eliminates it from the body. The same fiber that helps you with bowel movements also cleans your blood vessels and boosts the cardiovascular health.

10. Blood Birculation & Blood Pressure

Talking about cardiovascular health, pineapples are also a good fruit for the blood. Out of the many minerals present in pineapple, copper is the most important one for the good health of the blood. It works in some compounds and enzymatic reactions in the body.

Copper is also a necessary mineral for the formation of red blood cells. Red blood cells work as carriers of oxygen to various body parts and oxygen is extremely necessary so that the organs can function properly. It also goes a long way to prevent disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Along with copper, pineapples are also a great storehouse of potassium. Potassium helps the heart because of the function of potassium is to ease tension on the blood vessels, arteries, and veins. It also promotes blood circulations to other body parts.

Once the tension from the blood vessels is reduced, the blood pressure drops and blood is allowed to flow freely. Eating potassium-filled pineapple is extremely helpful for people suffering from heart attack history, atherosclerosis, and strokes.

So now that you know the wonders of this pokey fruit go to the market and buy it. The fun fact is that vitamin C is the most important vitamin found in the fruit, but despite that, it is not at all sour to taste. The distinct taste of pineapple has found its place in various cuisines and cakes. The export-import business of pineapple is growing because now more and more people are getting to know the nutrients of pineapples.


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