10 Healthiest Jobs In The World

We may be spending a lot of time outside our workplace; however, the undeniable fact is that we spend most of our time every day at the place of work. Having a healthy job does not mean sitting in a noiseless atmosphere, within 4 walls protected from noise pollution and direct sunlight. Working in such an atmosphere but undergoing tremendous stress that is work-related is in no way a healthy job.

healthiest jobs in the world

Here are the 10 healthiest jobs in the world:

10. Farmer

A farmer who is often referred to as the “son of the soil” spends a good part of his working life outdoors carrying out a lot of physical work that consumes tons of calories. A farmer may work from dawn to dusk but he is probably the fittest person around. Moreover, a farmer has access to fresh vegetables and fruits and eats healthy. The mind of a farmer is clear and he or she hardly suffers from hypertension.

healthy jobs9. Gym Instructor

A gym instructor cannot hope to sit around and let the subscribers sweat it out in the gym. He or she has to lead by example and show them every trick of the trade. While instructing others on how to keep in good shape, you automatically make sure that your body is in perfect shape. Most gym instructors have sculpted features.

What’s more is they are sociable creatures and get to interact with people from different walks of life. It is very difficult to find an unhealthy gym instructor.

8. Software Engineer

Contrary to popular misconceptions, a software engineer is quite healthy because the happiness quotient is very high. Health does not define the physical state of mind alone, it takes into account the mental state as well, and that is where a software engineer scores. Moreover, most companies like Google have made the workplace more fun and tension-free. Most companies have separate workout areas and recreational facilities that put a high-class club to shame.

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7. Nutritionist

“Physician, heal thyself,” is oft repeated. This probably applies to nutritionists as well, because they cannot preach something and practice something else. Nutritionists are very knowledgeable when it comes to proteins and calories and know how to throw up a healthy meal within minutes. They also know how food gets converted in the body, and what metabolism is all about. In addition to removing toxic substances from the body, they know how to maintain the optimum weight and achieve the perfect BMI.

jobs that are healthy6. Yoga Instructor

Yoga is beneficial for health, and this fact has been established already. A yoga instructor has to lead by example, just like a gym instructor.

Yoga is scientific training of the body and involves focusing on problematic areas and eliminating such problems. Practicing yoga gives peace of mind and a healthy body as well. A healthy body and mind spell perfect health. Yoga instructors hardly contract chronic diseases.

5. College Professors

Apart from being a highly dignified job that is revered by most people, a college professor leads an unstressed life. One reason could be the high remuneration the job commands. The work environment also is quite pleasing and free of stress. The best part is the number of hours and the workload, which is quite light. What’s more is they can depute a lot of work to their assistants.

4. Landscapers (Gardeners)

A landscaper or gardener needs to be physically active most of the time and gets immense job satisfaction considering the creativity that goes into executing tasks. Whether it is planning the next flowerbed or mowing the immaculately maintained lawn they keep exercising while working and build up gigantic appetites. They burn up most of the calories while at work and need not have a separate exercise regimen.

3. Employees at a Small Business

People working for one-man-shows or owner-cum-boss build better rapport and enjoy their work. The employer takes a personal interest in the well-being of such employees and ensures they are well provided for. Moreover, the work environment is quite stress-free leaving the employees a satisfied lot. Most small businesses have healthy and happy people on their payrolls.

2. Chiropractor

A chiropractor has a well-defined job cut out for him or her and is never sitting back for a minute. With most of them being self-employed and taking a personal interest in their clients they are very involved in their work. Also, they tend to have a holistic approach to the methods of treatment with the motive being the well-being of the client. A chiropractor always has an extra minute to spare and is never stressed while working.

1. Florist

Being a florist may be the simplest career one can choose. However, it is a very fulfilling career where the scope for learning is endless and a florist gets to know about thousands of pretty flowers and plants that are a riot of color and smell. With so much greenery and nature surrounding you at the workplace you certainly can’t be stressed or have hypertension. Moreover, florists get to meet all types of people and turn out to become extroverts themselves.


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  1. Hello, I am a college professor and I love my job. I am very happy to see that my profession has been listed as one of the healthiest one.

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