Herbs To Treat The Anxiety & Stress

Sometimes, experiencing anxiety can be a part of normal life. Most people feel anxious before a very important event in their life. This important event can be a big exam, or going out for the first date or even before a job interview as well. But, things get worse when you are feeling an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are various types of illnesses that make people distressed, frightened or even feel uneasy for no good reason. And this is why fear or the worries never go away and even can get worse over time as well. This disorder can interfere with your daily lives, like work, school or even normal relationships with your family members as well. Even though stress and anxiety are normal feelings, but having an anxiety disorder can be totally different.

But, when the level of anxiety becomes much more excessive, that’s when it may fall under the main classification of an anxiety disorder.

herbs for anxiety

What Causes Anxiety Attacks ?

  • Stress is the most common factor for building up the anxiety. Stress can easily weaken the brain for doing anxiety control and can also affect the balance of neurotransmitters and hormones as well.
  • Social upbringing is another cause of anxiety. If you have been brought up in such a way that you develop poor social reactions in your childhood days, or may even be the victim of bullying, the anxiety can be easily developed in your body.
  • Various environmental traumas can also be the result of anxiety too. Sometimes people experience violence, witness death, face gruesome accidents or mishaps, etcetera, that long term anxiety starts to develop in their mind and body.
  • Environmental changes can also lead to anxiety. For example, changing home or a new job, or even the loss of a loved one or facing a divorce in one’s life, can easily great a very stressful environment. This emotional stress leads to anxiety as well.
  • Sometimes getting neglected by your loved ones can also lead to anxiety. Children in their youth if faces negligence or abuse of any kind, there can be a very high possibility of developing anxiety.
  • Lifestyle habits also lead to anxiety. It has been researched and found that people who do not exercise tend to develop anxiety. Eating too much junk or unhealthy foods as well as caffeine and drugs can also lead to an increase in anxiety as well.

Symptoms For Anxiety

 The following are some of the greatest anxiety symptoms

  • There is an anxious or persistent sad or empty feeling or mood.
  • Feelings of guilt, helplessness, pessimism, hopelessness, worthlessness, etcetera.
  • Having insomnia, like early morning wakening or even oversleeping.
  • Having a sense of panic or even impending danger.
  • Trouble when trying to concentrate or thinking about something other than the current worry.
  • Experiencing gastrointestinal problems.
  • Decreased energy or fatigue feeling.
  • Having low weight or even experiencing weight loss. Sometimes, it could be overeating and weight gain as well.
  • Feelings or thoughts of attempting death or even suicide.
  • Loss in overall interest in co-curricular activities and hobbies.
  • Sweating or trembling.
  • Facing an increased heart rate.
  • Having restlessness or irritability.

Types of Anxiety Disorders 

  • Panic Attack Disorder: There will be feelings of impending danger, chest pain, pounding heart or shortness of breath. The feeling can sometimes be so strong that the person may lose control or even may die as well.
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder: In this type of disorder, there will be excessive and persistent anxiety and worries about events and activities, including routinely ordinary issues as well. People who experience this type of disorder worry about many things and also more often than others. Their worries are out of proportion compared to the actual circumstances, and it becomes difficult to control and how it affects them physically.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: This disorder is defined by having impossible kind of unwanted thoughts and also actions that are difficult to stop. People having this type of disorder feel that they cannot stop worrying. These people are always in the lookout for danger and then perform whatever task is necessary to avoid it. It is seen that the strong desire to feel safe from any kind of harm, is the main cause of this kind of disorder.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder: The disorder is also known as social phobia, and it involves high levels of fear, anxiety and also avoidance of various types of social situations, mainly due to the feeling of embarrassment, the concerns of being judged by others or even feeling of self-consciousness. The fear in social feeling is so much intense that it is beyond the person’s ability to manage it. One in every ten people suffers from social anxiety.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: The PTS disorder is mainly characterized by having a very strong anxious as well as distressing reactions to an event that is post-traumatic. The nightmares, flashbacks, memories and even the night terrors feel so much vivid that it provokes anxious symptoms and reactions that are seemingly uncontrollable. The events that lead to this disorder can be war, terrorism, abuse or assault, accidents, natural disasters, etcetera.

Whatever your anxiety might be using the following with respective lifestyle changes will calm you down and make you lead a happy life.

Herbs or Home Remedies For Treating Anxiety 


how to overcome anxiety

Lavender is known for its beautiful flowers and also its fragrance as well, which is very widely used in aromatherapy. Lavender helps in reducing any kind of symptoms for depression or anxiety by acting as a mild sedative on the human body’s central nervous system.

How To Take It ?

Lavender is commonly taken as a tea. You can also use a daily dose (80 mg) of lavender oil by dropping it in a diffuser or using it in your pillow or have a relaxing bath.


how to overcome anxiety

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric which contains phytochemicals that can easily have a powerful inflammatory effect and can help in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is used as one of the most effective herbs for anxiety treatments.

How To Take It ?

You need to have a daily dose of 500 mg. Eating a lot of curry with turmeric in it can be helpful, as curcumin is not easily absorbed in the bloodstream without it being optimized for absorption.

3.Medicinal Mushrooms

home remedies for stress

This is a class of herbs that have a long history in traditional Chinese medicine. It helps you to regulate and also adapt to the stress by regulating the response of the adrenal glands. It is one of the best calming herbs and is very useful in aiding sleep.

How To Take Medicinal It ?

You can take about 3 to 9 grams of dried medicinal mushrooms on a daily basis.


how to overcome anxiety

Ashwagandha is an ancient ayurvedic remedy. It is used to treat anxiety, and also to increase energy as well. It works with your adrenal glands and balances anxiety hormones, helping you to relax and also perform sleep too. Insomniac persons can also take this herb during bedtime.

How To Take It ?

Ashwagandha should be taken either 500 mg to 1000 mg per day, either in terms of capsules or 2 – 4 ml tincture, two times a day.


herbs for anxiety

This is a very gentle and effective type of remedy, as chamomile can help in treating digestive problems, improve mood, reduce any kind of anxiety and also provide healthy sleep too. It has positive effects on mild symptoms of General Anxiety Disorder.

How To Take It ?

Daily dose should be between 350 – 500 mg, and two doses per day. It can be taken in tablet form or in terms of chamomile tea.

 6.Lemon Balm

how to overcome anxiety

It is also known as the Gladdening Herb. It is used for centuries to calm anxiety and also for its sedative properties too. It also promotes sleep.

How to take It ?

Daily supplement should be 500 mg and should be taken in the form of herbal tea preparation, during the day or in the night, before bedtime.


herps for anxiety

The passionflower is native to Peru and is used as a herb to treat all forms of anxiety. It is safe to use any time during the day, but being a sedative, it should be used mainly during the night, before bedtime.

How To Take It ?

The daily dose should be around 500 mg, should be taken once daily as a tablet.

8. Rhodiola Rosea

types of anxiety disorders

It is a native plant of the Alpines. It is also known as the Golden Root or Rose root. For centuries it had been used to calm the human body’s nerves, control anxiety and stress as well. It also calms anger, confusion, improves mood and depression.

How To Take It ?

Every day, you should take a dose of 500 mg. A tablet per day will be sufficient for your needs.


herbs for anxiety

This herb is also known as the sleep remedy. It helps in combating stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation. It had been used since the Greek and Roman times. It is only recommended that you take this herb only for a few weeks only.

How To Take It ?

It has an unpleasant smell, so it is taken in supplement form. The daily supplement should be 500 mg and should be taken in the form of tablets.

10.Kava Kava

what causes anxiety attacks

It is a plant in the Pacific islands that are used as a remedy for people experiencing any kind of panic attacks or any kind of raised levels of anxiety as well. It helps in relaxing muscles of the body, helps in focusing on the brain and promotes the body’s defense against stress.

How To Take It ?

Kava kava can be taken in terms of capsule or a herbal tincture. The daily dose should be 250 mg, and once a tablet per day. Do not drink alcohol while taking this herb.

11.Bacopa Moniera

herbs for anxiety

This is again another kind of ayurvedic herb, where it can help in reducing levels of the stress hormone, i.e. Cortisol and thus improve mood. It also protects neurons and keeps the brain healthy too as well.

How To Take It ?

The daily dose should be around 500 mg, and every day one tablet should be taken.

12.St John’s Wort

herbs for anxiety

This herb is mainly associated with depression. It can not only be useful for a general type of anxiety but also for depression related anxiety symptoms as well.

How To Take It ?

The daily dose should be 300 mg. Apart from that, it should not be taken with other anti-anxiety medicines.

Lifestyle Changes To Treat Anxiety

 The following are some of the natural and home remedies for anxiety treatment:

  • Try to have a protein-rich breakfast and perform regular exercise every day.
  • Use the various types of herbs that are mainly needed to treat anxiety.
  • Using cannabidiol oil which is a natural anxiety medication, along with the intake of Vitamin B12, Omega 3 and also Vitamin D as well.
  • Incorporate the use of various types of essential oils in your daily life.
  • Perform mind-body practices, like doing yoga or even Pilates.
  • Perform meditation on a daily basis will help you gain control over your senses, stress and anxiety.
  • Intake of Probiotics will helps in giving you the healthiest digestive system and the clearest skin.
  • Have more sleep, as anxiety is very well proportional to sleep loss.

How To Prevent The Anxiety

The following methods are some of the best ways to prevent any kind of anxiety or stress:

  • Always surround yourself with positive thinking people and keep yourself engaged in positive talking as well.
  • If you feel left out or want your feelings to be known to others, don’t hesitate to talk to your loved ones. This should be a key factor and also try to explain your situation to them.
  • Make sure that you always focus on the present. Thinking too much about the past or the future can land you in anxiety or stress.
  • Reduce the consumption of soda, caffeine, alcohol and also drugs as well. Intake of a healthy diet of fresh and organic vegetables and fruits, along with high-quality meat, should be increased.
  • Perform exercise and also maintain a sleeping pattern regularly.
  • Talk to your pharmacist or physicist or a professional counselor, if there is any need.

It is not easy to fight back anxiety and stress. Your body might not be ready for the change, and therefore you need to take small steps at a time to change your lifestyle and thinking. The above methods under herpes for anxiety given in this article guide will help you bring your stressful life to normal. Herbs are the best medicine for anxiety. Over time, anxiety and stress will not worry you anymore and you can thus start leading a very happy and exciting life again.

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