7 Super Herbs With Anti-Aging Benefits Can Prevent Old Age Ailments

Everybody is chasing around immortal youth. Everybody wants to feel and look young. The cosmetics company fetches billions of dollars in revenues. Health and beauty industry is one of the mega industries in the world.

According to Transparency Market Research

Anti-aging Market is estimated to be worth USD 191.7 Billion Globally by 2019

Aging is a life process. All cells in your body die and new ones form. All you can do is to nourish your body with proper nutrients to slow down the process of aging and age gracefully. (And keep those age-related ailments away!)

Natural herbal remedies for old age

The plant kingdom has blessed us with a plethora of herbs and spices that ramp up your vigor, fade away those fine lines and keep up with the daily stresses in your aging life! Older adults’ nutrition requirements are not well-specified.

Furthermore, basal metabolic rates and lean body mass decrease with age. Prefer Best forehead wrinkle creams. Hence, the energy requirement of an old adult per kilogram of body weight also decreases. In this article, let’s go through some of Mother Nature’s most powerful herbs that combat aging and banish age-related ailments.

7 Herbs With Anti- Aging Benefits Can Prevent Old Age Ailments

1. Dandelion roots

We loved blowing those beautiful dandelion flowers and jump around in the fields when we were young right? In fact, very few of us knew that this beautiful flower’s roots are packed with amazing nutrients. Dandelion roots have long been known as a superb liver cleanser and it purifies the blood. This humble root regulates the flow of insulin from the pancreas so that the body does not experience a sudden increase of this hormone in the blood.

Dandelion is in a way, a boon to diabetic patients. It improves the kidney functions and heals kidney damage. In addition to that, Dandelion aids in a healthy nervous system and a healthy pancreas.

Dandelion has more Vitamin A content than carrot. (Better change carrots to dandelion!) In addition, it is far richer in vitamins and D, C and B-complex than most veggies! Dandelions boast of powerful anti-cancerous properties. The compound called ‘lupeol’ from dandelion roots blocked growth from laboratory cultured melanoma cells and caused them to grow into normal, noncancerous cells.

wonder herb for diabetics and old age persons

Note: Dandelion should not be consumed if you have gall bladder issues and it may interfere with medications such as diuretics and diabetics medicines. Discuss the use with a doctor before you start consuming dandelion.

2. Ginseng

Often known as the ‘longevity’ herb, ginseng is prized and popular in all Asian countries (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan). Ginseng is a powerful herb that protects the body from stress and increases mental acuity. There are two types of ginseng, namely the Asian ginseng and American ginseng.

The Asian ginseng is preferred over American because it is more potent and stimulating, and it also has better restorative properties for the elderly. The various researches done on this herb point out the fact that it regulates blood cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels effectively. The active compound present in ginseng is called ‘ginsenosides.’ These medicinal compounds reduced the platelet aggregation, blood pressure and blood coagulation.

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best herb for regulation old age

Other benefits of ginseng are: an increase in endurance, enhancement of immunity and also relieves fatigue. Ginseng helps at keeping the mind alert and sharp at all times. People who consume ginseng on a regular basis have better blood flow to the brain, better protection from nerve damage and have an enhanced nerve development. Therefore, these older adults have better memory and learning capacity than their peers.

3.Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is well known for its incredible feats at longevity. Over thousands of papers have been published on Ginkgo Biloba’s effects on the body. Among the great benefits of this herb includes increased blood flow to the cerebral area in the brain.

best herb for old age

Alzheimer’s origin is unknown at the moment as some researchers point out that it could be abnormal degeneration of acetylcholine. Researchers concluded that ginkgo is a desirable treatment option for Alzheimer’s.

Note: The consumption of Ginkgo biloba is not advised if you are on a blood-thinning treatment or are on the said medication. It is also a wise step if you consult your physician before starting ginkgo supplementation.

3. Burdock Root

Burdock root is also known as ‘Gobo’ in Japanese and ‘Ngau pong’ in Cantonese. This herb is native to Europe and northern Asia. This herb is packed with plant steroids that are way safer than synthetic steroids. These plant steroids work hand-in-hand with the liver to stabilize the balance of hormones like estrogens and alleviate conditions like moodiness and weight gain.

natural herbs for old age

Burdock roots stimulate the secretion of bile, so it strengthens the liver. ‘Inulin’ is the prime compound found in Burdock roots that does the ‘magic.’ It is considered as a ‘prebiotic’ because the population of the microbial ecology remains healthy and functions to the optimum levels upon regular consumption.

The extracts from this root exhibit strong free rummage activities. Anti-proliferative actions on cancer cells found in humans by these root extracts are also found out by medical researchers.

5. Rhodiola Rosea

Categorized as an ‘adaptogen’ herb, Rhodiola has long been used to cope with mental fatigue. It is believed that this herb protects the brain from Alzheimer’s disease. Rhodiola Rosea is also recognized as one of the best herbs for memory enhancement. The herb possesses toning functions that are very similar to that of Ginseng. It produces outstanding restorative properties and removes excess heat from the body.

Regular use of Rhodiola Rosea can slow the growth of cancer cells and delay senility.

6.Reishi Mushroom

This mushroom is also known as ‘Ganoderma’ or mushroom of immortality. This beautiful leathery looking mushroom has been in the Chinese folklore medicine for thousands of years. Regular use of Ganoderma reduces weight and promotes longevity. It also has a direct influence on the aging process. This mushroom has the title as the mushroom of immortality for a solid reason. Reishi reduces the risk of developing life-threatening diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Preventing Old Age Ailments

Over the years of research, scientists have found out three specific active compounds that contribute to the mushroom’s powerful anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties. They are listed below:

1. Polysaccharides have amazing anti-cancerous effects. This is based on their propensity to stop abnormal formation of blood vessels and they also boost the immune system.

2. Triterpenes act as a guardian to protect the liver, control cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. Triterpenes also avert platelet clumping that leads to a heart attack as well as stroke and go for a crusade against allergic responses that are triggered by histamines. Triterpenes possess remarkable anti-cancer activities as well.

3. Ganoderma lucidum peptide is derived from Ganoderma is a distinctive protein that has surprisingly potent antioxidant properties that are still being researched upon, and is on the waiting list to be unraveled.

Note: High doses of Reishi mushroom can bring forth an increased risk of bleeding disorders. This applies especially to those suffering from thrombocytopenia.

7. Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is often nicknamed as a ‘super food.’ The sheer amount of research done on this bee product is staggering. Obviously, some of the brightest minds on the planet would see ‘something’ in the bee product. Royal Jelly comes with an array of anti-aging benefits, immune boosting power and much more. It is not a herb, but due to its medicinal properties, found its way to the article.

Herbs With Anti Aging Benefits

Royal jelly is an anti-oxidant superpower. Antioxidant is all the hype today and it is for a good reason. The antioxidants in royal jelly are more potent when it is fresh and frozen. Moreover, RJ has amazing brain function enhancement properties that delay dementia and other brain-related problems. People who consume royal jelly on a regular basis are reported to be more ‘alert’ due to the stimulation of the brain’s cognitive functions.

Lifestyle Changes Needed To Make Your Life Go Well With Anti Aging Protection

Quit Smoking: Smoking in the old age is always a health risk. It increases the chances of mouth, lung and stomach cancer rate. Second hand-smoking is another serious threat, so avoid it at any cost. Please do not follow up with Pipe, Cigars, roll-ups or any Low-Tar cigarettes as alternates because smoking in general is a big risk in old age.

Little or No-Alcohol: The less you drink, safer it is for all your internal organs and overall health. A maximum of 165-175ml glass of wine or a half pint of beer or 1 measure of spirits is a manageable alcohol levels in the old age. Your doctor might know you well, so listen and follow what he/she says about the alcohol. For the better, stop alcohol for your old age.

Eat a Healthy Diet: As we grow old, the digestive systems tend to take a rest by processing the foods at a different pace than we were young. So in the old age, eat a healthy fresh diet like fruits, steamed vegetables, wholegrain cereals, small amount of saturated fat and cut down red meat, processed/frozen foods and high-salted packages foods. Such healthy diet will cut down the risk of several types of cancer including stomach, breast, bowel and other body ailments. A vitamin supplement doesn’t seem to protect against disease but a healthy diet will do the work.

Maintain a Healthy Weight: Maintaining a healthy weight through healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle is the major solution for all diseases and medical conditions including fighting against cancer risks. Keep in check of your BMI which should be in between 18.5 and 24.9 is Ideal.

Exercise Regularly:As old age approaches, a simple walk till you can go and return home is all that it takes to stay active and healthy. Just a slow-moderate walk for 25-30 minutes will do. If you can, do it daily or limit yourself to four –five days a week. You don’t need anything; just a normal walk to keep your pace is enough.

Manage your Stress: Stress is a risk factor no matter the age. Being fit in the old age means not just physical, it also mean that you should be fit mentally without any stress, hate etc. & be in peace with yourself which is very important.

Keep your Brain Active: Play some board games, some reading, playany musical instruments, meet people, do some gardening and just anything that keeps you and your brain active and peaceful.

Regular Checkups: visit your doctor and take your checkups regularly in your old age. Unchecked & unattended Blood pressure & Cholesterol are risk factors for dementia.

Furthermore, royal jelly is prized for its protein synthesis abilities and cell growth. It is, all in all, an excellent anti-aging remedy.

We hope to add many more herbs to this article. Kindly stay in touch to know more…..

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