10 Disturbing Facts About People Suffering From High-Functioning Depression

When it comes to mental illness, depression is one of the most common illnesses people usually face. Depression has been categorized into many forms while the dangerous being the high-functioning depression. It is the most elusive form of the depression.

High-functioning depression causes:

  • Changes in the appetite
  • Poor sleep
  • Emotional problems

The shocking fact about this type of depression is that it often goes unnoticed and effects can turn into a nightmare. So, here are a few facts which we wish to make you aware of:

High-Functioning Depression

1. Don’t Be Judgemental

Individuals suffering from high-functioning depression may go to their work daily and do everything like a normal happy human, but this doesn’t mean that everything is fine. They have to struggle hard every day. Some people may not be able to forget their negative experiences like others do. So, never judge people and label them as dramatic or negative. They are struggling with their problems and need proper help and support.

2. The Day-To-Day Activities Gets Harder For Them

People suffering from high-functioning depression may appear to live a normal life, going to their job every day, managing their daily household chores like all of us do, but the reality is that it is very complicated for them.

The pain increases, even more, when people around them begin to misjudge or do not show care and concern towards them.There even comes to a point when a person suffering from high-functioning depression finds it hard to get out of his or her bed.

3. They Are Emotionally Very Weak

High-functioning depression is not like other health issues that will show symptoms. A simple bad experience can be devastating for them and can break them in a few minutes. On the emotional side, they are too weak.

High-Functioning Depression

4. They Need Comfort

No one likes to be left alone. Now talking of people suffering from high-functioning depression in specific, they should be treated with warmth and affection.

They need to be reminded that they are not alone. It is not the time to get irritated on them. Instead, ring them or text them to know about their wellbeing.

5. The Condition Is Much Deeper Than The Life Circumstances

Depression enlarges every negative thought and makes the condition worse. One may have a very good job, a loving and caring family, friends who are always there but nothing stands largely in front of the sadness they are facing. There is a constant turmoil in their head, which never goes away and exhausts them all the time.

6. There Is A Difference Between Inside And Outside

The activities that we all enjoy in our lives turns out to be burdensome for people suffering from high-functioning depression. There is a perpetual exhaustion in them which makes them feel heavy. They may be carrying out their duties and responsibilities, but this is in no sense means that they are happy or leading a normal life like us.

7. They Appreciate Gestures Of Affection And Care

They appreciate when people travel all the way and come to meet them. It releases a lot of pressure and helps them relax a little. It may not be much of a big deal for others, but it means a lot to them. Individuals with such mental issues appreciate all such gestures of affection and care.

8. Be Sympathetic & Understanding When Conversing With Them

When you are having a conversation with them, just don’t say “please stop being sad, try to relax, and you will overcome everything.” This just adds fuel to their discomfort. Depression has a lot of impact on the brain, and there are changes in the physical gestures of the person who is suffering. So, what is required on our part is understanding and sympathy towards them.

9. Help Them Get A Good Treatment

Medical treatments are many but what fits in one case may not be suitable in the other case. The options are many like changes in the lifestyle habits, therapies, medication or and neurogenic compounds, a combination of these. Treatment, which is designed for them, will yield the required results. Help them to get a good treatment so that they can lead a good and normal life like all of us do.

10. They Are Very Hard To Themselves

Individuals suffering from high-functioning depression fight a constant battle with themselves.  They face self-hatred. A small problem can lead them into a long phase of agony and abhorrence with them.

They start considering themselves as the worst humans in the world. They are not swayed by logic always. Their thoughts reach to a point where they get the feeling that they don’t deserve anything and take themselves to be very low. They always find something wrong with themselves.

Depression is more than just being a state of sadness. It has a deep impact on the emotions. People suffering from high-functioning depression may appear to be normal from outside like all of us but inside they are fighting a deep battle.

If you know someone, who is like this, try to be considerate and affectionate towards them so that they can fight this battle with high-functioning depression and emerge out victorious.


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    • Hi Marget, Depression is twice as common among women as among men. About 20 percent of women will experience at least one episode of depression across their lifetime. Scientists are examining many potential causes for and contributing factors to women’s increased risk for depression. Biological, life cycle, hormonal and psychosocial factors unique to women may be linked to women’s higher depression rates. Researchers have shown, for example, that hormones affect brain chemistry, impacting emotions and mood.

  1. Pray God that no one should suffer from depression. Depression may sometimes make someone to think about suicide. AMEN

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