7 Herbal & Home Remedies For Dandruff That

2. Organic Coconut Oil + Lemon Juice

best way to get rid of dandruffCoconut oil is an ideal anti-fungal element. Fortified with natural fatty acids, this essential oil moisturizes dry scalp and helps in relieving itchiness. According to a research published in the year 1999 in “Journal of Cosmetic Science”, coconut oil reduces hair breakage and penetrates the hair follicles better. Besides being an amazing moisturizer for your scalp and hair, it combats frizz, treats dandruff, eliminates head lice and enhances hair growth. Since the oil improves scalp health, it further assists in making your hair grow thicker. According to certain sources, this essential oil soothes cradle cap — this is a problem that is commonly found in babies. However, coconut oil’s antibacterial properties might help in warding off folliculitis. Also, it prevents ring-worms in scalp. Rather than using those expensive conditioners, switch to this natural oil instead.

best way to get rid of dandruffHave you ever wondered why lemons play an amazing role in the treatment of dandruff? We will tell you why. Dandruff occurs when the epidermal layer of your scalp is replaced with a fresh layer (but in excess). The excess layer replacements result in fungal infections known as Malassezia yeasts. This is when the layer starts to appear with flaky dead skin cells, which is none other dandruff. If the condition is left untreated, it further causes allergies, sneezing, eye redness, and acne. To fight this infection, lemons can be of great help. Since they have natural anti-fungal properties, they help in combating the fungus that causes dandruff. Also, they help in cleaning the leftover chemicals from soaps, shampoos, or whatever you use on your scalp.

  • Step 1: Take half an ounce of coconut oil and add half the quantity of lemon juice in it.
  • Step 2: Apply the mix on the scalp, gently massage for few minutes and wash the hair after 20 minutes.

Note: Repeat the process up to thrice a week.

How Does This Work?

Coconut oil is rich in proteins, capric acid, lauric acid, vitamins E, K. Coconut oil easily penetrates into the strands and surrounding areas such as scalp to give a hydrating, conditioning and moisturizing effect on the head. The main benefit of using the oil is it decreases flakiness, irritation, and dryness of the scalp. Since the oil has anti-fungal properties, it successfully eliminates the fungus responsible for dandruff.   The health of hair is restored making it look lovely and beautiful.

Lemons have citric acid, vitamin C, and anti fungal properties to fight against the dandruff-causing fungi. It reduces itching and soothes irritation. The powerful antioxidants of lemon promote healthy scalp and hair. Also, the acidic properties of lemons help in balancing the pH level of your scalp.

The Remedy Is Not Good, If:

  • You have low immunity. Do not apply coconut oil to the hair and go out in the cold without a cap. The dew might accumulate on the head, and you can suffer from cold.
  • You have asthma. You can suffer from cold.
  • You have thin and dry hair.

Will the herbal mix (method-3) works for the complete removal?

  • in the case of lemon what would happen if it is not diluted with water, i have applied lemon without dilution will it cause any problem?

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