9 Great Home Remedies For Dengue Fever Treatment

1. Barley Grass (or Wheatgrass) Juice

Barley grass juice or barley tea is highly effective in increasing the blood platelet count and that too in seconds. It fights dengue infection and stimulates the patient’s bone marrow to generate healthy platelets. Also, the chlorophyll content in barley grass increases the red blood cells (an important factor to cure dengue). Apart from these, it also treats vitamin deficiency and prolonged weakness. You can either consume barley grass as such or make juice out of it. This is one of the best home remedies for dengue fever treatment. Follow the steps given below:


  • Step 1: Buy some wheatgrass or barley grass.
  • Step 2: Cut them into small pieces.
  • Step 3: Blend the pieces with some water in a mixer.
  • Step 4: Strain and drink it twice in a day.

The juice might be bitter, and you might not like its taste. Hence, for a yummy smoothie, follow this recipe.

How Does This Work?

Barley grass is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, beta-carotene, folic acid, and pantothenic acid. Also, it has minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron. Which is one of the best herb mix to control dengue fever symptoms.

Barley Grass Is Not Good, If:

  • You are suffering from gluten sensitivity or celiac diseases.
  • You are allergic to cereals.
  • You are diabetic. It might lower your sugar levels.
  • You have undergone surgery or about to have one.

How To Prevent Dengue?

prevention tips for dengue

Safety Method During Travel

If you are visiting a dengue-infected area, take suitable precaution and learn to identify the dengue fever symptoms.

  • You can stay in a resort or hotel having air conditioned facility. Ensure that the windows have intact, secure screens.
  • In the case of non-availability of air conditioners, enquire if the management can give plug-in devices or mosquito nets.
  • You can also buy a good mosquito repellent to apply on your clothing and exposed skin.
  • Wear proper full-sleeved clothes during travel.

Other Options

In case of an outbreak of dengue fever in the locality, ensure:

  • You keep a distance from heavy populated residential areas
  • Make use of mosquito repellants indoors, even if the house is secure (or use air-conditioner). In the case of non-availability, use mosquito nets.
  • For a walk or other activity outdoors, wear long pants (tucked into the socks) or long-sleeved shirts. Be careful during outside activity in dawn or dusk – the time where mosquitoes roam around. Refrain from wearing strong perfumes, as they can attract mosquitoes. Also, avoid dark colored clothes and prefer light or bright colored clothes.
  • Pay a visit to the doctor if you have doubts about infection from dengue fever.

If you are suffering from pain in the joints or fever occurs after visiting a dengue-infected area, consult a doctor. Do not postpone the appointment. Visit the doctor immediately if you get the symptoms below:

  • Extreme abdominal pain
  • Consistent vomiting
  • Bleeding from the mouth and nose
  • Bleeding beneath the skin (have signs of bruises)
  • Problems in the heart (low beat), liver and lungs

If after taking medicine, the fever goes down, and the situation turns to worse, it is mandatory to pay a visit to the doctor for complications.

Natural Remedy vs. Pharmacy

On a visit to the physician, you may be recommended to drink more fluid, avoid dehydration from high fever and vomiting. You can be given medicines such as acetaminophen (like Tylenol) for reducing pain and fever. In any condition, do not take pain killers or relievers such as aspirin or ibuprofen (names – Advil or Motrin IB) or naproxen sodium (Aleve) as they might cause bleeding complications.

In case of extreme condition, you may require:

  • Admission to a hospital for support
  • Electrolyte replacement and intravenous fluid (IV)
  • Monitoring of blood pressure
  • Transfusion for replacing blood loss


Is dengue fever contagious? My son was suffering from dengue and now he is recovered but i have got dengue now. Does it transfer from person to person?

    • Yes sure, The food chart that dengue fever patients can have are orange, papaya leaves, coconut water, vegetable juices, Non spicy and oily foods.

  • I tried the neem juice remedy. Even though the fever didn’t cure properly I felt some positive change in myself.

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