9 Home Remedies For Dengue Fever Treatment

7. Drink Plenty of Water

home remedies for dengue fever

Drink as much as water as you can during fever or cold to replace the fluid loss. In dengue, due to extreme fever and body pain, the circulation of blood can be affected along with dehydration. It is mandatory to consume water (hot water will be preferable) in more amounts so that the body stays hydrated. This will ease the symptoms like muscle cramps and headaches. Also, water can flush and eliminate the toxins that can act as a contributor to the detrimental effects of the pathogen.

Did you know that the main components of blood cells are protein and water? More consumption of water puts a stop to the formation of low platelets (main symptom of dengue). In case, you do not like to drink normal water; you can have soup, clear broths, orange juice, and lemon water.

6. Neem Leaves’ Juice

best dengue remedies at home

Neem leaves are considered useful for many ailments and dengue is just one of them. To try a remedy using neem leaves, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Take a small bowl of fresh neem leaves and a bowl of cold water.
  • Step 2: Ground the leaves and filter them.
  • Step 3: Consume around 10 ml of this mixture three to four times a day.

Fever will gradually subside. The intake of the mixture has to be followed even after the symptoms recede, for the next two days.

How Does This Work?

The neem leaves help in increasing the blood platelet count as well as the white blood cells. It also improves the immune system, and you can return to the normal stages. One of the most popular insecticidal components of neem leaves is azadirachtin. Other compounds are salannin, deactyl-azadirachtinol, etc. The components that assist in controlling inflammation are Nimbin, nimbidin, and quercetin.

Nimbidol and gedunin can be defined as anti-fungal agents that can destroy fungi. Neem leaves are also known as analgesics, as they provide relief in times of pain. The components of neem leaves stimulate the immune system of the body; detoxification occurs, and a healthy digestive and respiratory system come to the core.

Neem Leaves Are Not Good, If:

  • You are pregnant or seeking pregnancy. Consumption is restricted to both males and females.
  • Refrain from giving the dose to children. Severe side effects can occur such as diarrhea, seizures, brain disorders, etc.
  • You are diabetic. The components of neem leaves interact with antidiabetes drugs.


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  1. Is dengue fever contagious? My son was suffering from dengue and now he is recovered but i have got dengue now. Does it transfer from person to person?

    • Yes sure, The food chart that dengue fever patients can have are orange, papaya leaves, coconut water, vegetable juices, Non spicy and oily foods.

  2. I tried the neem juice remedy. Even though the fever didn’t cure properly I felt some positive change in myself.

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