7 Home Remedies For Diabetes That Produce Insulin Naturally

1. Herbal Tea Made From Cashew Tree’s Bark

how to control diabetesPlant-based drugs or herbs have always been used against different ailments since ages. Mother Nature has offered us with abundant of plant wealth that includes multiple medicinal virtues. In spite of the considerable progress in controlling Diabetes mellitus with the help of synthetic medicines, the hunt for organic antidiabetic plants is still on.

As a result, many herbs were discovered that could help control diabetes. However, very few know that the bark of cashew tree is highly beneficial in treating Type II diabetes. According to this study, the extract of cashew seeds helps in stimulating the absorption of blood sugar. To try this remedy, follow the instructions given below:

  • Step 1: Take 30 grams of cashew tree’s bark.
  • Step 2: Boil it in one liter of water for 20 minutes.
  • Step 3: Strain and drink it on a daily basis.

How Does This Work?

The products of cashew tree are shown to have anti-inflammatory agents. Thus, they help in controlling high sugar level in the blood. Their hydroethanolic extracts and an active compound called anacardic acid assist in stimulating the glucose uptake in the muscle cells.

Cashew Tree’s Bark Is Not Good, If:

  • You are allergic to pectin or nuts.
  • You have undergone surgery recently or going to have one.
  • You consume in excess.

How To Prevent Diabetes?

  • It is advisable to monitor the blood sugar levels consistently.
  • Consume a diet that is high in nutrients; eat foods that prevent diabetes and follow an exercise pattern.
  • Include plenty of fibers in the diet.
  • On a daily basis, exposure to sunlight can assist in controlling diabetes as it produces Vitamin D vital for the production of insulin.
  • Keep a diary on the volume of water you drink in the day. For better health, replace the sugary juices and sodas with water. Water also assists in breaking down the sugars in the body.
  • One of the major negative factors for diabetes is stress. You can escape from stress through practicing meditation, regulation of breathing, listening to songs, indulging in physical activity or concentrating in your hobby.

When To See A Doctor?

  • If you suspect someone in the family display symptoms of diabetes, it is wise to consult the doctor. The reason – earlier the diagnosis, sooner the treatment can be given.
  • If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you require close medical check-up till the blood levels get stabilized.

Note: No cure has been found for diabetes, but you can keep the blood sugar level normal (under control) to live a healthy life. Through a strict regimen lifestyle, you can control the blood sugar level.

Natural Remedy vs. Pharmacy

Some of the drugs available in the US for diabetes are Amaryl (glimepiride), Byetta (exenatide), DiaBeta (glyburide), Glucophage (metformin), Humalog (insulin lispro), Insulin Isophane, etc.

It is better to get the instructions from the doctor/physician as you might require more than one medicine. Some of the oral medications are Acetohexamide (Dymelor), Canagliflozin (Invokana), Alogliptin (Nesina) and Acarbose (Precose).


How much fiber do you recommend???

    • Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. In an autoimmune reaction, antibodies, or immune cells, attach to the body’s own healthy tissues by mistake, signaling the body to attack them.

      Type 2 diabetes—the most common form of diabetes—is caused by a combination of factors, including insulin resistance, a condition in which the body’s muscle, fat, and liver cells do not use insulin effectively.

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