10+ Home Remedies For Diarrhea That Bring Relief

6. BRAT Diet

BRAT Diet for diarrheaWhen you are dealing with diarrhea, it is better to have a bland diet. Consume liquids on the first day, and then add easily digestible foods to the diet. The bland diet includes BRAT – bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. You can also include mashed potatoes without using butter and crackers.

In case, the diarrhea is caused by a certain food, and you get to know of it, try avoiding the specific item in the diet. Apart from treating the bouts of diarrhea, a BRAT diet also assists in the treatment of upset stomach.

How Does This Work?

The simple foods of BRAT assist in bulking the stool as well provide gentle nutrition without upsetting your stomach. The rice and bread contain fibers and nutrients similar to minerals and vitamins. Pectin is found in applesauce possessing the ability to have solid stools thus reducing the symptom of diarrhea.

BRAT Diet Is Not Good, If:

  • You have vomiting sensation. Avoid using the BRAT diet.
  • You have nausea.

5. Fresh, Plain Yogurt

remedies for diarrheaTwo bowls of yogurt in a single day has been known to provide easy relief. You can even consume it with yogurt for additional benefit. Yogurt has natural properties to maintain and restore the health functions of your digestive system. Fresh, homemade, unsweetened, and plain yogurt have good bacteria in them known as probiotics, which protects the intestines against germs. Also, the lactic acid helps in killing all the bad bacteria from your intestines. Since yogurt has more proteins than any other diarrhea-preventing foods, you can consume it without mixing it with any other ingredient.

How Does This Work?

Yogurt, the rich food, which has live, good bacteria such as bifidobacterium and lactobacillus acidophilus. These cultures can help restoring the good bacteria in the intestine and can successfully eliminate the bad bacteria.

Yogurt Is Not Good, If:

  • You have a weaker immune system, or suffering from HIV/AIDS, or if you have had an organ transplant. It can cause the diseases to progress in such cases.
  • You are suffering from gastrointestinal infections.