10 Best Home Remedies For Ear Mites In Dogs

5. Mullein Oil, Olive Oil, and Garlic Oil

how to get rid of ear mites in dogs


  • Take a ½ ounce of each of these natural oils: mullein oil & garlic oil.
  • Mix them properly in a bowl with olive oil (10 ml).
  • Warm them slightly (enough for the dog to handle).
  • Use a dropper to fill the mixture.
  • Pour some drops of it to the ear canals.
  • Massage some of this mixture on the external skin.
  • Repeat the remedy on alternate days for 2 weeks for best results.

How Does This Work?

Mullein Oil: Very few know that mullein exhibits strong antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties; thus, helping dogs in treating ear mites and other mild ear infections. Mullein flowers are one of the best ways to treat ear mites naturally. The main compounds in mullein that help in eliminating ear mites and assist in the process are rotenone (prominent insecticide), coumarin (relieves swelling and pain), and verbascoside (kills all the bacteria).

Garlic Oil: Garlic is a well known, natural antibiotic. Garlic oil keeps the ears clean, treats fluid in inner ears, swelling, inflammation, and destroys ear mites. The primary antibiotic compound in garlic that works amazingly in treating an ear-mite infestation is a sulfuric compound called allicin.

Olive Oil: It is one of the natural oils for killing ear mites in dogs. The two active compounds that help in the process are oleocanthal and squalene, which exhibit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The compound oleocanthal inhibits the formation of Cyclooxygenase (an enzyme that causes inflammation). It soothes the inflamed and irritated dog’s ears.

The Remedy Is Not Good, If:

  • Your dog is consuming it. It can be toxic.
  • Your dog has serious skin allergies.
  • The mite infestation has become severe, and there is blood in the ear.

4. Apply Honey Diluted With Water



  • Take 2 teaspoons of organic honey.
  • Dilute the honey in 2 ounces of water.
  • Use a dropper and pour some drops of the honey mixture into the ear canals.
  • Repeat the remedy every day for a week or two for best results.

How Does This Work?

Honey: Organic honey helps to treat ear mites in dogs naturally. It exhibits antiseptic and antibacterial properties. This is due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide, dicarbonyl, and phenolic compounds in them.

The Remedy Is Not Good, If:

  • You are using processed honey. It can be dangerous. Use only 100% organic honey.

3. Mixture Of Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Fresh Peppermint, & Oregano

natural treatment for dog ear mites


  • Take a ½ ounce of pure olive oil, 1 capsule of vitamin-E, 1 teaspoon of fresh peppermint, and 1 teaspoon of fresh oregano.
  • Mix all the ingredients together in a small bowl.
  • Allow the mixture to soak for at least 2 days.
  • After two days, stain the mixture and store it in a clean glass jar.
  • Use a dropper and fill it half. Pour into the ear two times a day.
  • Use some of the mixture to massage the earlobe gently.
  • Insert cotton balls to prevent the oil from flowing out.
  • Repeat the remedy at least for 10 days for best results.

How Does This Work?

Olive Oil: Natural olive oil does not kill the ear mites in dogs directly but smothers them. An added benefits of using olive as a remedy is that, once applied, the ear mites start to hide outside the dog’s ear canals. Once they sense olive oil, they begin to move out. The active compound oleocanthal in them helps soothe the skin irritation.

Vitamin E: It is an essential fat-soluble nutrient, which not only helps in keeping the dog’s coat and skin healthy but also promotes faster healing. Vitamin E refers to a group of compounds called tocotrienols and tocopherols. It exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties.

Vitamin E naturally occurs in four forms, out of which two forms are γ-tocopherol and α-tocopherol. The γ-tocopherol is commonly seen in corn oil & soybean oil whereas the α-tocopherol is present in olive oil & sunflower oil.

Peppermint: Fresh peppermint leaves have a good amount of menthol in them, which exhibit antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antiseptic properties largely. It helps in repelling the insects and soothes the irritated as well as inflamed skin. However, do not use the essential oil it’s in the purest form. You need dilute with some other carrier oil.

Oregano: Oregano is one of the best alternatives to using drugs. It contains powerful phenols to destroy the microorganisms and bacteria. It has been proven highly effective against parasites and viruses.

The Remedy Is Not Good, If:

  • Your dog ingests and of these ingredients. It can be toxic.
  • Your dog has reached the stage, where the ear mite infestation is advanced. Do not apply the remedy. Instead, consult your vet.
  • You are increasing the dose or quantity of any of these ingredients.
  • Your dog is pregnant.