10 Incredible Home Remedies For Ringworms

Are you feeling itchy on certain parts of the body? Do you have red circular spots that appear scaly and raised? If the answer to these questions is a “yes”, know that you are suffering from a problem called ringworms (medically known as tinea). Due to its name and appearance, ringworms are often misinterpreted as “parasitic worms.” However, they are entirely different. A highly contagious fungus infects parasitic worms.

Ringworms are not a rare condition. A majority of the population actively suffer from this skin condition and in most cases it isn’t life threatening. Oral medications can easily treat the ailment. But, they might have side effects and after effects. Instead, we would recommend you to apply these ten healing home remedies for ringworms. Besides using these tips, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle and adhere to good hygiene. Before we list the tips, let’s understand its causes and symptoms first.

What Causes Ringworms?

Ringworms can occur anywhere in the body. In fact, you could have then in the several body parts simultaneously. The most vulnerable members are children, athletes, and those working in humid conditions exposed to sweat and dirt. The main cause of ringworms is:

  • Fungi – They actively thrive in moist and humid conditions such as swimming pools, skin crevices, locker rooms, tanning beds, etc.

Ringworms spread from one individual to another, especially when you share personal care items like towels and toiletries. The condition is more prominent among children due to body contact and frequent exposure to humid conditions while playing outdoors. If you have an infected pet, take precautions not to allow children engage with them until the skin condition is cured. Cats can easily carry ringworms too. When you socialize with your pet, you could acquire the condition as well.

Types Of Ringworms

Ringworms are classified based on the affected body part. The types are:

  • Tinea pedis (athlete’s foot) — infection in the feet
  • Tinea cruris (jock itch) — infection in the groin
  • Tinea caitis – infection in the scalp
  • Tinea faciei (face fungus) – infection on the face
  • Tinea corporis — infection on the torso
  • Tinea unguium — infection on the fingernails and toenails
  • Tinea mannum — infection on the hands and palm
  • Tinea barbae — infection in the facial hair

Symptoms of Ringworms

These are the commonest symptoms of tinea infection:

  • Bumpy and raised skin patches that burst when touched, and in some cases ooze fluids.
  • The outer edges of the patches are raised and vaguely circular in shape.
  • The name ringworm comes from the shape of the infected patch, where the outer edges appear red, and the center looks normal.
  • If you have ringworms in the nails, they could quickly discolor and crumble.

Top 10 Natural Home Remedies For Ringworms

home remedies for ringworms

Here are the best ways to treat ringworms at home.

10. Garlic

home remedies for ringwormThough garlic is one of the common ingredients used in various cuisines, many of us are unaware of the kind of health benefits they provide. They are extremely good for your heart and blood system. They even work on conditions like high blood pressure (hypertension), heart attacks, high cholesterol, etc. Furthermore, garlic helps to improve the immune system, treat diseases like asthma, hemorrhoids, diabetes, prevent flu & cold, and lots more. This underground stem is often the first preference for treating various ailments. Its antifungal properties are one of the excellent healing components to thwart the infectious ringworms. To try a remedy using garlic, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Peel one garlic clove and place the sliced pieces on the infected region of the body.
  • Step 2: Leave them covered overnight and you will see the blisters heal sooner than you have realized.

How Does This Work?

When garlic is placed as a protective layer over the affected skin, the medicinal components of garlic namely allicin and ajoene (natural antifungal agents) destroy the ringworms and prevent them from spreading to other areas. The moisture environment (suitable for growth of ringworms) is drained, but there can be side effects such as dry skin or peeling of skin.

Garlic Is Not Good, If:

  • You are pregnant or if you are allergic to garlic.
  • In diabetes patients, garlic can lower the blood sugar levels. In case you are taking medications for herbal preparation or dietary supplements, and you have taken the mixture, call for medical care if experienced the following symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, swelling of the lips, mouth, face, and tongue.
  • If you already have peeling or dry skin.

I had ringowrms and i took it carelessly and left it untreated. It has started to spread now and it has caused a disgusting look in my hand. Can i try these remedies directly or should i consult a doctor before trying it.

  • You can try these remedies Ragavendran, If you don’t see any changes or if you are not satisfied with the outcome. Then you can consult the doctor.

  • I have applied turmeric on the ringworm and i don’t see any changes,for how many time a day i could apply the turmeric paste in the applied area

  • I had a ringworm in my foot ..so do the turmeric paste treatment as in your article..its great i got my foot cleared in a week..Thanks for the remedy ..Keep posting like this..

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