10+ Home Remedies For Snoring That Help

6. Olive Oil

how to stop snoring naturallyYou must have read other articles in livealittelonger.com regarding the use of olive oil for simple purposes and snoring is also one of them. It is not only used for recipes but also for medicinal purposes. Olive oil is used as a culinary oil and contains around 75% of fat (don’t be scared) but all in the form of natural oleic acid (meaning: monounsaturated). According to various researches and studies, it has been proved that oleic acid assists in balancing our body’s total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol. To treat the problem of snoring using organic olive oil, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Take olive oil one to two teaspoons.
  • Step 2: Consume the oil slowly before going to bed.

How Does This Work?

The phenols in olive oil possess anti-inflammatory properties. The major part why a person has the snoring problem is the excessive tissues on the rear of his throat or nose. Since these tissues block the way (airpipe), he can resort to snoring and if they remain moistened, they will have less contact. The air can flow smoothly through the lungs. The oil can also make tight the muscles that are under the palate for keeping open the airways.

Olive Oil Is Not Good, If:

You have a history of low blood sugar. The levels can become low and you can suffer from side effects such as dizziness, trembling etc.

5. Sage

how to cure snoringBotanically called Salvia Officinalis, this perennial and woody herb is often associated with rosemary. In fact, they are popularly termed as “sister herbs”. But yes, sage does have some differences. Widely found in the Mediterranean, sage is a green shrub with clear woody stems. It blooms purple or blue flowers. This herb is known for its anti-diabetic, antimicrobial and antihypertensive properties. It also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. It can decrease the inflammation as well congestion by mucus in the airways thereby reducing your snoring problem. To try this remedy, follow the instructions given below:

  • Step 1: Take a handful of sage leaves.
  • Step 2: Boil water in a pot.
  • Step 3: You can add apple cider vinegar two to three teaspoons and sage to the boiling water.
  • Step 4: Have a towel ready to pull over your head and exhume the vapors making use of mouth and nose. You can also gargle with this water. Continue this process before going to bed.

How Does This Work?

The oil of sage contains a-thujone, ketones, tannic acid, borneol, and cineol. There are also flavones glycosides, nicotinamide present that display properties such as anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory.

Sage Is Not Good, If:

  • You suffer from any seizure problems.

I am a heavy snorer in bed. My wife used to keep on complaining that I snore a lot. After trying these remedies my wife has told me that there is a decrease in the snoring of mine. Thank you for such a life saving article.

  • The turmeric method is a very good method to reduce snoring..But the taste of turmeric is little bitter..If i add some sugar..will it make any problem??

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