20 Home Remedies For Stress That Help Relieve Faster

In this high-paced race that we run every day, stress is something that is very common. However, the fact that no one accepts undergoing stress is a roadblock on the way to stress management. The difference between stress and everyday tension is hard to describe. In fact, many don’t even realise that they are extremely stressed. The first step towards solving any problem is to recognise the problem followed by the underlying cause and applying some natural tricks. So, to deal with this, here are some amazing home remedies for stress that are proven to work. But before that, let us know the actual causes of stress and when can you claim that one truly needs help for stress management.

Causes of Stress

Everyone at some point in their life faces stress, and there are a lot of reasons behind it. The causes of stress can be categorized into three types:

  • Personal Stress
  • Professional Stress
  • Emotional Stress

Home remedies for stress

Many times we are pressured by deadlines, demands, and desires. This stress can further pile on your worries and cause more trouble. The primary reason why the body reacts in a certain way has a lot to do with the situation. Stress is body’s natural way to deal with an emergency circumstance. At such times, it releases stress hormones that trigger an immediate reaction in the body. Say, for example; you have to pull the car brakes all of a sudden – at this time, your body releases hormones to alert you about it. These kinds of stress hormones are rather helpful.

However, not all stress is healthy or for that matter even required. Stress when prolonged for some time can lead to stress overload. The body fails to differentiate between stress that is caused by an emergency situation like the one mentioned above. It tends to mix it up with the stress that you may get after losing your job, for example. For the mind, both are stress and have to be dealt with in the same way.

Frequent release of stress hormones in the body can cause increase mental issues, emotional problems, health issues like heart stroke, early ageing (wrinkles, yes ladies so stop taking up all the stress), and even suppressed immune system. You may even become socially unfriendly to be around, and this loneliness can cause more stress.

Here are some of the prime causes of stress:

  • A Major Change In Life: Any major and unexpected change in life is bound to bring a certain psychological shock or surprise. If it comes as a surprise, it is good enough, but if it turns out to be a big shock, it can lead to stress. Changes in school, shifting homes, the demise of a loved one, etc are few instances. There are many reasons that can cause a major change in your life.
  • Relationship Problems: Relationship troubles, especially among the youngsters are a lot more complicated than it used to be. Perhaps, a decade ago, at least this is what they think. Even Facebook has a relationship status option as complicated. So problems in a relationship can also be a cause for stress.
  • Career Problems: Everyone wants to bag their dream jobs. With competition getting tougher and aims, rising high, career stress is something very difficult to handle. Peer pressure is an important cause for career stress.
  • Health Issues: Chronic diseases that are painful or incurable can be a source of stress for the person. Some may even worry about the financial load that the disease may cause on the family. This can cause even more stress.
  • Financial Problems: Man is the only animal who needs money for a living, they say. Today money has become a huge factor for staying content, but money does not guarantee you happiness. Financial crises are a huge factor when it comes to the beginning of a stressful situation.
  • Unrealistic Expectations: Sometimes peer pressure to excel in something can force you to make unrealistic goals for yourself. When these expectations fail, the mind fails to handle the failure, which in turn causes an extra load of stress.
  • Rigid Thinking: The branch that does not bend, breaks. Yes, if you do not keep your thoughts flexible, or you just get stuck to one particular thing for a long time, you would probably end up being mentally exhausted.
  • Pessimistic Attitude Towards Life: Due to stress at times, you may look at things and notice only the negativity in it. Even if there is something to rejoice, your mind would eventually find out something that you need to worry about. It is a classic case of a glass half-full or a glass half empty.

This list can be a long one. With a human mind so diverse, there are bound to be a wide range of emotions and situations and each one of us has a different way of reacting to it. These reactions and situations are the points around which everything related to stress revolves.

So when do you conclude that a person is facing some serious stress issues or is it just another bad day for him or her? There are some symptoms which if you could notice can help you draw these conclusions. These symptoms can be divided into two categories:

  • Emotional symptoms
  • Symptoms that affect your performance

Symptoms Of Stress

  • Moodiness
  • Short temper
  • Agitation
  • Sense of loneliness
  • Depression
  • Unhappiness towards everything
  • Memory problems
  • Not able to concentrate on work
  • Seeing only negativity in everything
  • Constant worrying
  • Poor judgment

Symptoms of Physical Stress

You can even notice a change in a person’s behaviour. For example; loss of appetite or may be an urge to eat more, isolation from social life, change in sleeping timetable, diverting your mind by using alcohol, smoking, etc. or even running away from responsibilities.

20 Best Home Remedies For Stress

No more wondering how to get rid of stress when you these right, best and natural home remedies to help you. You just need to be aware of them.

home remedies for stress

20. Pearl Millet And Buttermilk

how to get rid of stressPearl millet: Pearl millet is a well-admired millet that is widely grown in Africa and Indian subcontinent. It is an easily adaptable crop because it can handle drought, low soil fertility, and even high temperatures very well. The risks of harvesting the crop are low; hence, it is preferred by more than 50% of farmers around the globe. In developed countries, millet is mostly grown only as bird food, but this crop can work wonders if you know the right way to use it.

Buttermilk: Buttermilk is a soothing drink, which is prepared by mothers in Indian homes for the scorching sun at summers. It has all the qualities of milk, except the fat which is already churned out while making butter. Hence, the combination of these two is one of the best home remedies for stress. To apply this remedy, follow the procedure given below:

  • Step 1: Grind the pearl millet into a powder form.
  • Step 2: Mix it with buttermilk.
  • Step 3: Boil this mixture and once it turns warm, drink it.
  • Step 4: Do this for a few days to see a change.

How Does This Work?

Stress overload usually makes you feel tired and exhausted from within. Pearl Millet and buttermilk together can help you relax and get rid of this tiredness. Millet contains a high amount of fiber and nutrients.  Buttermilk, on the other hand, is a good source of potassium, calcium, vitamin and also phosphorus. This way your energy is restored and you are back on track. This certainly is one of the easiest home remedies for stress.

The Remedy If Not Good, If:

Pearl millet and buttermilk do not have any known side effects that you need to worry about. Instead, this drink is so beneficial that it also helps keep your body weight balanced without any hardcore diet routine.