How Cooking in Clay Cookware Will Prolong Your Life?

While the foods we choose to eat in the greatest degree, how we cook them also counts a lot when it comes to our health. This also involves the tools and cookware we use in the kitchen, as some are not that good due to the materials they contain and manufacturing process.

For example, the modern world brought modern cookware, like non-sticking pans and smart cookers, but are they really so good for our health? It was recently discovered that pots and pans that have a Teflon layer, known for its non-sticking properties, actually release microscopic Teflon particles in our food when we use them for cooking.

How that can’t be right. Some of the innovations of the modern world are good, but when it comes to food, it is always best to return to the basics, like using clay cookware, just as our ancestors did. So here are some of the advantages of using clay cookware for your health and, implicit, a longer life!

6 Reasons Cooking in Clay Cookware Will Prolong Your Life

1. Food will cook in its own juices

This particular advantage will not just make your food taste better, but will also make it healthier. Due to the fact that clay is a porous material and it is capable of absorbing moisture from food, just to give it back as it heats, means that you won’t have to add oil or anything else to get your food cooked, as it may happen with regular cookware. Your food will practically be steamed with its own juices, extracted by the clay cookware and provided back at higher temperatures.

2. This kind of cookware promotes slow heating of the food

Yes, using clay cookware will not get food ready in a jiffy, but if you have the patience to prepare food in such cookware, you will enjoy food with a higher nutritional value. Because clay heats gradually, it doesn’t force the food to reach high temperatures within a short time frame, so that the nutrients contained by your food will not be destroyed.

Plus, the colors of the food will be kept alive, so if you cook peas in clay cookware, it will remain green, red peppers will remain red, and so on. This shows that the food was prepared in a gentle manner, so when you will have a portion of the food you prepare, you will get all the nutrients it has to offer, from vitamins to minerals, fibers, and others.

3. The cookware itself is a source of minerals

It is well known that, besides vitamins, our body also needs minerals to unroll its processes in an effective manner. The lack of some minerals, like iron, calcium, zinc, or magnesium, for example, can lead to serious unbalances in the body and trigger a variety of health problems. Because the prime matter for making clay home cookware is clay in an unrefined and pure state, collected directly from riverbeds, it means that the cookware is a great source of trace minerals. Of course, these trace minerals are not enough to provide the daily doses we need, but it is good to know that our food can be further improved while it’s cooking.

4. It has anti-bacterial properties

Bacteria don’t appreciate environments like unglazed clay cookware, as it doesn’t offer the kind of conditions bacteria need in order to grow and thrive. More than this, researchers discovered that clay cookware is capable of emitting Far Infrared Radiation, or FIR, as it heats; it is worth mentioning that FIR is a type of radiation that is used in food processing for killing germs and bacteria, so that food can last longer.

Cooking in Clay Cookware

Thus, the natural material from which clay cookware is made has the ability to emit this kind of radiation, sterilizing food as it cooks, so there will be no risks to consume it while enjoying a longer preservation period.

5. There is no risk of introducing toxic elements into your food

One of the most important aspect when it comes to using clay cookware is that this kind of cookware does not contain any toxic substances or elements that can pass into your food at high temperatures. So, no harmful chemicals or heavy metals will contaminate your food, as clay comes from pure rock that does not contain them.

But, again, the safest option is the unglazed clay cookware, as lead can be introduced into a clay cookware when colored glazes are used for decorative purposes, as lead make the color look shinier. Thus, when using unglazed clay cookware, it is impossible to have heavy metals like lead present in their composition.

6. You can cook anything you want in it

You will be surprised to see just how versatile clay cookware can be. You can cook almost any food you like in it, not just stews or roasted chicken. Pork chops, pot roasts, one-pot recipes, even bread can be prepared with success in this kind of cookware. If you like the bread to have a crunchy and crispy crust on top, then all you have to do is to cook it in a clay cookware.

Also, when you are cooking meat, you can remove all its fat if you want, because it will cook in its own juices, which is healthier for you. You don’t even have to add oil or fat to other types of food, like potatoes, vegetables, or anything else that may be cooking in this cookware, as everything is beautifully cooked with the help of their own moisture.

So, as you can see, you can prepare healthy and delicious food in a safe and hassle-free manner with clay cookware. Healthy and nutritious food is the key to enjoying a long and healthy life, as we indeed are what we eat. And when you think that clay cookware also disinfects and alkalinizes the food, due to the fact that clay is an alkaline material, it is easy to realize that this kind of cookware must be present in your kitchen if you value your health and wellbeing.