How Much Are Lingual Braces Cost?-Types & Money Saving Tips Explained

Statistical facts say that 3 million Americans have braces, and four out of five patients are teenagers. There is a new kind of braces in the market called the lingual braces.

What Are The Lingual Braces?

The lingual braces are worn on the back side of the teeth, and not on the front, so kids and adults alike do not need to be conscious of their looks during their braces period.  This works better even when the braces patient wants to play a sport or a mouth organ. So, it is not just a cosmetic product.

It makes sense to wear lingual braces because they can keep your treatment discreet. The functioning of the two types of braces remains the same. The front end braces apply pressure to the teeth so that the teeth are restored to their usual place in the mouth cavity. In this post lets’ see how much are lingual braces and whether it suits for you in detail.`

how much are lingual braces

Are You Good Fit For Lingual Braces?

Everyone is a good candidate for lingual braces except when if your teeth overlap, or if there is no space on the back side of the teeth for dentures. Other than that, it totally depends on the orthodontist process whether to have the lingual braces for you.

The process of the orthodontists is as follows

The doctor would need to take an impression of your teeth, sending the impression to the lab, and then takes place the creation of customized brackets. The cost of the material should be added up, each tooth has its installment of the material that covers the tooth, and then there are the respective archwires. The approximate cost is 5000 dollars.

The Types Of Lingual Braces

1.Customized Braces

The first kind is the personalized ones. The name of the first kind is eBrace, and it is made using CAD technology, with this technology, the braces fit well, and as if they were tailor-made for you. This also makes these braces more comfortable; the design is low profile so no one can sneak peek at the braces. These braces allow complex movement of the teeth, and helps even in the case that you get excessive bite problems, or when you pronounce harsh words.

2.Incognito Lingual Braces

 These are completely custom made in a lab after taking scans of your mouth; then a robot shapes wire so no chances of a mistake, this may cost you 8000- 10,000 dollars.

3.Invisalign Treatment

 Invisalign works better for adults, and that is because children cannot move their teeth properly in Invisalign, and proper ceramic full-size braces work better for them. These are entirely invisible and removable. It would cost you around $3400. If your total cost is $3400, and insurance covers $1600, then too, you are left with $1800 to pay.

4.In-Ovation Treatment

 This is great, now you do not need ugly, unclean, and not so comfortable ties in the mouth, there are different types of In ovation treatments, and those are In ovation X, In-Ovation R, In-Ovation C, In-Ovation L, In-Ovation Mini, No Trace. These ovation treatments could cost you between $3000 – $6000.

5.STb Light Lingual System

 It is a single wing Lingual bracket that is designed to lower the friction. It makes people smile without braces made with metal. This costs $4500. It leaves no use for ceramic and metallic dentures.

6.Suresmile Lingual QT

 It involves 3D imaging, virtual movements, and a robot for bending the denture to shape; it all costs around $10,000.

How Much Are Lingual Braces Cost?

The lingual braces would cost higher than $9000 for an 18-month plan, but if any other appliance is needed, or a longer duration of treatment, then the costs could be higher.

Now,  let us compare lingual braces costs, invisible aligner costs, and traditional metal dentures cost. Lingual braces could go up to anywhere between $3000 to $10,000, the invisible aligner can cost between $3000 – $7000, and traditional metal braces costs between $3000 – $ 4000, the typical treatment time remaining around 1 to 1.5 years.

Cost Saving Tips For Lingual Braces

There are two modes of payment. Those are tax-free dollars from your health savings account or flexible savings account. If not that then ask your doctor to give you affordable monthly plans. This treatment is expensive. Also how much this treatment would cost will be determined by where you are taking the treatment. It could be the developed clinic or the developing one. Usually the developing one would cost less.

Usually, insurance would come into play, but most insurance does not pay for orthodontic treatment of people over the age of 18 years. Children under 18 years of age are also partially covered. Usually, you get 50% coverage, and maximum up to $1500 lifetime max per child.

It is pertinent to note that you should keep the same insurance throughout the insurance treatment, and costs would not be paid by the insurance company when the braces have been applied before the effective date of the policy.  In this case, the insurance agent considers the orthodontic treatment a pre-existing problem, and you have to pay out of your pocket. You would be happy to know that orthodontic treatments like braces are tax deductible, and when you spend this amount, your gross salary goes down, and you have to pay lesser tax.

Not all dentists offer lingual braces, and only the more educated ones do

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