How to Choose your Elliptical Trainer?

You want to buy an elliptical trainer, but you do not know how to choose from our selection? Take the time to read our special report. You will find a lot of information on this popular sports activity, and we will help you to make the right choice, the one that fits your needs.

An elliptical trainer, what is it?

Perfectly hybrid sports equipment and complete, the elliptical does not just mimic the movements of a single sport but strives instead to reproduce the motions of running, cycling, rowing and skiing background simultaneously. Its handling is rather simple and particularly intuitive since it is enough to stand and pedal as you would on a bike. The two arms hinged back and forth and connected directly to the pedals will help you maintain balance and better manage the effort by engaging the muscles of your lap belt and your upper body.

elliptical trainer tips

The operating principle of the elliptical trainer lies in its flywheel. It is the latter that drives the movement of the pedal and handles. Thus, the difficulty of the effort will come from the resistance induced by the weight of the wheel. Before purchasing a brand of the elliptical machine such as Max Trainers, a lot of factors need to be considered, but the LaFitness Reviews has done a detailed explanation of all you need to know.  So you can save a lot of time and select the most suitable equipment for you.

Reasons to Opt for the Elliptical Bike at Home

1) A single movement

By design, the elliptical bike solicits body muscles entirely and harmoniously. This unique movement allows a rapid refinement of the entire silhouette, including quickly removing excess fat. Indeed, a session of half an hour will allow you to accumulate the calories spent by the body because these are nearly 80% of the muscles that are solicited during the effort. This principle of action makes it a complete device and an essential asset in any program aimed at weight loss. The elliptical trainer is also suitable for convalescent athletes and people undergoing rehabilitation.

2) Multiple physiological benefits

In addition to soliciting the entire musculature smoothly and smoothly for the joints, the benefits of the elliptical trainer are numerous. Even if the first sessions can be difficult for the big beginners, after only a few sessions, you will begin to feel the effects on your endurance. In the same way, your cardiovascular system and your breathing capacity will work efficiently to help you find form and vitality, far from the usual sports constraints.

3) Fun and motivating programs

Today, the majority of elliptical trainers propose to follow pre-established training programs (fitness, cardio training, and preparation for a competition). These are designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to lose weight, rehab or want to get fit, these programs are fun and will help you stay motivated throughout your session. You have to set goals before you can reach them!

4) A fitness room all in one

Having an elliptical trainer directly at home is the possibility of being able to follow your sports program without time, whether or even money constraints. You only need to put on your outfit and sports shoes before starting your session, whenever you want and where you want it for recovery at your own pace and without stress. Sports on demand, you say? It’s possible now!

5) An ideal anti-stress

By finally combining sport with pleasure, an elliptical session will help you evacuate the stress accumulated during your day and relax to find deep and restful sleep. Good for the body and the mind, why not decorate your session with a rhythmic and motivating musical background?

Choose an elliptical trainer that suits your needs

Preferably a big beginner or confirmed sportsman? An elliptical trainer is chosen according to your sporting abilities, and your goals.

  • For a smooth recovery

You are looking for a soft muscle strengthening, in the context of a rehabilitation program or following childbirth, for example, you will then have to privilege the comfort of your device to the detriment of its performance. You will not have the same needs as a seasoned sportsman and some programs offered by the best performing elliptical trainers will not necessarily meet your needs. Thus, the weight of the wheel of inertia will be necessary, as well as the wheelbase of your equipment. Indeed, the longer the wheelbase, the more stable your bike will be. So do not skimp on the details of the technical choice of your device.

  • For targeted cardiorespiratory work

If you’re looking for specific cardio-respiratory, endurance, or muscle-building goals, you’ll need to pay attention to the technical strengths of your bike. Thus, functions that might seem to beginners will be essential in your training. Examples include the fixed multi-position handlebars, to target the work of certain muscle groups or the presence of advanced training programs that will allow you to push your limits for more performance.

Criteria for technical choices

Beyond your specific sporting expectations, some technical criteria are part of the process of choosing an elliptical bike.

  • The structure

A solid and robust structure will bring you pleasure and comfort of use in the long term. So, the heavier your device will be, the more stable it will be. However, take the time to check the maximum weight allowed on the device by the user. Also, your elliptical bike should measure between 1 meter and 1m30 long to let you make a wide and flexible elliptical movement, for the comfort of pedaling more pleasant on the distance. Thus, the bigger you are, the more you have to orient your choice towards a long model (more than 1m30 long for the biggest jigs).

  • Be sure to check your bike’s wheelbase and make sure it fits in your home

A low spread of the pedals (also called footboards) promotes a more natural position for the body, so this is a criterion that can be taken into account when you compare different models of elliptical trainers.

  • The pedaling amplitude

The longer your device is, the greater the pedaling amplitude will be, and the more comfortable your exercise will be. The ellipse formed by the movement of your legs will be more or less elongated depending on the model chosen. Indeed, elliptical trainers with a wheel of inertia located at the back offer a more circular stride.

  • The distance between the pedals

For fluid training and a natural and flexible hips movement, choose a distance between the pedals as small as possible and therefore better adapted to the width of your pelvis.

  • The wheel of inertia

The flywheel is truly the cornerstone of your elliptical trainer. It guarantees the fluidity of your movements and your pedaling comfort. As explained above, the more it will be heavy, the better your comfort during exercise.

  • The braking system

There are mainly two braking systems: magnetic braking and electromagnetic braking. The choice of the system will influence the fluidity and comfort of pedaling.

  • The comfort of use

All models of elliptical trainers do not have the same comfort criteria, so it is essential for you to determine which ones you think are essential to your goals. So remember to check:

  • The presence or absence of moving wheels, it will help you in the storage of your equipment,
  • If your elliptical trainer has stabilizers to ensure better stability
  • Handlebars

There are currently two types of handlebars on the market that can be complementary: fixed or mobile. The fixed handlebar allows the user to concentrate his efforts on the lower part of the body. The handlebar said mobile is it consists of two massive arms moving back and forth. In addition to the legs and the abdominal belt, it allows working the muscles of the back, arms, and shoulders.

  • Heartbeat

Although not all models are equipped, we strongly advise you to opt for a bike equipped with a pulsating system. These heart sensors are usually placed on the fixed handlebars or along the movable arms. They will allow you to optimize your session by offering you the possibility to follow your progress in real time or by giving you an estimate of the number of calories burned according to your age. The heart rate monitor will especially allow you to work on a specific goal of your training (endurance, weight loss, muscle strengthening) by indicating in particular if you are in a target area of optimal heart intensity.