How To Get Rid of A Hickey Fast?

If you are reading this article, the chances are that you went out of control with your moment of heat, and now you have a clear, big hickey (more popularly known as love bites or kiss marks), which doesn’t seem to be going off. So, how to get rid of a hickey fast or overnight? Are there are any good home remedies for hickeys? Well, the answer is yes. Before we list them for you, here is a quick introduction.

What Is A Hickey?

Hickey is a result of sucking or kissing the skin extremely hard. When this happens, the capillaries are broken, and the pooling blood turns one’s skin either purple or red.

How Long Does A Hickey Last?

Hickeys last for 5 to 12 days but can be treated in the same way as other bruises.

Symptoms of Hickeys

  • Immediate swelling in the affected area
  • Occurrence of blood clot (as it is a type of hematoma)
  • Appearance of red, purple or brown colored bruise or marks on the skin
  • Strike shall happen if the severity increases
  • Due to the damage to the nerves in the skin, one might even be paralyzed. It is an extreme case that happens due to internal bleeding. However, this is rare.

How To Get Rid Of A Hickey?

how to get rid of a hickey

When you have love bites, the situation can be quite embarrassing. Though you can hide them with clever make-up or clothing, there are times, when you may not be able to do so. If this sounds like your case, here are some amazing home remedies for you to try.

Before you you learn how to get rid of a hickeys Fast overnight, make a note:

  • For Recent Hickeys: Apply Ice cubes, frozen spoons, and alcohol to reduce swelling and breaking the blood clots.
  • For Older Hickeys: Use a coin or apply a hot compress for dilating the vessels. This, in turn, improves blood flow.

Based on your hickey, follow the tips listed below:

15. Cold Compress

The fastest way to get rid of a hickey is to apply a cold compress. All you have to do is to follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Take a spoon and refrigerate in the freezer for thirty minutes.
  • Step 2: Take out the spoon and press it on the bruised area.

Note: Never apply ice cubes directly onto your hickeys. Wrap them in a towel before using. Also, apply ice cubes only if your hickey is recent.

How Does This Work?

The pressure applied by the spoon regulates the flow of blood in the body and removes the blood clotting from the region. The cold compress also prevents swelling around the hickeys.

14. Hot Compress

A change in temperature reduces clot and redness. Just apply a heating pad on the bruised skin. If you don’t have a heating pad, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Take a big piece of cloth (make sure it is clean).
  • Step 2: Fold the cloth until it is of the correct size so that it is easy for you to hold and apply on the hickey.
  • Step 3: Warm the cloth using iron (avoid the highest setting, as it might burn your cloth).
  • Step 4: After you iron it, hold the cloth against your hickey.
  • Step 5: Keep the cloth until the warmness goes off.

Note: Never apply a hot compress if your hickey is two days old (or 48 hours). You might increase the blood flow with a hot compress, making the hickey even bigger!

How Does This Work?

A slight temperature change can get rid of a hickey much faster. For some people, heat works the best. According to University of Rochester Medical Center, Heat opens your blood vessels, which in turn enhances the blood circulation.

Further, it supplies oxygen and other nutrients to lessen the pain. It relaxes the ligaments, tendons, and sore muscles. Also, the warmth lessens the muscle spasms while increasing the motion range.

13. Use A Coin On Your Hickey

The next strategy to the question – how to get rid of a hickey fast is to break the blood clot and then, spread it to the surrounding tissues. Hence, a coin can be of great help. A coin acts as a scraper here. Here is what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Take a big coin.
  • Step 2: Use the coin to scrape it from your hickey’s central point followed by the outward part.

Note: You need to be careful while doing this trick. Only a sufficient pressure has to be applied while scraping or else, your tiny hickey might turn into a serious wound. Also, when you scrape, the area will become red. However, this is only for some time.

Though coin technique is effective on bruises and hickeys, it is painful and hurting. Hence, it is important to extend the skin around the hickey flat. Just pull the love bite on opposite sides. Then use the coin for scraping the skin.

How Does This Work?

When you use a coin’s edge to scrape the affected skin, you are trying to push hard. It breaks the clotted blood to scatter or disburse. Though there will be a slight irritation and pain during the process, it will fade away after overnight.

12. Pineapple

Besides being extremely delicious, pineapples are one of the best home remedies for hickeys fast. To try this, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Take few pieces of fresh pineapple.
  • Step 2: Apply them directly on your hickey.
  • Step 3: Repeat the process 4 to 5 times in a day, at least for 10 minutes.

How Does This Work?

According to the University Of Maryland Medical Center, bromelain is found in pineapple’s stem and its juice. This natural compound bromelain helps in fading bruises and alleviates pain. Hence, they work like a wonder on hickeys.

11. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint has been used since ancient times to treat common cold, sinus infections, respiratory infections, inflammation of throat and mouth. But did you know that it could heal hickeys as well? There are two options to make your hickey disappear:

  • Option 1: The peppermint oil can be applied gently to the affected area. There can be a tingling sensation in the beginning, but it will fade away quickly. Doctors advise using this remedy only twice a day.
  • Option 2: The second option is to use peppermint-based toothpaste on the discomfort area for five minutes. After you get relief from the tingling sensation, you can wipe the paste off with a wet washcloth. Similar to the remedy mentioned above, this procedure also has to be practiced twice a day only.

How Does This Work?

Peppermint has chemicals called menthol and menthone, which helps in stimulating the blood circulation. Hence, they are highly effective in the treatment of hickeys fast. Also, they can also heal the capillary vessels.

I had hickey on the neck ,as soon as i applied some aloevera, it helped me to overcome hickey

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