How To Have Twins Naturally? – 10 Ways That Can Increase Your Chance

“Pregnancy” is certainly one of the most beautiful moments a woman experiences. The happiness doubles when she gets to know that she has conceived twins. For some reasons, couples love to have twins and they would do whatever it takes to raise the chances in their favor. Now, if you happen to be one among them, the one question you will have in your mind is – how to have twins or what are the chances of having twins? Well, there is no harm in dreaming about falling pregnant with 2 or more babies. To help you out, we will give you some tips to do this. Even though there aren’t any guarantees, both medical and natural methods can increase the chances of getting pregnant with multiples. However, we advice you not to take any kind of pharmaceutical or herbal supplements without talking to your doctor.Anecdotal evidence isn’t enough. Certain products can increase high or low blood pressure or may interact badly if you are taking any other drugs.

Before we tell you how to conceive twins, it is important to understand how twins form.

So, How Twins Happen?

Twins are classified into 2 types:

  • Identical or monozygotic or non- fraternal
  • Non-identical or dizygotic or fraternal

Identical twins are formed when 1 sperm fertilizes 1 egg. The sperm further divides into 2 separate embryos, each of which shares the exact genetic structures and components. These twins share a placenta.

Non-identical twins are developed from 2 separate eggs, which are fertilized by 2 separate sperms. These twins have their own individualities and do not share any genetic composition. Non-identical twins have their own placenta.

Note: Most cases, twins turn out to be fraternal or non-identical. Identical twins are rare.

The Stats Of Conceiving Twins

  • An average woman has 3% chance of having twins
  • Having 4 or more babies significantly increases the chances of having twins in future pregnancies
  • African American women tend to have a great chance of making twins than Asian women

6 Factors That Affect The Chances Of Having More Than 1 Baby

Though identical twins form by sheer possibility, many factors can influence the chances of having fraternal twins, which are:

1. Heredity

If you are a twin or belong to a family, where there are twins, then you have an increased chance of giving birth to twins too. It is true that twinning is hereditary but only non-identical twins are influenced by it. If your mom or maternal grand mom had fraternal or dizygotic twins, then you may have inherited a hyperovulation gene, which can increase the probability of you conceiving twins too.

2. Age

Believe it or not, the older you are, higher are the chances of conceiving fraternal twins. Women above the age 35, tend to produce more FSH (Follicle-Stimulating Hormone) than women, who are younger. Ironically, increasing FSH levels is an indication of declining fertility. However, it is also the hormone, which causes the egg to mature to prep for ovulation every month. Hence, women with more FSH might release more than 1 egg in just one cycle. Though older woman are less likely to fall pregnant, they are more likely to conceive twins if they get to.

3. History Of Twins

Once you deliver fraternal twins, you are more likely to deliver twins again. Few studies show that mothers of twins are about 4 times likely to have twins again than moms, who have never conceived or only had a single childbirth.

4. Pregnancies Count

If the number of pregnancies or pregnancy count is higher, the chances of making and giving birth to twins are higher as well.

5. Race

You will be surprised in reading the fact that twins are more common in Africans. According to New International Study and Global Twins Database, Central Africa has the record for highest twin birthrate. According to estimates, Latin America and Asia have low rates of twinning. In short, twins are less common in Asians and Hispanics. Hence, “race” does play a vital role in making twins.

6. Body Type

Yet another factor that affects the chances of having twins is none other than “Body Type”. Reports from various studies show us that the probability of conceiving twins is more common in women, who are tall and large while shorter women have fewer chances.

What Are My Chances Of Having Twins?

Out of 89 childbirths, 1 turns out to be twins. So, chances are not that bad. However, this ratio can certainly be increased, only if a couple is 100% sure that they want twins. In-vitro fertilization and fertility medications can result in the formation of twins. However, we do not advice you do this. There are some natural ways though, which you can make twins. Read further to know.

How To Have Twins Naturally?

Under normal situations, your odds of making twins are slim. Yes, of course, you could undergo medical procedures like IVF to increase the probabilities of conceiving twins, but as said earlier, we do not recommend this. Hence, we have listed some tips where you could try to increase the chances of having twins naturally.

1. Put On Some Weight

According to a study published in March 2005, women who were obese and tall, had a high chance of conceiving twins. So, if you really want to become a mother of two, gaining some weight would help.

2. Eat Healthy Dairy Products

A recent research done by a physician (Dr. Gary Steinman) at Jewish Medical Center, Long Island, women who consume dairy products are 5 times much likely to have twins than women who do not. When Dr. Gary compared women who ate regular diet with women, who consumed dairy products on a regular basis, he observed that dairy products also had a key role in producing twins. The reason behind this is the cow’s IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor). But how far this reason is true is not yet known.

3. Have Your Vitamins

People, who are low in nutrition, are less likely to have twins. Though all vitamins are good for health, folic acid is proven to increase the chances. You can get those supplements from any pharmacy near you. In fact, this supplement is recommended to all pregnant women, as it helps in preventing birth defects but make sure you don’t exceed 1000 mg per day.

4. Pineapple Core

A pineapple’s core contains the maximum concentrations of bromelain. It is supposed to enhance the possibility of implantation following ovulation. But, it is also linked with miscarriage and contractions if used in excess. You can either eat it in pill form or have it raw. Whatever you choose, eat it with care. Make sure to do a deep research before taking this step.

5. Continue Breastfeeding

Yet another helpful answer to the question – how to have twins naturally is none other than to continue breastfeeding your older toddler or baby. The chances of conceiving twins, while you are breastfeeding are 9 times higher than a woman, who is not breastfeeding. So, if you already have a nursing baby, this could be your chance.

6. Wait Until You Grow Old

We know that this sounds strange but as we have said earlier, older women have a high possibility to give birth to twins than younger women. It seems to be more of a nature’s twist. It all happens, when a woman enters her peri-menopause, wherein her ovaries begin releasing more than 1 egg every month. The body speeds up the ovulation, once the biological clock begins to tick faster. About 20% of moms, who give birth after the age 45 tend to have multiples. But with this, perils also increase. Older pregnant women have a high risk of miscarriage and can experience gestational diabetes while pregnancy. Also, their babies have a high risk for chromosomal abnormalities.

7. Tell Your Partner To Have Some Oysters

Oysters are rich in zinc and thus, help in sperm production. The healthier his sperm is, greater are the odds to fertilize eggs. He can even take some zinc supplements, especially in his fertile years. However, the advised consumption is 14 mg per day. Also, the other natural sources of zinc include bread, cereals, seeds, wheat germ and green leafy vegetables.

8. Eat Yams

Another best way to have twins is to eat yams. No one is sure why, but the Yoruba tribe in West Africa is claimed to have the highest twinning rate. According to research, the main cause was the mother’s diet, which was high in a type of yam called “cassava”. Its peels contain a chemical to cause hyperovulation. So, there is no harm in eating those yummy yams, especially the wild ones. They tend to hyper-stimulate the ovaries. Thereby, releasing more than 1 egg while ovulating.

9. Take Calcium And Magnesium Together

There are anecdotal evidences that consuming these 2 in combination could increase the chances of twins. It might also increase the chances of conceiving girls. However, you should consult a doctor for the right dosage.

10. Maca Roots

This Peruvian fertility approach is yet another best way to increase the chances of having twins. Possible side effects might include mood swings or something that is unpleasant. So, do a proper research and consult with your doctor before taking it.

Here is a clear video on how to have twins:

  • Understand that every woman is different. Hence, talk with a doctor regarding your plans on conceiving twins.
  • In particular, discuss with a doctor on diet and weight gain.
  • Do not take any prescription unless a doctor gives it to you.

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