How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Longer? – 23 Tried Tips

Who doesn’t want healthy-looking gorgeous hair? Healthy hairs & maintaining them is a part of our daily lifestyle. But with those hectic schedules, stress and fast moving times, people fail in taking care of it. This is when they often face excess hair fall problems. Treating hairs at spa might be little expensive or you might not find enough time for it. At such times, home remedies and little tips can greatly help you sustain longer & healthy looking hairs. Out here, I am listing down some useful ways on how to make your hair grow faster and longer. Check these out and apply in your day-to-day lives.

It is important to follow natural and right methods, especially when you are facing hair loss. Before I tell you these tips, I would like to write few things.

So, What Actually Causes Hair Loss?

  • Lack of proteins
  • Exposure of sunlight, rain and pollution
  • Lack of proper sleep
  • Unclean scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Using a shampoo that is full of harsh chemicals
  • Not being hydrated
  • Excess stress
  • Unhealthy diet (oily and junk)

The above-mentioned are some major ones. However, the cause can be even more. If you desire flaunting with natural lustrous hairs soon, make sure to follow these listed tips.

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Longer?

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Longer

1. Don’t Comb Too Much

If you really want to know how to make your hair grow faster and longer then just know this — Excess combing and brushing can greatly damage your hairs. Comb it only when it is really necessary and not often. Even when you comb, make use of a clean wide-toothed comb. Make sure that you don’t pull or tangle your hairs vigorously. Just comb twice a day – one in the morning & other at night.

2. Avoid Excess Styling

Apart from excess combing, even excess styling can easily break your hairs. Those high tight ponytails, fish braids, pleats, cornrows are sure going to make you look gorgeous but ask yourself – are you not damaging your hairs? These styles will of course need tight pulling & pinning, which in turn damages hair roots and makes your tresses fall. So, if you are someone who is doing a lot of styling then stop it. Wear an ordinary and loose hairstyle every day.

3. Trim The Hairs After 6 To 8 Weeks

Do you want to know the real secret behind how to make your hair grow faster and longer? Just read this. When you are growing your hairs long, obviously your ends look odd. They might have split ends & often look dried. So make it a routine to trim those lower ends after 6 to 8 weeks, which will not only help it look nice but also promotes better hair growth.

4. Clean Your Hairs Carefully

So, what actually makes your hair grow faster and longer? This tip is something you must make a note of. Regular cleansing ensures that there isn’t any dirt on your scalp. You might be aware of the fact that dirt is the main reason for hair fall. However, don’t shampoo much. Just do your shampooing and conditioning 3 to 4 times a week. On the other hand, use a shampoo and conditioner that has fewer chemicals.

5. Do An Oil Massage

An oil massage greatly helps in enhancing blood circulation around the scalp. When there is a proper blood flow, it promotes hair growth. In fact, this is the best tip to make your hairs grow longer. To massage your scalp, use hot oil treatment. Consider heating olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil and have a nice head massage with it. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes at least. Shampoo it. This is sure to work! In fact, you will see a great difference. When you practice this frequently, you will have longer, thicker and softer hairs.

6. Apply Egg White For Long Hairs

This ultimate tip is sure to make your hair grow faster and longer. It does work. Without doubt, the white of eggs is well known for its healing properties. It replenishes hairs & restores the softness. Just crack 2 eggs and strain its yolk. Whisk it and make a fine smooth mask of it. Apply it on your hairs and leave it for a while. Wash it with a mild shampoo and see the wonder with your own eyes. It not only gives that shiner look but also makes it 10 times healthier.

7. Drink Plenty Of Water

Yet another great remedy in making your hairs grow longer and faster is to drink lots of water. As said earlier, not being hydrated is one of the major causes for hair fall. So, just make it a routine to drink 3 to 4 liters water every day. This plays a vital role in promoting hair growth. On the other side, it chucks out all those unwanted toxins from your body and keeps you 100% hydrated.

8. Brush Your Hairs With 100% Care

To make your hairs grow faster and longer — just do this every day. Every time you brush your hair, do it with care. Never brush them vigorously or pull them hard. The most important thing — don’t comb it after a head bath or when they are completely wet. Your hairs are very delicate at such times. Let them dry for a while and then comb gently.

9. Never Blow Dry Unless It Is Really Necessary

This is another significant tip to note down, if you are serious about making your hair grow faster and longer. Avoid using hair dryers or blow dryers because they easily damage your hairs — right from roots to tips. I completely understand how hard it is to leave something that makes you look better. But when it damages your hair, you have to drop it. When you do not blow dry, your hairs will look healthier. Plus, it grows faster.

10. Eat A Lot Of Proteins

For those longer-looking tresses, you certainly require doing this tip every single day. Apart from caring your hairs externally, internal care is also important. You can accomplish this by consuming a lot of protein-rich foods. This not only promotes faster hair growth but also makes sure that you have healthier-looking hairs. Eating a lot of junks? Stop it right away and switch over to healthy natural foods.

11. Never Perm, Straighten, Bleach, Curl, Crimp Or Color Your Hairs Often

If you are really concerned about your hairs then note this important point. Frequent curling, straightening, coloring, bleaching and perming easily breaks your hair. So, avoid doing that often.

12. Use Potato Water

When you are lacking vitamins, your hairs become very brittle and dry. Especially when you are shortage of Vitamin-A, B and C. If you lack these vitamins, your hairs extremely fall. Therefore, stock your diet with foods that are rich in these vitamins and you see your hairs back for sure. However, consider rinsing your hairs with fresh potato water to liven it.

13. Use Essential Oils

When it comes to how to have your hairs grow faster and longer, this is something I cannot miss writing about. Essential oils greatly help your hairs grow faster than ever. Consider mixing 3 drops rosemary oil, 3 drops lavender oil, 2 drops thyme oil, 2 drops cedar wood oil and little jojoba oil. These are right ingredients to nourish your hairs from roots to ends.

14. Onion Water Can Do Wonders

You might be thinking what else onions can do apart from giving delicious flavor to a dish. Well, it can do something extraordinary to your hairs, which no other ingredient will be able to. If you really want that fab long hairs, you better try this. Just boil few onions with water and strain it. Apply this juice onto your hairs, leave it for a while and shampoo it. Trust me – this ingredient is a boon from Mother Nature and certainly works like a wonder on your hairs.

15. Try Aloe Vera

How can I ever forget writing about Aloe Vera here? These naturally help your hairs grow faster and longer.  This is that ultimate ingredient that helps you to sustain longer, shiner and stronger hair. It sounds little insane but actually works. Just apply the gel of fresh Aloe Vera onto your scalp and leave it for some time. Do this for few days and see the results with your eyes.

16. Rinse With Apple Cider Vinegar

If you want longer looking shiner hairs, just mix apple cider vinegar with water and rinse your hairs after shampoo. This stimulates hair follicles & helps the hairs grow faster. Yeah, there will be little odor but it is 100% safe and effective. You can consider adding few drops of essential oils to get rid of its smell.

17. Never Ever Use Silicon-Based Hair Products

This is another essential tips to note on how to grow hair faster naturally. Even though silicon-based products creates illusion of smoother and healthier looking hairs but the fact is that they are toxic. Even if you are using them, how long will it help you? Definitely not for a longer-term! They easily seal out the moisture and clog your hair follicles. This eventually weakens your hairs and finally leads to excess hair fall. Now, after reading this, will you ever want to use them again? Better not.

18. Natural Is Good

Even you know that going green is the best. Natural products works like wonder and helps sustain your precious tresses. According to me, home remedies are best for your hairs.

19. Never Apply Conditioner Onto Your Scalp

If you truly want to learn how to make hair grow faster and longer, then make sure that you are not rubbing conditioner on your scalp. This is one of the biggest mistakes, which people do. A conditioner is designed to condition your hairs so that you have smooth and shiner hairs. It is in no way going to strengthen your hair roots. So, my question is why you wanna apply them on your scalp? This actually worsens it. Just put a high ponytail and apply a good quality conditioner on the pony. This trick ensures that you don’t end up applying conditioner on your scalp.

20. Palm Oil Actually Works

Last but not the least on how to make your hair grow faster and longer is to apply pure palm oil onto your hairs. Palm oil is rich in Tocotrienols. This helps hair growth extremely. Make it a habit to apply palm oil once or twice in a week. Note: Apply only to your hairs and never on scalp. Allow it to be there on your hairs for 10 to 15 minutes before shampooing. This helps you to protect your hairs from sunlight, brittle and dry hairs.

21.Sleep on Silk

Тhе mоіsturе-wісkіng рrореrtу оf sіlk mаkеs sіlk ріllоw саsеs а gооd сhоісе tо rеstоrе thе bеаutу іn уоur hаіr. Ѕіlk саn аbsоrb uр tо 30% оf іts оwn wеіght іn mоіsturе аnd stіll rеmаіn drу. Моіsturе wіll bе аbsоrbеd frоm уоur hаіr whісh іn turn wіll kеер уоur hаіr іn gооd соndіtіоns

22. Eat Some Gummies If You Want

Unіquе соmbіnаtіоn оf Віоtіn, 10 еssеntіаl vіtаmіns, zіnс аnd DНА, whісh hеlр іn fаstеr hаіr grоwth.Fіrst еvеr сhеwаblеgummу vіtаmіn fоr hаіr рrоduсts, іmрrоvеs hаіr tехturе. Тhе lіttlе bluе gummіеs соntаіn sесrеt tо lоng, lustrоus hаіr thаt shіnе аnd flоw wіth аddеd strеngth аnd vоlumе іn а уummуfruіtу tаstе!

23. But Eat Regular Food, Too

Whеn іt соmеs tо thісk, hеаlthу hаіr, thе mоst іmроrtаnt dіеt-rеlаtеd stер уоu саn tаkе іs tо fіll уоur рlаtе wіth mоstlу рlаnt-bаsеd fооds. Fоllоw а Меdіtеrrаnеаn-stуlе рlаn аnd rеgulаrlу еаt рrоtеіn frоm nutrіеnt-dеnsе sоurсеs, fіbеr-fіllеd vеggіеs аnd fruіt, 100% whоlе grаіns, аnd hеаlthу fаts frоm nuts, sееds, аnd рlаnt-bаsеd оіls. А bаlаnсеd dіеt wіll hеlр уоu gеt еnоugh оf thе kеу nutrіеnts thаt kеер skіn, hаіr, аnd nаіls іn grеаt shаре.

I hope these 23 tips were useful to you. If you have something to express, feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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